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  1. OH! So, the tactic i am trying to use actually has a name! 🤣 Thank you
  2. Guys, i see you talk about hammers and anvils and things like that. It seems to me that you're using technical words so... do you have any glossary to lend me so i can keep up with what you are saying (and also understand why there are unit with a particular purpose, etc)?
  3. Saddy4

    Khorne Army List Help

    Okay, thank you for your help. I will try to go for a 1000p. army with the gore pilgrims and some mighty skullcrusher and i'll see how to it the 2000p. starting from this backbone.
  4. Thank you for the suggestion and the welcome BalborBullguts! Actually, i already bought the battletome of khorne, so i am hitting my head over a list, i am searching for a good working army and i have already made some question in the chaos section! Hopefully, i will start soon to buy some minis and really practice the hobby!
  5. Saddy4

    Khorne Army List Help

    Thank you very much for your suggestions guys, finally i have some coordinates on how to build my army. I will go in details in every suggestion but the first most important thing you made me know is that i should have one battalion (and not more than two) in 2000 points, and how much i have to consider unit numbers and wounds over battalions. Regarding your detail analysis, ChaosUndivided, i am really grateful for every insight you gave me. First of all, i will follow your advices on murderhost and brasstampede. I was already questioning myself about them, but i was not able to judge it properly. Second, i will look into Skull Reapers and Wrathmongers to check how can i integrate them into army. Third, i love slaughterpriest, i am making a khorne army because of them, if i can put another priest in my army, i wil do it! Fourth, without the murderhost battalion, i don't even know if i need the skullmaster anymore. What do you think? Fifth, i will use some point to take more chaos warriors for sure. Sixth, i will take the altar and if they are so worth it, even some judgments! The fact is that i don't really understand why they are so good. In the end, as you said, i already guessed by looking at the slaughterhost types that the rules favour a mortal or demons khorne army, unfortunately. But i don't like blood reavers and i would love to have a mixed khorne army with chaos warriors and bloodletters, so i was trying to make something work with the two of them mixed together. Do you know if there a way to make the "two khorne faction" works together in a 2000p. list?
  6. Hi there, i hope that open a new topic for this type of question is fine. I am planning to join the hobby with Khorne and i made an army list, can you give me some tips about it? It so difficult to understand if your army could work without playing it first and without experience in the game. I will leave here my army list, i am trying to make a mixed daemons and mortals army, and also some other consideration about the list. Any feedback is appreciated In my mind i am using the reavers and the blood warriors as a front line infantry, the bloodletters as damage infantry" and while the infantry "clog" the battlefield and engage directly into the enemy line "brainless", first the blood warriors than the blood letters, i was thinking to make the "calvary" arrives and engage "from the sides" of the enemy units. I was also thinking of having one slaughter priest following the blood secrator and the other one following the skullmaster for having all the buff and the ground covered. Random doubts i have concerning this list: I was also wondering if the murderhost battalion is profit or not, i'm considering if it is a good idea to leave it alone and take another 10 bloodletters or other things. Any suggestion? I didn't understand if the skull altar needs a leader inside it or not. Since it doesn't cost points i am wondering if i will put it or not in the army. Can you tell me if i need a unit inside it or i can leave it empty? I am thinking if i want to use this 70 reaming points to take a Khorne judgement, do you have any advice on which could be better for this army?
  7. I was looking into khorne because i like very much the slaughterpriest minis. They reminds me of the old priest of sigmar. ❤️
  8. Hi guys, i'm new here. I'm writing from italy and i am completely new to the hobby. I was a fan of the lore of the old warhammmer fantasy and i am decided to start collecting with AoS! I am here looking for suggestion on how to build my army and how to approach the hobby, thank you very much for having me here!
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