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  1. Not only that, take a unit of 60 and have ridiculous amounts of dice, be able to do damage, screen fantastically, and hold objectives indefinitely. Very underrated.
  2. Well, the ability is largely unchanged and still a little meh, so they might. I think it will depend on whether or not the price for Ogers changes
  3. I don't think this has changed much from before, sadly. It's still not great, as you need an Ogor to flee first. I think it lasts longer though, so there's that!
  4. You can see the Ironguts warscroll. They now have a 3+ to hit instead of 4+, and their ability lasts until the next Hero phase. They also have a "Gulping Bite" attack.
  5. Hallelujah, praise to be to Gorkamorka, FINALLY!!!!!
  6. IS THIS REAL!?!?!!?!?! Where did you find this?
  7. Great list! I would love to try this! For your questions: Everwinter's Master isn't great, honestly. Considering that you want to keep your FLoTT alive for as long as possible, Massive Bulk may be better. All BCR will struggle against magic. Taking a Fungoid or two might help, but not a whole lot. This is one of the pitfalls of playing BCR, so yes, you may be weak against magic, but any list that you make will be. Your list's melee strength is very middle-of-the-road. Most Rend (not all, but a decent chunk of it) comes from melee attacks. Ethereal Amulet is great on a FLoSH, which is used in melee, but not necessary on a FLoTT, which still stays back to snipe. MWs also frequently come from melee, so Ignax's scales isn't the way to go. The Pelt of Charngar would provide healing on top of what was already being done by the Huskards, so I think that that would be a good choice. As for the list itself, I think it's FANTASTIC! I've seen many a BCR list implement the Frost Sabre or the 3-Thundertusk strategy, but never combined nor done this well. Awesome!
  8. My fine-tuned Gutbusters list is ready and in action! I've fought one match so far against Stormcast and got a Major Victory, and am looking forward to winning more! Here's the list: Allegiance: GutbustersLeadersTyrant (160)- General- Great Gutgouger- Trait: Wild Fury- Artefact: GhyrstrikeFungoid Cave-Shaman (90)- AlliesBattleline12 x Ogors (400)- Pairs of Ogor Clubs or Blades12 x Ogors (400)- Pairs of Ogor Clubs or Blades3 x Ironguts (180)3 x Ironguts (180)Units60 x Grots (270)BehemothsStonehorn Beastriders (300)- Option: Blood Vulture- AlliesTotal: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 390 / 400Wounds: 204
  9. Thanks! I think that would be a risky bet though, as you'd want to use the Frostlord's command ability in this situation right? It would allow all 3 units to get into combat very quickly, as long as they were relatively close.
  10. I will soon be doing a 3-round Doubles Tournament with a Seraphon player. Each battle is 2000 points, each side made up of two 1000-point armies. We figured that he would bring magic, teleportation, and general shenanigans. I would be playing BCR (or possibly Gutbusters, not sure if that would be better). so I would be bringing the big fat targets. I have a few lists made, but I'm not sure whether or not they would be optimal . Any help or critiques would be much appreciated! My possible lists: 1. FLoSH (ethereal amulet) 420 HoTT (general, everwinter's master) 360 Yhetees 110 Yhetees 110 2. FLoSH (general, ethereal amulet, everwinter's master) 420 SB (blood vulture) 300 Mournfang Pack 4x (gargant hackers) 280 3. HoSH (general, ethereal amulet, everwinters master) 320 SB (blood vulture) 300 Mournfang Pack 4x (gargant hackers) 280 Fungoid Cave-Shaman (ally) 90
  11. Hi @antoara! A few things: Nice job knowing to equip the Gargant Hackers on. They're very good. You also picked some good choices for the artefact and command trait. Otherwise: I would try to put Mournfang in groups of 4 whenever possible, though 3 units of 2 may suffice. Also, Stonehorns and Thundertusks are difficult to work together. Stonehorns are ultimately better, so consider that for the future. Huskards on TT is no great, so I would take 1 and put in some Yhetees. The Frostlord on TT however is good and can work with the Stonehorn, so that's good. I think this list could do good if you can adequately protect your TTs. Good luck!
  12. I'm surprised it's staying around, although I do like the model.
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