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  1. Cool! Like you mentioned you defiantly want a bloodsecrator and 2/3 priests. These are staples in any Khorne list. If you are playing daemons then there are basically 2 ways you can go. Option 1- Bloodthirster spam Pretty simple, get 4 bloodthirsters, reapers of vengeance, tyrants of blood and watch your opponents cry. This is certainty as close to Khorne gets competitively, so it is good if you want to go to tournaments. For battleline you could go with either bloodletters or flesh hounds, either works Option 2- Bloodletter bomb Get gore pilgrims (you will need some mortals), bloodmaster, the halo of blood, and 30 letters. Bam, that's a lotta mortal wounds before the other guy can even strike back. This is list is hard, but probably more fun than the one above, and it feels like more of a daemonic horde. If you are unsure, just start collecting models but avoid the traps. Skull cannon is bad. Skull throne is bad. The herald on juggernaut is bad. The mounted daemons are way bad, Karanak is okay, Skarbrand is mainly for memes. Hell, just get bloodletters, bloodletter heroes, flesh hounds, and thirsters. Maybe a cheeky Skarbrand. Remember to shout Blood for the Blood God at every opportunity.
  2. @twrightii Since the FAQ only lets one of your bloodthirsters attack twice in reapers of vengeance, bloodlords is probably better. The +4" move is also helpful on our slow bloodthirsters, and I think we already have enough magic hate.
  3. The last few bloodthirsters are selling on ebay for 100 bucks, so now is the time to buy before the price goes up. I have a 100% mortal army and I think a bloodthirster of unfettered fury would be a good distraction carnifex even if he wasn't supported and didn't have any of the good daemon artifacts or traits. I am a bit (very) low on funds so this would be a significant investment and I don't know if it is worth it. What do you guys think?
  4. *notices Bloodthirster point drop* *notices Bloodthirster price increase on the same day* hmm, me sees pattern
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Age_Of_Sigmar_BladesOfKhorneErrataPoints.pdf and scroll down
  6. @Towenaar For your list, I agree with you that 3 slaughterpriests is a bit much, a unit of wrathmongers would probably be better than a priest and the icon/skulls. I am also concerned with your damage potential. The only unit that can do damage in your list is the daemon prince. If I were you, I would switch 3 skullcrushers for a unit of skullreapers. Still looks like a fun list though!
  7. If you want to play a horde army, then maybe Khorne isn't best for you. At 1k, I would recommend, 1 bloodsecrator, 1-2 slaughterpriests, a bloodstoker, and then a melee assassin. For battleline 10 blood warriors are good, maybe some skullreapers or wrathmongers, and 2 units of 10 reavers for objectives. You can also throw in some khorgoraths if you want. If you like daemons, then a block of 30 letters, some hounds and a daemon hero plus a priest and a bloodsecrator are very effective. but do not. Do not. Ever run more than 40 bloodreavers for any reason whatsoever.
  8. I like to run a bloodstoker in every list that contains mostly mortals. The +3 inch run and charge is great to get guys to the place you want them and with the goretide you can get a unit of reavers 20+2d6 inches in one turn. In later turns the reroll wounds ability is very strong. Every Khorne unit likes this, and it makes you even killier! You can't really compare this guy to a skullgrinder since they fill different roles. The skullgrinder is a melee beatstick, he's only there to get buffs and charge into the enemies. The bloodstoker is meant to hang back and buff your guys. If your army needs more damage and a target to buff, add a skullgrinder, but if you have 80 points left and an open hero slot, the bloodstoker is probably the better choice.
  9. Archaon, everyone's favorite warlord. But for some reason nobody ever seems to use him anywhere. I am going to use the power of numbers to undeniably prove this guy is hot garbage. For the sake of simplicity, I'm not going to use any buffs or abilities from chaos heroes that could affect Archaon. Yes, there are some good ones, khorne buffs, fate die, yummy nurgle things, but these buffs don't matter too much for such a large model, and I won't use any buffs for units I compare Archaon too. First weapons. Slayer of kings, 4, 2+, 3+, -1, 3 4.44 damage against a 4+ save (I'll be using 4+ save for all of the weapons). The sword also has an instakill ability, but this only goes of 8.6 percent of the time, which is laughable. Korghos Khul, a 180 point hero, has an instakill that goes off 34.6 percent of the time against a 4+ save. Sure Archaon's isn't reliant on the other guy's save, but to have a lower chance than Archaon, Khul would need to be attacking someone with a save of 1+. Also Archaon's instakill is only against heroes and monsters. Very meh. Claws, 2, 2+, 3+, -1, D6 2.59 damage, rather swingy. But in general, few attacks are bad in aos. overall, not that great. Tail, 2D6, 4+, 3+, -, 1 1.17 damage, very swingy, but it does have a 3" range. But, like a Razordons does this at a 12" range for 40 points. And they aren't even that good. Three heads, 6, 4+, 3+, -1, 1 1.13 damage. I, mean it's got a 3" range, so you can kill a grot from your third line. Archaon does a grand total of, drum roll please, 9.5 damage per turn on average, against a 4+ save. Sure, that is a unit of liberators, but you payed 660 points and killed 100 of theirs. Let's take a quick second to look through things that do more damage than poor Archaon. I started looking through the warscrolls, and I literally couldn't find combination of units that costs 660 points that does less than 9.5 damage per combat round. I'm not even kidding. Granted, I didn't look too hard, but still. Tell me if you can find anyone who does less damage. Abilities! Flying sure, flying is fine Eye of Sheerian Whenever an enemy scores a hit with a result of a die you roll in your hero phase, they have to reroll it. Ehh. Assuming the other guy hits on a 4+, you have a 1/2 chance of this ability being useless. An then if you do get a 4,5, or 6. You'll only make them reroll a third of their hits. Say or old pall Archaon is being attacked by 40 Clanrats. To make it fair, we'll call this 30 attacks. Hitting on a 4+ because of the Skaven ability. 15 of those 30 will hit. Since your ability only goes off half the time, 2.5 of those 15 will be rerolled. 1.25 of those will miss. 15 hits vs 13.75 hits. that's 2.5 damage to Archaon vs 2.3 damage to Archaon. Sure, it is damage prevention. But with all of the feel no pains in the meta right now, this ability is worthless. Armor of Morkar On a save of 6, the other guy takes a mortal wound. Funnily enough, this might deal more damage to the enemy than your actual attacks, depending on how many guys attack. Sure it's good, but 100 point bloodwarriors have it, and Archaon is 660 points. Chaos Runeshield We know what this does. Decent, but won't help when most of the other guy's forces are gunning for you. Crown of Domination +2 or -2 to battleshock for guys within 10". With all the battleshock negation this ability is just not helpful. Also it gets counterd by 1 cp. Heads of Dorgar. If at least one guy was slain by the three head attacks you can choose one. (haha imagine killing someone with archaon). nurgle head-D3 mortals against a guy 7" away. Not bad, D3 mortal wounds is fine Khorne head- D3 heals. won't stop him from dying. Also big models have better heals built in. Also, methinks the khorne and nurgle abilites should really be swapped. Tzeentch- learn a spell from a dead wizward. You won't be killing big wizwards with the head attacks, and if the enemy let a small wizwards get next to Archaon they are kind of bad at the game. Yeah, these abilities are bad and they won't go off very often. Everchosen On a 4+ ignore the effects of a spell. IDK if this affects endless spells, but still the other guy will just not cast things at Archaon and instead just kill you with his troops. Maybe decent against a very very spell heavy army. Prob still not that good. Command ability All other chaos heroes in your army can use a command ability. terrible. How many other heroes are you running? Archaon is already a third of your points and if you run more heroes you'll have space for like 2 chaos spawn. And no, this doesn't save you 5 command points. You get to use up to 5 command abilities, but you don't have any command points left over to do things. This sounds good on paper, but command abilities aren't that relevant, and I can;t think of a use for this that isn't better than some other thing for 660 points. Archaon is also a wizward with no unique spells. So none of the abilites are too bad. But none of them is worth Archaon's cost. Look at a king on terrogiest. He kills thinks when he dies, can summon 200 points of dudes, and heals D3 points per turn, and has a good spell, and can take artifacts, and is 200 points cheaper. Archaon just dosen't add up. But wait, he has 20 wounds with a 3+ save and a 5+ against mortals! that's good! Let's make a song! 30 bloodletters with +1 attack can kill Archaon A gristlogore Terrgoiest can kill Archaon 2 more more warp lighting cannons can kill Archaon 30 buffed witch aelves can kill Archaon Anything 12 charging Morsarr guard can kill Archaon With a bit of luck 4 ballista can kill Archaon Wow this man is trash! *post script* I don't hate Archaon. I just think he needs a rework to make the warscroll match the lore. cheers!
  10. So, Meeting Engagements, here's my idea Spearhead 1-bloodstoker 5-blood warriors 5- wrathmongers Main Body 1-bloodsecrator-general with all the goretide things 1-slaughterpriest-killing frenzy 10-blood warriors 20-blood reavers Rearguard 1-khorgorath Plan First you protect your wrathmongers and the stoker with your warriors, and try to sit on the objective without your important units dying. Then, when the main body comes in, you can use the goretide command ability and sent your warriors and reavers up the field, these guys will have +2 attacks from the secrator and the mongers and hopefully +1 to hit from the priest. Your main assult will hopefully clear out most of their force, while your heroes and the 5 warriors can camp objectives. Then your khorgorath can run around and clean up remaining enemies, as these guys are powerful against lone units. I have no idea how good this list is, but it seems like a lot of fun and it looks pretty inexpensive, what do you guys think? feedback welcome.
  11. Personally, I think that reavers need to be 60, letters need to be 100, crushers need to be 130. Skull cannons, Blood throne, and the herald on juggernaut need changes to their warscroll to make them playable. Also, who wants blood tithe to not reset? This dosen't seem op compared to HOS summoning, and it wouldn't improve Khorne that much, just make it more fun to play. Additionally, I think Khorgoraths need to be 90 and skullreapers need to be 160. These two are fine were they are, but most other armies have aggressively priced units and i would love to see a competetive list that isn't bloodthirster spam. IDK, tell me what you guys think
  12. This is a Reapers list from the 6 nations tournament that seems very good. IDK, haven't played it, but may be worth a try to those with 3 thirsters https://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/mikael-magnusson-cpt-blades-of-khorne-team-sweden-aos6nations2019/
  13. I was wondering about khorgoraths. How many are an effective hammer, I was thinking possibly a unit of 3. Or is it better to take seperate units for more BT and more benefit from the heal. Also is Skulltake good? It looks fun, but I haven't tried it. Blood for the Blood God and Skulls for the Skull Throne
  14. @Icefighter If every unit in your army has the khorne keyword you can take one of four slaughterhosts. 2 of them are demon themed and 2 are mortals. each slaughterhosts gets an ability, artifacts, command ability, and command trait. Go here to learn more. I would definitely wait until at least 1500 points to add battalions. Khorne battalions are way expensive, so you are definitely only going to want one. I don't know much about the demon ones, put out of the mortal battalions, the good ones are gore pilgrims, blood forged, slaughterborn, maybe skulltake, and brass stampede if you have lots of money. For now though, I would just get the judgments of khorne box, the skull alter, and lots of skullreapers and wrathmongers.
  15. You are pretty much set for a sold 1000 point list. slaughterhost-Goretide bloodstoker slaughterpriest-bronzed flesh slaughterpriest-killing frenzy bloodsecrator-General, hew the foe, thronebreakers thorc 5x bloodwarriors 10x bloodwarriors 5x skullreapers 1x khorgorath If you want to run the mighty lord, you could go down a bloodstoker and a slaughterpriest. you can also swap out some bloodwarriors for bloodreavers and take blood sacrifice if you want more blood tithe. In terms of gameplay, essentially just block of your enemies with bloodwarriors and sent in your buffed skullreapers and khorgie and watch everything die. enjoy
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