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  1. That right there is what I mean about shifting goalposts. But those didn’t so much shift as navigate the realmroots. First, making the TLA work involves too many complicated choices. When I point out that isn’t true, the problem becomes that the TLA is too expensive. Those are two very different issues. To your actual criticisms of the TLA, it is no easier to kill than other treelords, including Durthu, and is arguably more durable if you consider the command ability it brings and the chance to self heal using a spell. It’s the same speed as Durthu too, and only one inch slower than stan
  2. As a codex/battletome... I’m not sure that I would say we were the least competitive, although maybe we are? I’ve not been overly impressed by the Orruks and neither has our local Orruk player. It is fair to say that we had one of the least exciting new battletomes in which our signature gimmick was nerfed - loosing the random chance of moving again was worth loosing the risk of the delay, but only allowing one navigate per turn was a definite hit. We are also dependent on placement of Wyldwoods - everyone (except the Orruks) has a signature terrain piece, but we are more dependent than m
  3. “You are sacrificing access to Winterleaf and Dreadwood”? I’m sorry, what?!? You aren’t sacrificing anything. You are choosing to play a different one of the seven available glades. If not picking the current most competitive option is “sacrificing” the option then it’s too late for all of us - we’ve already “sacrificed” the option to play a different and more competitive faction. I understood this conversation to be about your earlier suggestion that even taking one TLA was questionable (a basic Treelord plus Branchwraith being your preferred use of the points) and more than one be
  4. The amount that you spend in unit and spell selection is “take a TLA”. That’s it. That’s all of it. There is no other unit or spell choice that you need to make to pull off the above combo. The TLA comes complete with Awakening the Wood on his own warscroll at no additional charge and every caster in Sylvaneth gets Verdant Blessing for free as a bonus spell just for showing up. The TLA can also summon his own Wyldwood without risk of failure using Silent Communion. The rest of the post - using artefact combos to drop more woods reliably is optional but also kinda useful in a faction whic
  5. This baffles me on both fronts, to the point that I wonder whether they are connected. When I play Gnarlroot, I put down forests fairly consistently in places that I want them to be. I have multiple treelords to ensure I have options for my Silent Communion, and use casting buffs to reliably cast Verdant Blessing. Either option lets me place a Wyldwood 1” away from enemy units and Awakening the Wyldwood hits enemy units within 3” of the wood. In the first turn, you can quite comfortably drop a wood in front of one or more enemy units, cast the spell as a softener and then do your us
  6. I can only assume that you don’t rate the TLA spell because you don’t play with TLAs and therefore don’t cast Awaken the Wood very often. If you genuinely think that a 6 cast spell that can inflict mortal wounds on multiple units at a time is bad then I start to wonder what your basis for comparison actually is. The other mistake is treating TLA and Branchwraith as an either/or choice. It clearly isn’t. You can have a Branchwraith sitting in your back lines in relative safety while your TLA is supporting frontline units. How much do you want to bet I don’t give a glade artefact to
  7. A Branchwraith plus Treelord are better than a TLA? The Treelord is arguably a better melee fighter insofar as it gets one more attack, although the TLA has the better ranged attack. But is the Branchwraith a better caster than the TLA? Outside of summoning Dryads, it doesn’t do much - the Branchwraith has fewer wounds and worse saves so dies more easily in spite of Blessings of the Forest. It can’t support front line units nearly as well. Saying that the Branchwraith is a better than the TLA is akin to arguing that apples are better than oranges because you’ve presupposed that’s everyone like
  8. My least satisfying games have been against fast lists (FEC, Slaanesh and Orcs) that mostly sent a few chaff units to run interference. So it’s not strictly true that he killed nothing, but rather that they had the means to ensure that he got bogged down killing trivial stuff rather than the juicy targets that I wanted him to kill. These games weren’t a loss (other than the FEC where is misjudged distances and he got a lucky 11” charge over my line with his Crypt Flayer Horde) but then tended to be fights on one table half/objective while Gotrek bullied a few things trying to control the
  9. None of his abilities could stack. Heed the Spirit Song rerolls 1s however many times you might apply it and none of the others are stackable to begin with. You lose out on multiple Awakening the Woods spells (but see option below) but you can give each of them different alternate spells, or even the same spell and decide which casts - between Awakening, summoning a wood an casting your chosen spell there are options for three TLAs to cast different spells with an identical selection. I assume you are really talking about Silent Communion being once per game and not once per unit. I find
  10. I’ve used Gotrek in a few casual games. I find that he lives up to the hype if he actually gets to fight things, but in practice his low speed makes him easy to avoid. More often than not (3 out of 4 games) he gets left largely alone. That does give him some ability to control an area of the table and dominate an objective, but sitting in a big bubble with no one to play with seems like a waste of the points. He is comedy value In Warcry, though.
  11. The cover mid-casualties thing is an artefact of 40,000 where damage is applied to each model at a time. The reason being that damage from one model in a unit in that game doesn’t typically roll over into the next model in the unit - if you unleash a 6 damage attack on a 1 wound mini then you might turn it into chunky salsa, but you wouldn’t get to kill five of his friends at the same time. For the most part, you can still roll all attacks and saves together, since you’ll often be making 1 damage attacks against at 1 wound units in identical conditions, but there are some edge cases where
  12. Important distinction - they get +1 to save as long as they have “10 or more models.” That distinction matters, because a unit summoned by a Branchwraith gets +1 to save at the outset, which wouldn’t be the case if they needed “over 10 models.”
  13. It’s not a million miles away from your list. Simple, unformatted version: Drycha; Regrowth TLA: General, Vesperal Gem, Harmony TLA: Chalice, Regrowth Branchwraith: Throne Treelord 6x Scythe Hunters 5x Tree Revenants 5x Tree Revenants 20x Dryads LotC Gladewurm Spiteswarm Hive
  14. That’s why Gnarlroot is an under appreciated gem of a Glade. Between the Chalice of Nectar and the inevitable Vesperal Gem you can reliably cast several spells. As an added bonus, the Glade also helps TLA combat accuracy.
  15. This is the key. You win games of AoS by scoring VPs based on the objectives for a given scenario. While combat is an essential part of the game plan - you need to stop enemy units from scoring, defend your own units, and sometimes have explicit kill conditions for victory - it is important to remember that AoS is not “Fantasy Killfest 2020”. You need as many Hunters as necessary to fill the combat function requirement in your list without undermining all the other things you need to consider. It doesn’t matter that 200 points of Hunters is much more effective in a fight than 2
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