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  1. Has anyone had success with morghasts in second edition? I love the models, and am desperately trying to make them work. Not having the summonable keyword, plus their high price tag, makes it a difficult unit to work - especially with the likes of grimghasts flying about. I feel like there’s two possible options: 1. In grand host for the +1 attack 2. In legion of night for a high chance of a charge off an ambush But still unsure how to build lists around it. Any thoughts or insight from experience would be appreciated!
  2. I've run pretty similar lists all through 2017, it's definitely really nasty. Note that if you're playing in a more relaxed environment outside of tournaments, I'd probably suggest toning it down a bit as you will crush non-tourney armies! With that in mind... I'd cut down the unit of 20 horrosr down to 10, as there's not much advantage to the big unit. I'd also get rid of herald - he can be great but he's better as a summonable tool IMO. I'd leave most of the points you save as part of your summoning pool - with this you can have some flexibility (e.g. herald if you need it, blues + brimstones to help bog down enemy or keep a hold of objectives, etc.). I'd usaully leave around 280 points for balewind + horrors/other options. As mentioned above, the changeling is also a very sound bet as it's great disrupting the enemy's plans.
  3. until

    Event at EXP sounds amazing. Count me interested
  4. As far as I can tell I haven't seen an official FAQ on that, but I might be wrong! I've always played it as you can pick from one or the other but not both. I know that was also the ruling at SCGT.
  5. Cheers for sorting Chris! From HATE lot - Ross Howard - Sylvaneth Matt Gherardi - Stormcast Eternals Dan Barwick - Stormcast Eternals Chris Nielsen - Disciples of Tzeentch Rest were mixed lists!
  6. Well I was so close to finishing my force for South Coast. I was finishing my last 10 models (the dirty skyfires and shaman) and was already excitedly taking dramatic pics of them... But I've changed my mind and need to go buy more models!! I'm a total idiot. So still left: 9 skyfires (70% done) tzaangor shaman (base) 10 pink horrors 10 brimstones changeling the blue scribes Should be feasible if I crack on...
  7. Personally the DD being used on a MW came in handy for me once - where I could automatically kill off the savage big boss with a bolt of tzeentch. Otherwise the dice tend to be used to force casting through. So personally I think it's fine and actually gives a use to the big numbers. Otherwise I tend to use those to get big charges or for saves which isn't so exciting.
  8. What a great event. Big thanks to the SLL lads for running this, especially Tom the big man himself. I had so much fun, and all 5 of my opponents were great. Shout out to Ben, Owyn, Jack, Leo and of course my club mate Dave (perfect way to finish!) Really no big gripes - maybe the lower tables could've had mats too (although was awesome that any had them in general) and maybe we could've organised something as a group to have done Saturday evening to keep everyone together? Cheers, Chris
  9. Agreed - Ive been eyeing up the lord a lot, I think I'm going to play around with it a lot after SCGT. 10 chaos knights to go with him are expensive but could be a good objective grabber, and not awful on the charge with the command ability.
  10. What do you guys think about the gaunt summoner + familiars on a vortex? Is it a bit too cheeky? I know you can't have any other models on the vortex, but the familiars rules just say that they're set up within 1" of him whenever the gaunt summoner moves or is set up. Sorry if it's been asked before, but I can't see any ruling about it anywhere.
  11. FunkyPunk

    Slave to Tzeentch

    I think you can do some great things with slaves to darkness and tzeentch. Check out the fatesworn warband as a popular way to add -1 rend to all your units too. I personally would be tempted to ditch the chariot and spawn for something else, as I haven't found either particularly useful. I'd be tempted to add more knights somehow. The chaos sorcerer lord is a really powerful piece you can add too, but he's expensive considering he's 140 points and only one spell.
  12. -No skaven allegiance ability, but you can use the generic chaos. Some great ones spring to mind, like the crown of command (great for big units of clanrats) and lord of war. -Big hordes definitely have a place, and I think can be really effective with skaven - both for killing and for objectives. Check out the verminus claw-pack formation as a good starting point. Multi basing is a bit iffy, id use the round base movement trays available out there to make movement a bit easier for yourself. -Warmachines will really help give you something that can reach out and touch key pieces. Warp lightning cannons are popular for good reason. As far as big gribblies go, the verminlord deceiver gives you another unit that can touch pieces at the back of the board, and has a very useful -3 rend. The warbringer synergises very well with clanrats and stormvermin. -I'm not sure how you paint it all without going crazy! I did 40 clanrats a while ago and that's enough for me!
  13. @Tom Loyn Hi mate I was on the list but I've been kicked off for some reason? I paid on 9th Dec. Name is Chris Nielsen
  14. Has anyone got a strong opinion on the configuration of the LoC? I've been trying the rod as it seems foolish to charge him into combat, but it's been a bit lacklustre (especially considering you can't get rend on the weapon from gifts as I initially thought). The rend 3 sword is very tempting though, and he's pretty survivable with -1 to hit and maybe some rerollable to save. But it's not a lot of attacks.
  15. So so far I've played 2 games with the new book - It's been fun learning how to use the new units, the spells & the destiny dice. The list I've been using: Leaders Lord Of Change (300) - tzeentch's firestorm Chaos Sorcerer Lord (140) - shield of fate Tzaangor Shaman (120) - shield of fate Gaunt Summoner with Familiars (120) - glimpse the future Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140) - bolt of tzeentch 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (140) - Fold reality 30 x Tzaangors (540) Units 9 x Tzaangor Skyfires (480) Total: 1980/2000 Learning experiences so far: -30 tzaangor are really really really tough to chew through - but it's almost impossible to get anywhere near the total number into combat. I want to try dropping to 20 so that I can fit a summoning pool (blue horrors + balewind) but I'm worried it won't have anywhere near the survivability or punch. -Skyfires are great as expected, but they also pack a surprising punch in combat if you go first with them -Fold reality has treated me well so far but I still worry about it -The list feels really strong when the enemy enters 18", but weak outside it (even with the skyfires, as you don't want to expose them). I felt somewhat dependent on getting a double turn so I could move into position and then unleash magical hell. -I think I need some more flexibility in the list - summoning pool would be ideal for this but I can't decide what I want to drop.
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