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  1. Anyone think that in October they'll be a Death/ Mawtribes box? Like with the story being that the Ogors being furious at Nagash for whatever spell thingie he did and they're trying to defeat him?
  2. Thanks, @heywoah_twitch ! This list looks really good and I hope to try it out soon! Great job having success with BCR at a tournament!
  3. Sorry for the double post but i gotta respond to em all 😅 Good point that's not made enough. The banners help a LOT, especially for the Bulls.
  4. I face a lot of Skaven and Legions of Nagash. I also fight Khorne regularly and the wood-themed Order armies (Sylvaneth, Wanderers, Wood Elves). I normally play 2k, but this is based on a 1250 point list I have. It works very well in 1k, as most Gutbusters lists do. I use Grots as screens, but I also use them for objective holding against teleporting armies. Take a unit of 60, deploy right on an objective at the start, and they'll just avoid it. They are a good 1k army, but not a good 1.1 k army and above
  5. Bulls are great, you'll use that many later on. Leadbelchers kinda suck unless you have a LOT of them, in which case it's too expensive points-wise. 12 Ironguts is very good. 20 Grots is okay, I would try to get another 20 or 40 more. Ironblaster is pretty meh, though not bad if you have 2 or 3. The best for the bulls is definitely the 2 Clubs and Swords. 6 Save Mortals just isn't reliable. This is a pretty good starting point, just get a tyrant once you can.
  6. They're actually very good at 1000p! Most other armies aren't strong enough without the other 1000 points for synergy. I use: Ghyrstrike/Wild Fury Tyrant 12 Ogors 3 Ogors 3 Ogors 20 Grots 20 Grots
  7. Yeah, the Pact of Bones was introduced today. Dunno what it is. Could be something used to combine them, but I also, think it has to do with the rest of the world somehow.
  8. For a while, I thought it would be Ogors vs. Stormcast. However, they seem to have faded from the limelight a little, and I think it will be Ogors vs. Legions of Nagash. The "Pact of Bones has been broken" line seems to me to be about Nagash breaking the rules.
  9. @Lethargicadversary Happy to help!
  10. Neither. 3 more Ironguts and 20 Grots.
  11. @Lethargicadversary I would take the Gutgouger instead of the clubs. Also, not sure about the Rockguts and the Leadbelchers. Otherwise, solid list.
  12. Sure! Also, what @Donal did was amazing. Very viable.
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