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  1. Hi Guys, I am Nimbleninja, i am From Australia; I have come to AoS after a longgggggggg interest as I found some friends at my new job that play this amazing game and was able to jump in. I have purchased some Flesh Eater Courts sets and i am currently in the stage of painting them, i wont lie i am quite nervous in the paining area as i am a perfectionist and looking at some of the paint jobs here i am blown away, however practice makes perfect i hear!! I am looking forward to reading into the thousands of posts here and get loads of strategies to help me get more involved and gain a better understanding of becoming a better player. If anyone has any tips or tricks they would love to share, i would greatly appreciate them. Regards Nims
  2. Thank you @Masake and @Honk for you feedback and advice. Judging from what you have both said I am going to have to purchase some more units. Would buying another starter set most likely be worth it then get a Varghulf Courier also?? I seem to be confused on how the units set up and none of my mates group play this army so I am the first and would love to be exciting when I finally get to play my first game. (wishful thinking, but go big or go home)
  3. Hello fellow gamers, I have finally got myself 2 box sets to play this amazing game. I have spent years looking at this but never got involved and met a guy at my new job who has been playing for years and so I jumped in immediately. Now after looking at some of the sets i decided on playing the Flesh Eater Courts and brought the following 2 sets: Start Collecting Flesh-Eater Courts (14 units) Flesh-Eater Courts Nightfeast Hunters (23 Units) From the 2 sets i have built the following units: 1 Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 1 Vargoyle 2 Vargheist 30 Crypt Ghouls 1 Crypt Haunter 2 Crypt Horror However now that i am looking at lists and the AOS App, i cannot seem to add my Varghests or Vargoyle to any list, is there something i am missing? What are some suggestions to make more units to add to this deck, i am happy to start out with the 1000 point for now. My style of game is to try and flank as much as possible while holding position with my Ghouls. Any tips and suggestions are really helpful, i've read so much however i feel like i haven't scrapped the bottom yet. Regards Nimble
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