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  1. I disagree. I think random damage makes the make more interesting and fun. Like you aren't going to whack a sword with the same power every blow, it makes sense that variation should exist. Also just because characters deal random damage doesn't make them unreliable. You just shouldn't bet everything on getting a 6. D6 damage is on average 4 and D3 is on average 2. Just treat them like other characters and you won't be overly disappointed.
  2. You should probably add a bloodsecrator. These guys buff mortals and demons and more attacks are always fun. Maybe go down a khorgorath and replace a unit of warriors with 10 reavers. Also consider replacing a khorgorath with flesh hounds. These guys are demons so they synergize with your BT and are affected by locus of fury and also they are really killy and they hate wizards. Cheers!
  3. Hello! I am relatively new to this whole miniature thing. I picked up some Khorne and have started to paint my horde of half naked dudes. So far I have stuck with a very basic paint scheme, khorne red, retributor gold, leadbealcher, rakarth flesh, and black. All shaded with riekland fleshshade. I just bought some evil sunz scarlet for edge highlights, but when I used it, my armor just looks like it has orange dots on it. How do I use edge highlights? Sorry about the bad images, I took these with my phone picture 1- my best model, Gary, the Exalted Deathbringer pictures 2 and 3- bad edges, number 3 is a wip
  4. QwrYou can take one artifact in your army plus another for every battalion you run. You general gets a command trait. If you are running a slaughterhost (you should run goretide) you have to use the artifact and command trait given. In addition, you also get an extra command ability. In terms of tactics, it is important to decide what your plan is. With the list given by Galdenistal, your main damage dealers are your mighty Lord, khorgorath, and karanak. You want these units to be the ones who whack your enemies over the head. Your bloodwarriors are your anvil. These guys are pretty tanky and are good for holding the enemy in place. I would also run 10 and 5, not 3 units of five. Your secretor, priest, and stoker should stay far away from combat and buff everything. Khorne is hard to play but very rewarding.
  5. I just played a 1000 point game against stormcast. We were playing an objective map were we each had an objective and had to grab each others. He simply sat on his objective the whole game with 10 of the shooty guys (judicators idk), with 10 liberators infront. His lord celestant buffed everything, and he kept getting a prayer with a lord relictor that gave him exploding die for his shooters. He also had staunch defender, essentially 3+ save the whole game. I threw 20 buffed bloodreavers with 3 attacks, rerolling a bunch of things, as well as skullreapers, 5 bloodwarriors, and an exalted deathbringer at him. He lost half his liberators. Then he simply deepstriked a united of the big hammer guys on my objective, and I lost on the third round. Is this stormcast strategy beatable? Did I just play bad?
  6. Hello, is this still for sale? Not interested in the whole lot, only a few units.
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