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  1. Hey here's a question: If you make a hero in your army a wizard with the arcane tome, do they then get to choose a spell from the spell lore? Or do they only get to know Arcane bolt and mystic shield?
  2. I think I want to try something like this as a small skirmish control kind of list: Army Type: Scions of the Storm Subfaction: Knights Excelsior Points Limit: 2000 pts General: Lord-Relictor Grand Strategy: Hold the Line Triumph: Bloodthirsty Holy Commands: Unleash Thy Hatred Core Battalions Warlord Lord-Relictor (General) Battalion Slot Filled: Commander Command Traits: High Priest (Or Shock and Awe) Artefacts of Power: Arcane Tome Prayers: Translocation Points Cost: 145 pts Lord-Imperatant Battalion Slot Filled: Sub-commander Artefacts of Power: Mirrorshield Points Cost: 175 pts Yndrasta Battalion Slot Filled: Sub-commander Points Cost: 320 pts Praetors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 165 pts Hunters of the Heartlands Annihilators Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 200 pts Annihilators Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 200 pts Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 240 pts Redemption Brotherhood Retributors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 235 pts Castigators Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 105 pts Castigators Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 105 pts Castigators Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Points Cost: 105 pts Total Points: 1995 pts
  3. I wish I could justify a Thundercat build in my theory crafting. They just didn't get the tweaks they needed to have enough punch to justify their fragility compared to the Dracoth Paladins (And dragons). Rend -1 and 0 on their weapons is just... obsolete now in my opinion. Unless they were to drop to about the price of desolators. For that price I'd take the lack of rend and defense for the volume of offensive output they can offer.
  4. I don't think the Prime is in another League from Yndrasta. I think all three of the ~300 point heroes serve different purposes. Prime is a cruise missile you can send anywhere, but want to hold out as long as possible to cash in one. Bastian is a Force Multiplier and terrifying melee threat (Closest we have to Gotrek), but slow and susceptible to screens if he isn't supporting other units. He also offers some bonus mortal wounds against behemoths. Strangely he isn't good at dueling God models like Gotrek, as he has like 1/3 the burst and can only score full heals by killing models. Without the max 1 damager per suffered wound, he is also less tanky against them. Yndrasta is a tanky attrition support hero with huge mobility and medium damage output. Her spear can effectively serve the same purpose as Bastian's Lightning, except hers is better at sniping weak support heroes or finishing off wounded units, and less good against super-heavies with tons of defenses.
  5. I was originally super big on Yndrasta, and then found myself disappointed with her output, but I've played her a bit since then, and now I've had some success using her as a tank to support my hammer units, like Annihilators or Retributors. She's great at flying deep and charging into enemy line then just NOT dying. She's not likely to do more than about 6 damage per turn, but my opponent's have been unable to ignore her, and bringing back 1-2 paladins from nearby engagements has been backbreaking in a couple of my games.
  6. I'd play em while you can man, doubt they'll even be in the 4.0 tome
  7. I'm thinking about something like this. Not to go for an alpha strike, but to have decent offensive threats plus durability. Army Name: Stormcast 2k/with Krondys Army Faction: Stormcast Eternals Army Type: Stormkeep Subfaction: Hammers of Sigmar Battlepack: Pitched Battles Points Limit: 2000 pts General: Knight-Draconis Grand Strategy: Beast Master Triumph: Bloodthirsty Holy Commands: Steadfast March Units Krondys Battlefield Role: Behemoth, Leader Spells: Starfall Points Cost: 600 pts Core Battalions Battle Regiment Knight-Draconis (General) Battalion Slot Filled: Commander Battlefield Role: Leader Command Traits: Master of the Celestial Menagerie Artefacts of Power: Amulet of Destiny Points Cost: 255 pts Knight-Incantor Battalion Slot Filled: Sub-commander Battlefield Role: Leader Spells: Lightning Blast Points Cost: 125 pts Stormdrake Guard Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Other Reinforced: Once Points Cost: 570 pts Vindictors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Battleline Points Cost: 130 pts Vindictors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Battleline Points Cost: 130 pts Vindictors Battalion Slot Filled: Troops Battlefield Role: Battleline Points Cost: 130 pts Endless Spells/Invocations Emerald Lifeswarm Points Cost: 60 pts Total Points: 2000 pts
  8. Could give it the arcane tome and flaming weapon? lol other than that not really
  9. D3 damage axes are way better now. Especially since the pistols got boosted to actually do something
  10. You probably need the bodies the Protectors give you, especially since Gardus can't keep up with the Concussors if you want to take advantage of their speed. Are you planning to drop down with Scions, or use Stormkeep to let your Liberators hold an objective forever?
  11. Ah yeah I agree. But I strongly suspect the BEST we can hope for is free access to all warscrolls for reference, access to the core rules, and access to faction specific rules unlocked via battletome code. Everything else will likely be locked behind the sub
  12. I don't think the consensus is that it's weak. It's just not complicated. It seems a bit narrow in complexity and opportunity to create tactical synergy. Of course we'll have to see how the new Cities of Sigmar tome affects the Stormkeep builds, but for now the issue with book from my perspective is lack of depth and SEVERE lack of internal balance.
  13. Well this what they announced is available for the 40k app, so hopefully it's at least equivalent to this:
  14. If you spec that out I think you'll find you hit 2000 points way before you expect to with how expensive our units are now. Here: I made this on Sunday to mess around until I get the book in my hands and try the app out *Edit: the app's out today! I don't need to use my google sheet to mock up some lists
  15. I was discussing the "Streamlined" warscrolls with someone in Discord last night, and we agreed that the lack of functional redesign on a number of older (Pre-2.0) warscrolls (Especially some of the hero scrolls) is probably indicative of GW wanting to phase out the moulds and retire the models. Obviously it would have been a shock to retire a number of GOOD hero warscrolls out of nowhere (If they just cut the Azyros, Heraldor, Venator etc.. from this tome) and would have caused an uproar. But if they just gut those scrolls and give nobody a reason to buy any for the next 3 years, they can quietly phase the moulds out by the next book they print. The other thing that really rubbed us the wrong was was (as previously mentioned in this thread) the abundance of references to a very finite number of keywords in our allegiance abilities, traits, artifacts and Holy Commands. Draconith get like 30% of the keyword-specific references, and Redeemer get something like 40%. Then Paladin and then just a tiny bit of Justicar, Angelos and... Cities of Sigmar. It's truly confounding that out battletome has an utter garbage battle tactic that EXCLUSIVELY REQUIRES cities of sigmar units to accomplish.
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