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  1. It depends on which side you play, really. If you're a primarily daemon player, you got one of the best new books in a while. Survival buffs, damage boosts, new opportunities, all in all a good change. If you primarily play on the Arcanite side, you got a few new good things, some inexplicable nerfs, and the removal of any notions that things like subfactions or battalions are meant for you. (Regarding the GHB talk earlier, reductions in points would be nice sure, but I don't think that can address the fundamental issues with the Arcanite side of the book. It needs a rework.)
  2. I'm just happy that Seraphon are finally getting updated, even if they have to share the spotlight (well, it will be stolen) with Yet Another Terrible Elf Faction (no a).
  3. Ok, who’s the Arcanite player at GW who pissed off the guy who wrote the new book? Cause holy ****** what a shellacking.
  4. Nice report! Unfortunately, I am getting the broken image issue as well (on iOS).
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