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  1. Quick query about this ability of the Exalted Deathbringer: "Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to a model armed with a Runemarked Shield that was inflicted by a spell. On a 2+ that wound or mortal wound is negated." Is that just talking about this model? Or is it any models with a runemarked shield? But what I'm getting at is - is the "chaos runeshield" a "runemarked shield"...? I mean, it's called a "runeshield" so you would assume it's marked with a rune, and therefore a "rune marked shield"... well you could argue that. Or is a runemarked shield a specific shield, that is different to a runeshield? So basically is it just buffing itself, or is it buffing anyone with any type of runeshield (like chaos warriors/knights for example). I'm guessing it's just buffing itself, as there is no range in the text, but it's worth asking...
  2. ooh, yes it does - and it's a totem so it would be cool with a bunch of blood reavers... and, wow, only 160 points!
  3. I'm a new player with an Everchosen / Salves to Darkness army, with a leaning to Khorne for additional units. Played a 2000 point game yesterday and rolled an improbable amount of 1's for hit rolls. My opponent was playing a knighthaunts army [cough - totally overpowered] which was re-rolling 1's constantly (when they weren't re-rolling ALL failed rolls!) - is there anything useful in the chaos army that could be buffing me on hits (and/or wounds) of 1? The bigger the range and the more buffable units the better...
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