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  1. I have two questions regarding how Stormcast Eternals allegiance ability Scions of the storm works with a battalion during the deployment phase. This rule text should be of interest: "You can set up one reserve unit in the Celestial Realm for each unit you have set up on the battlefield" Let's say that I have a 8 unit army list where 4 of them are within a battalion. This gets me down to a minimum of 5 drops, if I choose to deploy it that way. Question 1 As I have deployed my first unit on the battlefield, when I do my second deployment, can I then deploy the entire battalion in the sky, hence counting it as one unit? Question 2 If I want to deploy multiple units from my battalion in one drop, can I deploy some of them on the battlefield and some of them in the sky?
  2. Isotop, yeah, that seems to be exactly the case. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. I don't completely understand your answer. You are saying that all models have to be "complete in range", do you by that mean wholly within the terrain?
  4. In the the rules for Cover it says: "Add 1 to save rolls for a unit if all of its models are wholly on or within a terrain feature when the rolls are made" My interpretation of this is that it is allowed for models in the unit to have its base being outside of the terrain as long as the base is within the terrain. However, I have experiences of people interpreting this as all models need to be wholly within the terrain. What is correct?
  5. Hi, sorry for late reply to your answer, gronnelg. The rules for deployment should affect units being deployed, but the Gryph-hound is not deployed, it is set-up and has to be "... wholly within 3" of this model and more than 9" from any enemy units". Do you still think it is not allowed to set it up outside of the deployment zone?
  6. From the Lord-Castellants warscroll it says: "Set up the Gryph-hound wholly within 3" of this model and more than 9" from any enemy units. If the Lord-Castellant starts on the battlefield (not in the sky), is it allowed to set up the Gryph-hound outside of the deployment zone? My interpretation is that it is.
  7. My conclusions are that it is allowed to place units in theoretical positions, but it's important to be watchful for the cases where it says more/less than x inches. I had honestly had missed that in a few scenarios. Thanks for the clarifications!
  8. To clarify what I mean with theoretical distances. There are cases where you have to place a unit on an exact spot, which is only possible to do theoretically and not practially. Is there a general consensus whether this is allowed or not? To further clarify what I mean, I have provided two examples. See below. Example 1 On a scenario with 18 inches distances between the players starting territory, my opponent has said that she has placed her unit on the edge towards me. I'd like to cast a spell on that unit with a 18 inch range in my upcoming hero phase, so I say that I place my spell casting unit on my edge and exactly opposite of her unit, since that is the only spot where I could reach her unit with my spell caster. Example 2 In some scenarios there are standard objectives 12 inch from the board edge, which make the area of capturing it being 6 inch from the board edge. Some units can be set up from reserve 6 inch from the board edge. There is only one exact position where a model from this unit has to be placed to be capturing the objective. These are just two examples of the general question which is whether you are allowed to say that you are placing a unit on an exact position both on the horizontal and vertical axis, even though this is practically impossible.
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