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  1. Tallyband is 200 points now? What are plague bearers? Do they have a group discount?
  2. My local gaming community is entirely 40k. I turned to AoS because 7 ed. 40k is AWFUL. I'm looking forward to krumpin' 'eads again with da boyz.
  3. Testosterone mixed with poor self-esteem is a nasty combination.
  4. I dunno, man. Nothing wrong with flesh-colored armor, or metallic skin. Kinda cool, actually. Not sure how this shows disrespect for the opponent.
  5. Ah. From video gamers. Explains a lot.
  6. roberto

    Ardboyz Query

    I agree with you. Allocating wounds to models has nothing to do with the origin of those wounds. A "wounded" model and a "mortally wounded" model are identical.
  7. The metals on your Khornish are amazing. How did you achieve them?
  8. LOL Or the power gamer who proceeds to tell you how fluffy his army is.
  9. http://www.hobbylobby.com/ Pretty nice modeling section.
  10. Wow. Good luck. I take it you've never painted before? Most of us are underwhelmed with out first attempts. Given the quality that you see online, or with studio paint jobs, don't get discouraged! There are cheap tricks to get you tabletop models painted quickly, if you are not interested in perfection. You can start here: http://www.thearmypainter.com/ There are a lot of people, both advanced and neophyte, who have put out a lot of armies quickly with base coat, wash, and highlight. You can go back into them later if need be and add complexity.
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