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  1. Isn’t the Hellcannon scheduled to move to legends? Indeed it is no longer produced..
  2. What cheesy combo could we do with a verminLord? (Bad Pun intended) What are STD daemons? (I saw the daemon Prince but I had the impression that the other were beasts) I really like this allegiance that reminds me good old chaos. I hope it will be able to survive in my (very) competitive club...
  3. Does Belakor legion boost in some (Competitive) way minor daemons? I like this old chaos style, flooding the board with legions of daemons from the four gods.
  4. Do you see any competitive use of the STD plaguetouched bataillon in maggotkin?
  5. Hi guys, I am not into BoC, and was thinking to add StD to my Slaanesh army (std fits well with the lord of pleasure). what do you think of marauders ? A quick mathhammer suggests flails are better than swords (with the Reroll 1 banner) - any experience with them in a HoS army?
  6. I'm sharing your thoughts, the same issues as you on whether to get another Wrath and Rapture, so can't help you much 😛 However, I feel the enrapturess, if summoned close to the fane, can become a good DP generator (summon close to the fane, earn 1D3 DP, sacrifice a wound, earn a DP, reroll to hit and shoot on a monster for further DP). Daemonettes and seekers are still good. Remains the fiends, that might be too costly for their role now (210 for 3, what will be their role?)
  7. Hi, do you think it's still worth to catch half a Wrath & Rapture set? Given the fiends are so so now. They are pricey in points, and with a strange position in the army, they lack proper rend for monsters or multiwounds elite units hunting... But they are stealing in this process precious DP to our heroes. Using them on troops is a loss for the barbed sting. To sum up, fiends are nowhere in term of uses in the army (daemonettes will do a better job for the same number of points).
  8. Hello, I am interested in old warhammer battle V5 and V6 vampire count characters. In particular lamhia, old Isabella etc. Could you send me more details on the models you have? Thanks!
  9. You are right, I think it was covered in a previous FAQ (maybe 1.0), I am 100% sure of having seen it written in a FAQ. However, the quote from the GHB I send should be enough to prove the point: allegiance abilities transfer to mount given they are not Command abilities nor artefacts.
  10. Well, Favored retainer isn't a command trait nor an artefact, so by the book it should fit 🙂
  11. Where did you find this rumour? 🙂 Hope Vlad is still alive to kick Nagash ass and claim back his supremacy over death... (But given new loosy fluff he will just be another nagash servant trying to revive his lost love Isabella)
  12. Yes, correct as per the faq (mentioned a few posts earlier)
  13. Nokrah

    Combo Demon Armies

    Hello, Sadly, GA chaos would be your only hope... The only way to get the spells / lore benefit of a nurgle battletome is to have nurgle keyword everywhere on the board (same for slaanesh). BUT you will be able to take allies in a nurgle or slaanesh army (without full benefits of their own locus lore and Cie). Still, a nurgle army helped by a KoS might be interesting
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