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  1. Yep - each endless warscroll should start with "This endless spell is summoned with a spell that..." so you have to cast a spell to put it on the board in the first place, getting you a fate point.
  2. So, this list went 4-1 at the US Open down in New Orleans: http://thehonestwargamer.com/aos-list-rundowns/us-open-new-orleans-4-1-gavin-grigar/ For the life of me, I can't figure out *how*. It's a decent amount of mildly mobile bodies/wounds, but a lot of no-bonus casting and fragile troops. Hoping that the person who took it talks about it with someone this week, because I'm keenly interested!
  3. Kairos' warscroll is a good bit better imo - while Infernal Gateway *may* roll higher in some circumstances, getting a guaranteed 6 mortal wounds out of the spell is good to have especially with how many 5-6 wound heroes around, and getting a free Chaos Spawn out of the deal potentially is a nice bonus. Battleshock is definitely a problem if you go Mortal/Arcanite, but the Guild of Summoners artifact does really help.
  4. I missing something - where does the 3rd round of mortals come from? (1d3 in the movement phase move, 1d3 in the charge move)
  5. Speaking of Plague Priests... has anyone had any experience running them in a non-Pestilens list in 3.0 yet? I'm still working on the big pieces for my Skaven so I can't play it at 2k yet, but I'm really thinking slipping a Priest in will be really useful.
  6. I would say you definitely need another hero - you're 5 wounds on a 5+ save away from not being able to use commands on anything but your clanrats! I would say the Clawlord would probably be my first choice - good buff piece for your clanrat blocks, and could give some melee support in a pinch. Plague priest would be an interesting choice - yeah, he might hurt your other groups a bit, but the prayer support could add some real benefits. Overall I think at that points restriction the Clawlord would probably help more.
  7. The timing on this one gets a bit weird in 3rd edition, but I will agree that it can't be rerolled, but for a different reason. Ref. 1.5.4 and 1.5.5, the order of dice rolling goes: roll -> abilities that set or change dice results -> modifiers (+/-). Therefore, the dice could be rerolled *before* Kairos changes them, but not afterwards. (Kairos' ability text referring to the changed dice not being able to be rolled is a relic of 2nd edition, and probably should have been FAQed but what can you do)
  8. I would say no - I read the Warlock scrolls as superseding the Wizard rule in 19.1 in a very specific way. The Wizard rule in effect gives two restrictions - (1) you can't cast the same spell again if that Wizard has cast it before, and (2) you can't cast the same spell again if another Wizard has already cast it. The Warlock rule creates an exception for (2), but not (1).
  9. Ok, so after playing two games in 3.0 with my ratboys ( smaller games unfortunately, haven't gotten to try my 2k lists yet)... If you haven't tried out the Cunning command trait, you definitely need to. It's gone off so many times in my games, and it's noticeable how many extra command points you get from it (and denying the same amount, even more important!)
  10. There are two good changes from the Gnawhole rework, at least: 1) the Skitterleap->cast->Gnawhole shenanigans got a little bit easier, since if you can get Skitterleap to go off you don't have to teleport within range of the Gnawhole anymore - just make sure you can get back to one with a move (+ run if needed). Nice to have a bit extra reach there. 2) Gnawholes being impassible means it's a bit harder to block access to them now - opponents used to be able to park models inside of it, and then you didn't have a valid spot for your models to pop out. Now they either have to bring a larger unit to ring around it (with new coherency rules, even) or leave one side open. So that's nice.
  11. Archaon doesn't use the coalition rules to join Chaos armies - he gets in with his own WARMASTER (tm) pass. Check the StD FAQ.
  12. Two Armies, Two Very Different Stories I play two armies primarily - Tzeentch Arcanites and Skaven (mostly Skryre). The two armies are going in *very* different directions currently, and have *much* different outlooks for 3.0 from my view. Tzeentch Arcanites - Now, by this I mean a mostly Tzaangor and Tzaangor-on-Disc focused army. I have come to the conclusion that someone either beat the design team soundly with an army comprised mostly of gors (esp. enlightened), or failing that stuffed a bunch of Tzaangor on discs into a sack and physically attacked someone on the design team with them. Ever since the BoC book came out, they've basically suffered a death by a thousand cuts with every new update or rules change, and come into this new edition with a whole bunch of points increases and rules reductions with little to show for it. Consider this - in the DoT allegiance, 10 Tzaangors are 195 points. That gets you 20 wounds on 32m bases with only 1" reach weapons, where only 4 in 10 have any Rend at all. Not only that, but the unit can't benefit from any bonuses to hit or wound (no All-Out Attack for you!), and have a 5+ save and only a 6+ ward on half the unit that you have to give up hitting on 3+ for those models to use (and they have to die first!) Some nice additional rules, but restriction piled on restriction makes them exceedingly cumbersome to use. That's the army in a nutshell, really, and you're paying through the nose for what benefits you do get. I'll basically be trying to retool this army as BoC to attempt to salvage something out of it, but it's not gonna feel good to do. So, really I'll be playing Skaven - On the other hand, the rats look primed to be in a really good spot atm. Most points went up, but most were not too bad (my poor Stormfiends got skewered though ). Unleash hell on WLCs that are in a Grand Battery looks like it's gonna be *fun*, and there look to be a lot of options for viable army lists. It could still use a new book to get rid of some of the clunkiness that the army has (look at our battleline units for a good representative example), but all in all I'm looking forward to blowing myself up over and over again trying to get my enemies to ride the lightning.
  13. Yeah, I think some of the things you see in these FAQs aren't actually new changes, they just have to be reprinted because these are now the only valid FAQs for the battletomes/core rules (i.e. not written on top of the old FAQs). So, they have to re-answer some of the old questions.
  14. The way the question is phrased, they wanted to be able to roll 16 dice per model - 4 attacks, with 4 dice for each attack. The answer is no, you only get 4 dice per model like you'd think would happen.
  15. To clarify, this part no longer is true as of the FAQs this morning: "15.0 – BATTLESHOCK PHASE Add the following sidebar note: ‘Models removed from play as a result of their unit being split have fled. Models that have fled are treated as having been slain for rules purposes, unless noted otherwise.’"
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