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  1. Hit me up for an invite aswell llease. Want to start a Duardin force
  2. Exactly! Although going 2nd is actually the way to go. You can make sure you get 1st turn charge that way or atleast make sure your opponent doesn't get 2 turns in a row (battleround 1 + 2 are the most important rounds). As a FEC, IJ and BCR player I almost always opt to go 2nd for this specific reason. Making sure I win the game on round 2 or 3 at the latest. It is done with VP though. Most players forget that you can be wiped and still win... games don't end by a wipe, but by turn 5. If you make sure you get more VP by turn 2-3 for the enemy to even get even without your units on the field, you've won. For this very reason I find double turns to powerfull. Way to easy to win the VP game early on without your opponent having a large enough counter force to get enough VP back
  3. It's a pain in the .... Best thing is to magnetize it on the hands.
  4. Same as above I advise to wait till the new ogre tome. No telling if and what will be changed. Mournfang really need 4-6 models to really work. Ideally 4 due to point costs of everything. At these points I would advise swapping the thundertusk for another Stonehorn. Forces the opponent to choose instead of focus 1 turn to negate your melee power.
  5. You can only attempt to cast every spell just once per hero phase. So there is no point in getting multiple weirdnobs, since you won't be spamming hand of mork. Would be very OP otherwise aswell
  6. My guess is that we have to wait till October due to Orctober. Even the new Ogor tome/box might be sooner I think
  7. Think they will release Orruk Battleclans in October as per Orctober rules. The other BT might be first. My guess on GW history; -July Warcry (happened) -August Free Cities -September Bones boxset -October Orruk Battleclans
  8. So new Gutbusters, perhaps a combined tome for BCR and GB? Let's hope for it, we sure could use some sweet love!
  9. Yeah that don't mix and match at all from an aesthetic point if view... always kept me from allying one into the other. Hope they get seperate clan rules without handicapping if you don't put 1 or 2 units of the other in
  10. So anyone got any news about that Orruk Battleclans battletome that has just been teased? I'm for one sure afraid that this means the end for Ironjawz.. the models of the naked orruks and ironjawz don't match at all from a aesthetic point of view. And like with Skaven Clans, you really handicap yourself by purely selecting only 1 clan for every unit. You should always put 1 or 2 from another for the meta. What are your opinions about his upcoming book?
  11. I too have always prefered bodies over battalions on low point games. In my experience that also worked better. But I'm always playing the objective game to win by round 2-3 instead of trying to kill the opponent more then he kills me
  12. Correct. But only per unit. You could therefore also throw all at once by using different colored dice together in order to save time
  13. All attacks from 1 unit happen simultaniously. So you can't loose any attacks because you fought with half the units weapons first.
  14. I always go 40-40-20 on double-rend-shield. You retain your adaptability on your enemy, but also get to throw a few 6++ saves.
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