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  1. Theres a kickstarter for acolyte and jezzail conversion kits going on at the moment if anyones inerested they look pretty good
  2. You managed to get a few of them though which is pretty good
  3. I supose you can get around the ruled by screening with king or volturnos and putting him in front as they benefit from cover to save on a 2+
  4. Dunno never noticed the monster keyword on the shark 😕 its a bit small compared to most monsters so i never thought to look for it
  5. Ive been classing the turtle as a monster and not a mount but eels and sharks have been used as mounts with fuethan because i dont see how anyone could argue that they arent mounts. With the banner bearer and musician ill ping an email over as its not like they have banner in one hand and horn in the other so i dont see why it cant be the same model ill let ye know if i get an answer
  6. In the akhelian guard command group can the standard bearer also be the musician because i cant find anything saying they have to be two seperate models
  7. alright no issues there put me down for a curry, where were you thinking that's nearby?
  8. is the one issue i have with skaven is the sheer amount of small throwaway models you need to paint up, but i suppose thats what you get when you pick a horde army
  9. painting all that up must have been pretty soul destroying, got to 100 clanrats and then swapped to moulder for 18 rat ogres
  10. i find moulders always good for catching people unprepared
  11. i play a moulder list that im having a fair amount of success with providing the dice gods are in my favour and im not against ironjawz (bloodtooth battalion) current list looks like this and it seems to be alright ( would likely have more success if i remembered to use my rabid crown artefact) i would say the 4+ is worth it from the battalion as it gives you a 50% chance of a revive on a full squad of ogres rather then a 33% chance,
  12. https://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/england/hampshire/portsmouth/portsmouth-horndean.html?cid=GLBC_PORRED Could go here is not too far out the way
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