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  1. Great to know! Thank you for the replies I will try it with BCR then. I removed mollog, put a frostlord instead of huskard and added a second bunch of yheetes to my list( i will prox them to see how this works, and if it does work well- i'm gonna buy them :D)
  2. Hey guys, i wanted to start playing AoS with BCR. I just love the fluff, the models, etc. I plan only to play casual 1k point games with my other casual friends. I don't think i would choose any other faction(only gutbusters are just as cool, but most of their models are ugly and some of them are metallic... bleh) but i've heard many bad opinions about BCR. That they are completely unplayable. Will this be the case in the casual play? Because honestly, so many bad opinions are driving me off the game, and i don't know now if i should play it. I made this funny little list https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cf0WX81DWBH2KU1IDtpKXMv1qkbv5Xlq/view?fbclid=IwAR3xkqqsxmibQ4_epCWG_7IKEo_hYIOALlP-PUkNV1qf-2fVS0efX1kuFo4 which is obviously not designed to win many games, but i just wanted a cheap army to start the game right away(start collecting box+yhetees which i just find cool, even if they are bad). What are your opinions? My friend is probably gonna play sylvaneth or khorne warriors, will all games be one-sided victories for him?
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