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  1. So is there consensus opinion that the Chungus Lord brings more to an average (mostly)Mortal Khorne list than a StD Daemon Prince? I have a hard on for the Daemon Prince's command ability. So much so, that I want to take the crown on one, so it can use that command ability every round, to stifle the opponent's objective play. Haven't tested this idea yet, but maybe that's why I'm not seeing how the Chungus Lord brings more to the table.
  2. I don't think there's any doubt a new book is on the way, but if they pull another Soul Wars, only give us a new chamber with new models, and maybe some points updates; I'm straight up retiring my SC, and throwing them up for sale.
  3. Thanks for the advice! I'm not actually working on a list like this yet, just love theory crafting and offering my ideas. Honestly the second Incantor was just in there for Everblaze Comet redundancy, in case the opponent manages to assassinate the first Incantor. The auto-dispel never hurts either. Gravetide was just in there because there were 20 points left over, but it's a decent piece of area denial for the Slaan to throw between itself and a flanking cavalry unit.
  4. Oh sorry, I meant errata to fix the wording of "reroll failed saves" which currently doesn't let them reroll 4's when the incoming damage has rend. Don't Stormcast need even their screens to kind of carry their weight though? Something needs to hold objectives, and the army already starts at such a model-count deficit. My rationale is that a slightly higher investment could potentially be worth it if it means the unit can survive one additional round scoring an objective. Or is that just inherently flawed logic, since most objective scenarios only carry about model count in proximity, and SC can almost never stop even a 10-strong unit of filler from taking objectives from them? Do we (SC players) literally have to try to table or cripple our opponents in our current state right now? is objective play just not a practical strategy for our army?
  5. What about something a little more conservative than Double Dragon? Maybe something like: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsDrakesworn Templar (420)- Tempest Axe - General - Command Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Ignax's Scales OR Sword of Judgement - Mount Trait: Storm-winged Lord-Castellant (120)Knight-Incantor (140)- Spell: Azyrite HaloKnight-Incantor (140)- Spell: Chain Lightning OR Stormcaller Lord Kroak (430) -> will be (320) - Allies 5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield 10 x Evocators (440)- Spell: Speed of Lightning Everblaze Comet (100) Suffocating Gravetide (20) Would still have +1 to casting for Kroak and the Incantors, for Comet/MW spam, but also has the 10-strong Evo unit to counter charge whatever your opponent sends at your casters.
  6. What if they errata their channeling ability to let them reroll all saves? surely being able to reroll everything would increase their durability, and in turn their viability? Or when you say "screen", do you mean their job is to simply take up space between the enemy and your key units, and everything else on their warscroll is irrelevant?
  7. Is this really the state of SC in the competitive meta? I love Sequitors, and really hate to go back to Libs after seeing how much more hitting power and durability they get for the 30 points(was 20 when I first tried them, and granted; even that felt pretty expensive). Is it just because 5-model SC battleline units get instantly erased by every serious competitive hammer? Strictly a matter of points-per-wound economy?
  8. I was going to say my only suggestion is to try and find a way to get 20 dryads in your units, since the get the +1 save as long as they have over 10 models. Two battalions in am interesting approach. You will have a wealth of artifacts and command points to work with. Let me know how it goes!oils interesting
  9. At 750 points? Expect minimal battleline, probably 3 x 5 spite revs in Outcast battalion. Might see one brick of 20 dryads plus 2 units of 5 Tree Revs for the objective grabbing Probably a safe bet they bring at least one Branchwraith, so you'll probably see Dryad summons Odds are they will take 3-6 Kurnoths as their Hammer, might support them with an Arch Revenant. Hey weird question, but is your escalation league in Canada? I just joined one as well!
  10. You could run Gnarlroot, take Prismatic Palisade and try to get as many Wyldwoods as possible summoned in front of your opponent's gun-lines and casters. take advantage of the LoS restrictions from the Wyldwoods, and their "Roused by Wrath" rules to potentially punish them for casting. If you park a TLA toward the middle of the map IN A WYLDWOOD, you could try to stack Throne on it every turn to guarantee your Wood drops or its unique spell. Two stacks of Throne plus the +1 cast Stave, or the Gnarlroot Chalice, would give you a pretty indomitable caster.
  11. As I understand it, they can move within 3" of enemy units to deny the charge. Bonus if you can swing them around so your opponent has to pile-in AWAY from your Raptor unit.
  12. I was considering a LoTC Gnarlroot list with Drycha, so I'd be very curious to see what your current revision looks like @Trevelyan. My latest draft of the list was: Leaders TLA - 260 (General), Chalice, Regrowth TLA - 260 Gem, Harmony Drycha - 320 Probably Regrowth as well Battleline 5x Tree Revs - 80 5x Tree Revs - 80 5x Spite Revs - 60 30x Dryads - 270 Other 6x Scythe Hunters - 400 1x Treelord - 180 Battalions Lords of the Clan - 60 Endless Spells Quicksilver Swords - 30 Total points - 2000 Not sure if I should swap the swords and spites for a Branchwraith. I really like taking at least one big block of dryads, as they do a fantastic job of screening Drycha, and can be really hard to displace if I can plant some trees or make to my designated place of power. Maybe given how good shooting is these days, I should swap the Swords for a Prismatic Palisade. I figured it wouldn't be necessary since Wyldwoods can do a reasonable job of screening non-flying shooting. This iteration of my list only has 121 wounds, which is a bit light. It's definitely banking on Harmony and the healing putting in work. Would probably fold like wet paper to anything that can erase whole units in a single attack.
  13. Thanks! Skinks are probably a great idea. I think I might wait until the new Seraphon book hits just to make sure their points/rules don't see drastic changes before I pick some up.
  14. Oh yes, allies are allowed with all normal stipulations
  15. *I'm moving my question to this thread, and asking the mods to delete the new thread I made. It seems like only the big topic threads in this forum get a lot of traction. I recently joined an escalation league, to give myself a motivational push to get more of my SC painted by the end of the summer. The way the league works is: At each point threshold, we are paired up and provided a pitched-battle mission. The league starts out at 750 points, and the first mission is "Knife to the Heart". We are free to submit a completely different army for each round of the league, so I need not commit to expanding on my choices for the first round. I'm asking for advice here, because I have literally no experience playing AOS games below 1000 points. The mission being "Knife to the heart" also complicates list-building for me, as a Stormcast player. Model-count is going to be a problem. My first instinct was to draft up something like: Lord Arcanum Lord Relictor 5x Sequitors 5x Sequitors 5x Evocators But I quickly realized that I'm going to need to keep a minimum of 5 models alive in order to hold either objective. So if I lose even one model from any squad contesting one of those objectives, I'm going to lose the option of that major victory. My current draft is looking like this: Lord Arcanum Lord Castellant 10x Sequitors 10x Liberators It's a dirt-simple list idea, but the plan is to sit the Libs and Castellant on my home objective, then deep strike the Arcanum and Sequitors (Depending on my opponent is on - I can make a new list for each round, but pairings are always blind to ensure no counter-play) to threaten their objective. Looking for some serious feedback here. Feel free to tear apart my thought-process thus far, if you think I'm off-base. I don't own really any Vanguard models, so no access to Aquilor, Hunters or Raptors. Thanks in advance for the help, folks!
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