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  1. I'm new to this message board, so please excuse any breaches and whatnot. I've noticed a Stark lack of destruction and death armies; so that being true, I've set my mind to concept ideas for some, hoping they'd garner some attention and get Games Workshop working on fixing the discrepancy. My ideas this far, submitted for your approval are as follows: 1: Skytitans: I remember reading in some of the old Ogre Kingdom books about a race of intelligent Giants, now called Gargants. They were bigger, smarter and more powerful than the current set of Giants/gargants, and we're overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and ferocity of the ogres. It seems to me that they could have made a resurgence in AOS. I would include those goblins that steal Overlord ships and some other underlings as well to balance them. They could seek to conquer and unite the forces of Destruction and provide a godlike leader faction akin to Everchosen, Legions of Nagash and the sigmarines. 2: Wanderers who feel betrayed by Alarielle: Elves abandoning Order and embracing the wild side of nature just sounds cool, and it would be easy to do a one to one conversion of units from order to destruction. 3:Barbarian humans worshipping natural forces of destruction instead of Sigmar or Chaos, combined with elementalsnof destructive nature..kind of like "Albion Gone Wild". I will see what I get from this and see about developing more Death army ideas some other time.
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