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  1. Absolutely not, Boneshaper doesnt have Command ability.
  2. I hoped they would specify when exactly you can use Unstoppable Advance and Bludgeon. Can I roll for a run and then based on that add +3" move? Can I roll all my hits and wounds and based on that decide on increasing the rend?
  3. Well Arkhan is 1, you definitely want Liege-Kavalos, which is 2, then I suppose one wizard as a support and preferably a battalion. This puts you at 5 guaranteed. Good with Arkhan is that you have the option to cast the spell for extra D3 RD in case you really need them. Then with 8 units, which seems to be kinda standart, you are to recieve 1 or 2 with the rolls. I would be comfortable with that amount for the round.
  4. Yes, both weapons. And it is the new color one, updated (I believe there was some error in the old one ) Its 5 for Katakros, 3 for being him, 1 for him being Leige, 1 for him being a Hero, and you actually roll for 6th. You have seen my list with Katakros and battalion, it is 8 guaranteed + 8 rolls. Watching yesterdays game of Tony on the stream where he was generated 9 + rolls I would say it was a little overkill as he never used all of them. However list which generates 4, as someone posted here before, is not enough by far. Also you can play Morghasts in unites of 4, where the risk of them dying in one turn is pretty impossible in Petriflex. Which I suggest running them in with this battalion, its not an issue that you cant pay for rend with Coffin guy or that you do not get +1 save for him.
  5. I agree that it is a nonsense to give someone a cool toy and then take it away from them by a rule that makes no sense. But its not the first time GW would do this, we all know the inconsistencies they make all the time. Apologies for the Tournament rule, was not aware of these two sentences.
  6. I have read your whole post, my point still stands. You are talking about Matched play, I am talking about Tournament Matched play, for which there are rules. It is definitely not a house rule, if its written in the official rules of the game. There is a rule that if you are not able to setup the terrain by the rules you are not to play it. Is it hindrance? Sure it is, but the rule is there for a reason. Maybe it is meant to not be played in every game, it is probably so far the strongest terrain there is. We can debate on RAW vs RAI all we want, but we are going to have to wait for FAQ to get some light on this.
  7. Here is the list I plan on playing Petrifex Elite Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis (500) - General Mortisan Soulmason (140) -Godbone Armour -Lore of Mortisians: Reinforced Battle Shields Mortisan Soulreaper (120) -Gotthizar Cartouche -Lore of Mortisians: Empowered Naditite Weapons 20x Mortek Guard (260) 10x Mortek Guard (130) 10x Mortek Guard (130) 6x Necropolis Stalkers (400) Gothizzar Harvester (200) Shield Corps (120) 2000 I am not 100% set on the spells or artefacts (this is the one that gives +1 to wound 9" WW), might try some of the + to cast ones on Mason on others. The list will most likely be prone to low model count, I am very well aware of it, but will playtest before making changes. I have been also thinking about the battalion, if its really necessary - do not think second artefact if you play Katakross is necessary (as you have the +1 to hit from him), I am still at 5 drops which is not enough to contest most of the games and I do not think I need the RD from it, as I am currently at 7 guaranteed plus 8 dice rolls. I however struggle on how to use the extra 120 points, if only something would be 10 points cheaper. Most likely upgrading the reaper to shaper, and include some random endless spell, probably Geminids for the potential -3 to hit (terrain, Kata, geminids). Obvious upgrade to the list would be cutting Katakros and putting Arkhan in, playing 20/20/10 and upgrading the reaper to shaper and keeping the battalion. I, however, really like the Katakros model and rules, and I am set to make him work, even thought I am sure that the Arkhan version would be superior in basically everything.
  8. Thats cool and all, but what we are talking about here is how is it for tournaments and especially this point bellow, that is if the terrain is already set up before by tournament organizer - which is legal.
  9. FEC do not really leave anything behind (if we are talking gristlegore and bristleskin) so use the gnawholes to your adventage. Also run away with the little ratbois and just go for the objectives if you are sure you can finish the units with shooting or magic in your turn. Got a few games over the weekend with following list. Two of them againts weaker lists (tzeentch and nurgle) and one againts competitive Slaanesh. Overall the fiends were the heavylifters in all 3 games, evaporating everything that gets in their range. Sniping key targets with launchers, and once getting to close combat with ratling guns and clubs absolutely demolishing everything. I have got to get used moving these 6 big bases around as it is kinda clunky to get them in all the ranges, cant imagine playing 9 to be honest. One thing I noticed is that you dont ever want to be running with them because you want to shoot every turn, so they can get kinda sluggish. Also once you actually get to close combat it is impossible to hold the bombardier nearby for the buffs as they simply charge away. I was satisfied with monks, as they were either getting all the focus, leaving the fiends to go nuts, or left uncheck and wrecked chaos themselves. Thanquol being Thanquol either being absolute beast and evaporating big units with his flamethrowers or being absolutely underwhelming and basically doing nothing whole game, depending solely on opponents list. Love him thematically, but I know that if I want to make this list competitive hes going to be the first one to go. Furnace did surprisingly well, it is actually formidable opponent in close combat compared to bell, the prayers make monks extremely deadly and the great plagues can be a really nice bonus. Going to get more games next week, might try more competitive list without Thanquol and furnace, but with Warpseer, WLV, more clanrats and maybe try the screaming bridge.
  10. This is very similiar to the list I posted a few pages back I plan on running, only thing different is that I decided to put Thanquol in at the cost of WLV, atleast for now, before I get to playtesting. Please let us know how it worked.
  11. In my personal experience, 6 jezzails is simply not enough. They wont snipe a big (12+ wounds) hero and the small ones are usually easy to hide even with jezzails range, so I would probably increase them to 9, cut one seer. Maybe cut one ratling gun and use the remaining 120 pts for something.
  12. There is nothing better than a huge mutated rat with three Gatling cannons being controlled by a little skaven-brain happily sitting on its back. Change my mind. While at this topic, what are some other units you wanted to try, which are not considered staple and you see a potential in them, or you are actually actively playing them and having a success?
  13. Which is more often than not ruined by Line of Sight (atleast thats how it works for me the way we play with 7-8 terrain pieces), while wind launchers do not care. The thing for me is that Jezzails can get a lot swingy without MMMWP (I dont use Vigordust on them), as the wound rerolls is usually what makes or breaks the needed 14 dmg that I usually require from the unit. And the MMMWP itself takes 1-3 jezzails in a two rounds. I am pretty confident you can spread the damage the way you are used to, as Ratling guns have basically the same threat range as Acolytes, sure, its worse rend and only 2 damage (with spark), but we talking 6D6 or 9D6 attacks and I assume it can get pretty hard to fire all the acolytes at the same time. Plus given that stormfiends kinda want to march forward, I think you can most of the time get actually a better shot with the 24" windlaunchers than with the 30" jezzails sitting at the edge of the table (and especially given the no need for visibility going for launchers). And if you still opt to go for 6 fiends only (which give only a slightly worse long range numbers than 9 jezzails), you can still go with 20 Acolytes for 760pts, which gets you two "close" range threats. Now add the survivability and actually a scary melee combat into the equation.
  14. Glad I opened a Stormfiend discussion. Bunch of people seems to like them as much as I do - and the same amount of people hating the Jezzails for the same reason I do. The math behind them is actually really good - if we go with Windlaunchers/Ratguns/Shock gauntles and count MMMWP+Vigordust+Spark we are at 14/22/22(thats including crushing blows)dmg on average againts 4+ save. 9 Jezzails are at ~15-16 (gets a little swingy with the 2MWs on 6 and the 6+ save with -2 rend). Not too shabby I would say. Now do the math after two rounds of MMMVP and Vigordust chip MW and Stormfiends are still rocking steady plus are actually beasts in close combat while you are left with 5 Jezzails at best. Thats the ETC (european team championship) I was talking about. We are actually playing againts him the first round. I wouldnt say he is deeply pushing towards the use of Stormfiends. He has 2x3 Fiends and 3xWLC with Bombardier and Arch-Warlock. If he would have played Acolytes he could have straight went Skryre. I am okay with cutting the Furnace but not sure what to put in for the 200pts. I cant fit Warpseer and I really need the battleshock immunity for Monks and Clanrats. Not sure it is worth it to sacriface the immunity completely and just depend on Inspiring presence just to fit WLV and something for 100pts.
  15. Hello Everyone, I have been recently forced by circumstances to pick up and play teammates Skaven on the upcoming ETC. The more and more I play and train with the rattos the more I actually like them and now I am at the point where I would actually like to make a list for myself which I could enjoy. I have come up with something as follows: Allegiance: Skaventide Leaders Grey Seer (140) - Lore of Ruin: Death Frenzy Plague Priest on Plague Furnace (200) Thanquol on Boneripper (400) - Lore of Ruin: Warpgale Warlock Bombardier (100) - Artefact: Vigordust Injector - Lore of Warpvolt Galvanism: More-more-more Warp Power! Battleline 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Blade 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Blade 20 x Clanrats (120) - Rusty Blade Units 6 x Stormfiends (520) 40 x Plague Monks (280) - Woe-stave Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 172 Now, I have a few questions. How is Thanquol? I love the rat, the myth, the legend and the model is one of the biggest staples for Skavens (along with Stormfiends). I would love to play him with 4 flamethrowers and just BBQ things, not sure how he actually works in games, whats your experience with him? Stormfiends - I plan on running Windlaunchers+Ratling cannons, now, I understand you are going to say to just play Jezzails and a weapon team or two, but man, do I hate Jezzails. The MMMWP chipping, puny saves, and god forbid if someone actually get some MW on them with spells. My question is about the melee weapon, I get that generaly the Doomflayers are probably the better choice, but with Vigordust and MMMWP arent shock gauntlets actually more reliable and with bigger damage output? Plague monks - does it makes sense to play the furnace just for one 40 of them? It feels to me that without it they are not nearly as strong, be it the +1 att prayer or the battleshock immunity. Do you have any other ideas or improvements to the list? I would like to steer from the Jezzails as noted before, they just don't feel fun to me, be it playing them or against them. If you would persuade me to drop Thanquol or Furnace+Monks, I would probably include WLC, WLV, maybe a doomwheel for funsies. Sneaky edit: Who to make a general and what trait to take? Furnace to reroll prayers? DI on bombardier? Master of magic on Grey seer?
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