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  1. Cheers bro. I do have a necro. I’m looking to get the SC Hordes box for Arkhan too and definitely want a selection of vamps due to awesome models!
  2. Sception, if I may borrow a moment of your time.... I currently have thirty Grimghasts, 20 skels, a couple of morghasts and Big Nag himself. I know I want more skells and possibly GG and a couple more Morgs. I’m also thinking Arkham and one, or two? necros to go with it. With the skells I’m leaning towards the sword n board kit out. Any thoughts on them weapon wise?
  3. Awesome post Sception, I love reading reviews and comments like yours. Cheers.
  4. Hey guys!! How y’all going? Newbie to AoS here starting with Some Nighthaunts and Nagash fun and I also have a few Chaos models lying around to use as well for a second army. Been playing a bit of Ninth Age and some Whfb back in the day. Hopefully some of you are over here in Perth and Aus and I can meet ya for a feels beers and dice rolling.
  5. Heya guys, update I now have 30 Grimghasts on the way and 20 skells with more to come and two morghasts. Stupid here decided to try to get his missus into AoS so I can play easy and she chose Daughters of Khaine... Curious as to what my next purchases should be. Cheers cuzzies
  6. Hey guys I’ve been playing some Ninth age and have a few Chaos models, some Varanguard, Warriors, a Chosen Chariot, a giant and some blood warriors and blood reavers already. Im also starting a Nagash army and figured I might as well try to use my Chaos models too. Of course I got a thing for the big bads of each faction and wanna use Archaon and or another blender face choppy kinda hero. What’s a good way to start and get into Chaos? Not too fussed about God’s though I prefer Khorne and Tzeentch over the perverted one and the smelly God. Cheers cuzzies.
  7. That army looks sweet as my bro. Hope all goes well and ya mash them into the ground. Off topic I have some varanguard and chaos warriors and a chariot and some blood warrior guys laying around too
  8. Heya Mr Honk, seen your posts around the place so I view you as on me of the Deathly Gosus. Bonus points if ya get the reference. I kinda like the idea of a stupid big ****** off unit of GG and magnetising the heads n that is a great idea!
  9. I’ll definitely have a look at the first cohort then. 40 skells is a bit more affordable that I thought and morghasts just look sweet. I picked up a necro and some bedsheet reapers today to go with big Naggy. Morgs, skells and more bedsheets to come! are Hexwraiths useful at all?
  10. I’ve heard of the First cohort before, what is this? Bear in mind I don’t yet have any books or tomes. I do like the idea of running some ghosts so I’ll be heading down to GW today to buy a box. Might take the skeleton start collecting box that gives you a choice or making a mortarch. That lets me make Arkhan right? I do like the idea of regen feckery and shenanigans so that could be fun. I’ve never thought of Dogs as a useful or tough unit due to other games but I’ll definitely pick a few up going by the advice from yall oh and Eeevil it is!
  11. Heya Mr Bob. Money wise I’m fine with buying whatever I want or need. Cheers for the run down. How capable are Haunts I’m a GhoN army compared to skells? I do prefer their looks... I’ll get myself comfy and have a read now..
  12. Good morning fellow Deadmen! Ive been hanging around playing some Ninth age with some friends and due to a lack of playing opportunities I’ve decided to start up an AoS army. I was cruisin Ebay and found a Nagash for a good 30Aud cheaper than any others so though feckit. Also picked up five glaivewraiths cheap as. My playing history with AoS is nil with some Whfb back in the day. I know I want to use Nagash and I am also fond of vampires. Model wise I love the Morghasts, those big skeletal things with glaives?, the corpse cart and those types. Grave Guard I have fond memories of and the new Nighthaunts are sweet looking. I realise I’m being quite vague an I apologise for that. I prefer a more aggressive style and raising and magic shenanigans. Any help or advice or tips is greatly appreciated. Regards Lost Son.
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