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  1. As it's launch day can finally post these. My Saturday Morning cartoon themed Cypher Lords, the Seguleh
  2. I'll keep adding pics between painting today. But here are my Idoneth. Just need basing.
  3. Why there is a card for bows in Warcry
  4. Well I've got my starterwarband ready, Lochian Prince and 9 Namarti Thralls
  5. The Gorgai looks great, I figure a few whip armed SoS for escort duty will be useful
  6. That was a WIP, I was comissioned to do both warbands and beasties in two days. Here they are.
  7. Thanks, I painted them for my local and cheekily entered them into Everchosen Open.
  8. I used Blood Angels Red over Army Painter Weapon Bronze for these.
  9. So how have people faired with big missile units? I'm toying with big blocks of handguns and crossbows for fun.
  10. I aim to only play painted these days, but I'm in the lucky position that I have enough painted to run about 20 different tournament lists with ease.
  11. I'm on a 2 drop list for my tourney this weekend, looking forward to getting the beasts on the field.
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