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  1. There does look to be good objective based reasons for blobs, but my point was that skaven players will have no reason to take clanrats just to fill the battle-line. Formerly if you wanted stormvermin or a verminlord deciever in the same list as a stormfiend you had to go Grand Alliance Chaos. But with 20% for allies now, i can run mono skryre and splash in some stormvermin with no beed for clanrats at all. And it is 20%, not 15%. Look at the tables; 200 is 20% of 1000. And thats actually a fairly significant amount of allied space for play in listbuilding. https://www.warham
  2. Tactical nerf? Hardly. The ability to splash 20% of your points elsewhere without losing alliegance means running skryre alliegance armies just got even easier. And in those you can count stormfiends as battleline. No clanrats needed unless you want to take 1 block of 20 and use it to bubblewrap or somesuch. And if you arent taking skryre alliegance, youre better off running an 80% verminus list and using stormvermin as battleline anyway.
  3. To all the people who doubt that the Fyreslayers box won't have a magmadroth... have you guys seen the other boxes? Every box except possibly one exception has 2 units of troops, a hero, and an elite. That's the format. I can't see this box not having the magmadroth kit. It would have nothing that looked remotely interesting otherwise, just a bunch of naked dwarves with no centerpiece model. I mean, one of the boxes has the morghast kit in it? pestilens has a screaming bell, aaannnnd warp lightning cannon? I think we will see the magmadroth kit price drop, and i think it is more than
  4. This would be a very poor direction for the game to take. Mixed faction armies aren't a problem that needs fixing, they are an intended part of the game and they are one of the best things about AoS. Creative choices being possible in listbuilding is one of the main edges that AoS has over other games. And AoS was never intended for mono-faction play to be the main way of listbuilding. Most factions are unplayable without combining. If mixed lists actually play well, then all the better. It rewards creative lists.
  5. Not lame at all! Reading more about shadespire has absolutely made me want to theme a table around it! Planning on getting a new mat for it.
  6. Yes! Got it used a few months ago for $100 4x4! Its a gamemat brand mat, i use it for everything, thinking of getting a cobblestone one too
  7. I've decided that my skirmish games are set somewhere else entirely, the abandoned city of Minnowbrooke somewhere in the realm of beasts. Nobody knows quite why it was abandoned, or why, if you press your ears against the walls and listen carefully, the buildings seem to be making sounds quite like a gurgling stomach.
  8. I think the two re-rolls should negate one another. That's how i'd play it. It's effectively "re-roll success or failure", so basically "re-roll no matter what"... so basically, roll the dice, ignore the first result, roll again. Which makes the first roll entirely redundant. I think you get the 2+ without any sort of re-rolls. The suggestion that you get the best of both worlds is against the spirit of the rule. At least this way you negate a buff with it.
  9. GW seem fairly committed to keeping and maintaining systems with varied entry level and complexity. I think each system will learn from the mistakes of the other, but 40k will endure as the more complex and nuanced system, with AoS as the more streamlined and adaptable system. I think AoS provides a really valuable hobby entry for people who don't want or wouldn't read a 280 page rulebook. 4 pages, versus the 12 pages of streamlined rules for 40k is very substantial. I think all we can be sure of from this release is that Nurgle releases are on the way, and that the next box set of AoS w
  10. The forsaken expedition (an offshoot of my army, the steel pilgrims), just getting started on them! A small expedition of scouts led by a sorcerer (Andrus) into an ancient Aelf temple came upon a sacred crown of writhing gold. After dispatching its spectral guardians, Andrus placed it on his brow whereupon it fused to his skin and twisted his mind and body to mirror its own insanity. While Andrus was able to mitigate the crown's worst effects, his companions were mutated into hideous caricatures of their former selves by the insane aura of the relic. From left to right - Madman, Stilts, And
  11. They aren't bringing back tomb kings something for death i'm sure, but they're looking forward, not backward.
  12. Any speculation as to what the new specialty game is? They teased that it would have new miniatures!!! Also, thoughts on the new starter set? Personally I think the coloured plastic is an excellent idea. I love the box doubling as a building.
  13. People shouldn't treat the smaller factions as though they are intended to be played on their own. The intention is that you would not play a 100% spiderfang grots army... they only have 3 models. I guess you could, but it would be very boring to paint. Smaller forces are intended to function as groups in larger armies.
  14. I've only ever played AoS on a 4x4 table. Its plenty fun. But the new GW gamemat is for killteam. If GW invest in mordheim or regiments of renown, then we might see this in other specialty games too.
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