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  1. 2 quick questions 1) with lady olynder she has 2 handmaidens as part of her unit with 6 attacks. Is that therefore 6 or 12 attacks in total. 2) myrmourn banshees dispel endless spells at start of hero phase, and ruler of spirit hosts also occurs at start of hero phase so can banshees dispel endless spell take damage and then be revived by the general command trait? Thanks you
  2. So sepulchral plate artifact with nighthaunt hero is 6+ save before save. Does that mean the I roll 6 to save from artifact first then ethereal save then 6 deathless spirits save? Seems like a decent option although dont know exactly what % dam it would actually save.
  3. During last game I was playing 40 rasps and 15 or so engaged with opp unit and rest where kinda of daisy chaining behind stretching out 12 inches. Opponent had a unit 4 inch away from daisy chain line so as this was closest model to the rasp end that wasn’t actually attacking I can pile in towards this unit and become within 3inches therefore pining him into combat with my rasps?
  4. The Guardian of Souls with mortality glass is no listed in Nighthaunt battletome or the GHB19 but GoS with lantern is. The battletome does mention his temporal translocation spell but the GoS battlescroll doesnt have it. As it was only out last year as Darrakar does this mean it has never been able to be used in tournaments?
  5. I thought lords of the lodge the unit has to be within 6inches of any hero from that battalion. With 30 models on 32in bases it’s limited to keep them all in for buff and snaking they out means lose all of their buffs. Isn’t that correct??
  6. It’s 32mm. Ah ok missed that individual models debuffed only. So yer it’s not worth trying to be clever and take 3 units. I thought abilities and measuring started at base edge to base edge rather than middle of model now?
  7. I believe as the ability states this unit 3x units of nighthaunt dreadscythes within a massive unit of chaos warriors would impose a -3 to hit. Thinking whether a 15unit better than 3 5 model units of using them only to hit bravery units less than 7 and of getting Morghast unit as ally would affect units below 8...
  8. Now I’ve moved up from basics to playing with scenery, Can I get some clarity on how these evocators would reach and attack Olander? She is 6 inches up and 6 inches away, however the back wall is 9 inches away.Do they move 5 inches and then roll to charge 7 inches 1 across and 6 up or do they have to charge to back wall and up ignoring the platform olander is on? And if role was reversed and evocators on elevated platform could flying unit just move diagonally in direct line?
  9. This is a great thread, hope other players post as this was one of the posts I was going to make as a fairly new 6 month AoS player it can be impossible to formulate a tactic against a army you havn't played against a few times. I played against Fyreslayers last week. Lost terribly which isn't a problem. The run down as we set up was "fyreslayer troops attack first and attack twice. Negate magic on 4+, and save after save of 4+". I figured as an alpha strike army avoid his tight pile of 3 troop units of 5,10 and 10 and 2 heros on one objective and go for the large 30 single unit with hero as at least only have 2 attacks against me rather than 4-5 before I get to even attack. Afterwards with a bit of homework I realise only 1 unit can attack twice and attack first with command point spend (his big unit), the negate magic actually is a priest artefact with 12" range and save after save is also a limited area buff. (Im right thinking an army can only have one copy of an artefact?) I don't have battletome to check. So I figure next time, I'll know to ask which hearthguard bezerkers are part of battalion as that's the unit to avoid, not attack!!! So summarising your army, what do people recommend? Brief can be unhelpful as above to new players and it natural not to reveal major weaknesses but then newbies make quite glaring errors from the off. My main concern is not trying to win but by losing so easily, players wont want to replay again as I provided no fun or challenge at all. How much detail should we go into and how many questions are appropriate when trying to really understand your opponents army synergies? Do keep posting as is a really helpful thread.
  10. The descriptive text on this ability reads "a NH commander can call his ghostly minions to his side wherever they may be" So it seems to be the ability is not intended to teleport the command him/herself but to call his minions to his side to aid him (or get out of a trouble combat as it is often played)
  11. As a nighthaunt player I have Kurdoss and Reikenor and KoS on steed. I’m a wondering if making KoS my General for ruler of spirit hosts which returns D3 (spirit hosts) to the unit at no cost as Reikenor and Kurdoss as my general cant use any command traits. Seems usually the general is given to the most powerful hero, however I cannot see any advantage on making Reikenor or Kurdoss my general? Am I missing anything?
  12. Soul cage errata states the affected enemy unit fights last. Does this mean opponent has to select this unit as their last one to attack, or is it absolutely last after all my units have attacked. ie can I charge/pile in 3 Heros into a unit affected and all 3 of my units will attack even if enemy has on other units to attack with. 2ndly does this over ride units with abilities to fight first in combat phase? Thanks
  13. Does this spell do 1D6 damage every round to all within 1” even if controlling player chooses not to move it over his own troops? If so casting when having second turn means it damages twice guaranteed.
  14. With regards to spirit torment ability. If 3 models are returned at start of Battleshock as ability would they still count towards Battleshock? I would have said not but then they were actually slain that turn.
  15. Rubbing a nighthaunt allegiance army and Struggling to decide between Knight of shrouds, vampire lord or guardian of souls. Only have 300 points remaining. Chainrasp 20 x 2 (320) spirit torment (120) chainghasts (80) grimghast reapers 20 (280) spirit hosts 6 (240) lady olynder (240) Reikenor (180) the condemned (150) endless spells - cogs(60) As KoS and VL share same command ability, thinking VL more useful as can recover D3 wounds to 3 separate units which seems more effective than GoS spell which can be dispelled. But wouldn’t miss out on allegiance battle traits esp deathless spirits. is there one that stands out as particularly ineffective?
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