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  1. I'm seriously tempted to take my painted Ogors to a tournament in March. Have any people had any joy with a full unit of Ironguts?
  2. This is thoroughly disappointing. Brought my friend into AoS with a bunch of Greenskinz and whatnot. They are really fun to play with too. Hope it isn't the negative sign it seems.
  3. Sisters of the Thorn in, bases need redoing though as they were an old test.
  4. Chamon I would love to see some conversions to look like the dudes from Mirrodin in MtG
  5. Didnt get time to post yesterday but here we have an Avatar of the Hunt, Spellweaver and Sisters of the Watch.
  6. Thanks man Been working on setting up and priming, below we have a Spellweaver, 2 units of Glade Riders and 10 Sisters of the Watch. Then today's painted (sorry for crappy photo the lights a bit mental at the moment, 10 Waywatchers converted from Eternal Guard and Shadow Warriors.
  7. Thank you, the main colours are all P3, the brown is Bloodstone, the Turquoise is Trollblood Base and the horns/branches Beast Hide. The scales (as on all my dragons) are done with Scale 75 Alchemy paints, in this case Peridot. Fingers ok, sore but superglue does wonders.
  8. Thanks, just managed to get it painted minus the gems despite slashing open my index finger with jagged plastic.
  9. So I'm on a week off, working on my Wood Aelfs. Had to have a brief break to fit a bath panel but starting off with updating my converted Glade Lord on Forest Dragon. Pics below:
  10. Had a crazy 1k yesterday using an Open War cards generated mission for fun. Obliterated basically the entire enemy army but lost on objectives due to some Direwolves in the back field I couldn't reach. It was enormously fun though.
  11. Despite my butcher not arriving until turn three I had no bother casting Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws. Though admittedly at that stage in the game it was a tad underwhelming.
  12. See I lost a game on objectives today with my Ogres, should have used my melee range to take out those fast boys.
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