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  1. If you have models with a 1" base and a 2" range melee weapon, how many rows of attackers will attack the enemy? Logically it would seem like only 2 rows, but if you stagger the middle row then technically a 3rd row would be slightly within 2" (round bases) so could you attack with 3 rows?
  2. Wait, so you can't use command points to just re-roll dice? oops. we've been doing that for ages - you can definitely do that in kill team, I guess we got confused!
  3. Are some of the characters unique, and if so I assume we can only field one of that character. If that is the case how do we know which are unique? Specifically can I have 2 Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch?
  4. Can you let me know which manual/page it talks about using command points to reroll please? Having trouble find it.
  5. ok, that's kind of subtle, but useful to know...
  6. Some units has abilities that say they can re-roll hit rolls, for example the skull reapers - "You can re-roll hit rolls for attacks made by this unit if the target unit has 5 or more models." We understood that to mean we can re-roll failed hit rolls, as re-rolling all of the hit rolls in the hope of getting a better overall result doesn't seem that great. But I've noticed a lot of units seem to specifically state failed hit rolls, for example Chaos Warshrine - "You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for the unit. If you picked a Mortal Khorne unit, you can instead re-roll all failed hit rolls. " So does that mean if it doesn't say "failed" you have to re-roll all of them (if you choose), or does both wording mean the same?
  7. ok, cool, thanks everyone, it's all starting to make sense now! Definitely adding plague monks to my army, they're awesome...
  8. So I couldn't use say an everchosen battalion or everchosen battletraits if I'm using a grand alliance? Those sorts of thing would only be valid for "pure" armies?
  9. OK, to be clear, can I use a Grand Alliance army in a "regular" game of AOS, or is it some special variant with different rules?
  10. ok, so don't know about AOS enough to tell if you're disagreeing with each other or both saying I can do it but with a grand alliance...?
  11. ok cool, those are the ones, thanks.
  12. Well there's this guy with the big mouth, and this guy with a naked half torso on his banner...
  13. So as I understand it I can choose different chaos factions to form an alliance army. So can I have plague rats in my Everchosen army? I seem to remember half reading somewhere that pestilens units could only work with other plague units...? But I can't remember where I read it, and may have misread it as I was looking for something else and not really paying much attention.
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