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  1. It's been like that since the ghb landed, so no real difference from what's clearly stated. The normal rules for faction terrain applies after setup - 1" from terrain pieces and 9" from enemy models... I don't recall it being 3" from other terrain pieces?
  2. Ah the picture didn't make over - yes to volcanic blood
  3. in regard to the discussion earlier: This has been FAQ'ed: It does not go of on Mortal wounds.
  4. Looks good so far. You could consider adding gutrot spume for deep strike shenanigans. I would opt for perhaps 30 plagueboys for getting bodies on the board or some other hoard unit (maruarders or plague monks) but they kinda loose their edge without the glotkin. I really enjoy having a GUO allongside my Blight kings for the extra movement, it can be very valuable during the game. And no deamons are not needed for contagion points, these are due to the alliance towards Papa nurgle. But you might want to get some for summons. So to be fair you have 2 routes; all out mortals with maxed out blight kings 35 Ish or more bodies..
  5. Are you sure about BoP triggering Volcanic blood, the warscroll specifies "each time a wound is allocated...". As BoP inflicts mortal wounds this is usually specificly mentioned, as such is should have been "each time a wound or mortal wound is allocated..." for BoP to trigger the ability - the wound itself would trigger the effect but not both.
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