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  1. Letter herald, 10 dogs and a thirster. Herald is the cheapest summon, sometimes you just need that for point cap or CP use. Dogs are cheap and good, don't forget they also unbind/dispell. Thirster is usually last ditch effort, but Rage thirster can turn the game around with some lucky rolls. Also your insurance plan in case both armies destroy each other and Khorne mortals do like to do that with plethora of "attack on death" abilities.
  2. Personally I always use a DP as the only supporting hero for knights, crushers, etc. that rely on charging. With his CP ability he makes pulling off a charge very easy.
  3. With Reapers I see a lot of people either dropping Tyrants in favor of other battalions like Blood host/Murderhost or dropping thirster count to 2 in favor of other stuff.
  4. I like the demon one more because it gets more mileage out of Fury's ability. Even though I consider that skulltake is stronger by itself than murderhost because of reavers battleline. I don't like 2 judgements when you have only 1 priest. Khorne DP is an amazing control tool against melee armies. He doesn't do much damage though, nowhere near a thirster, but it's a free damage since he goes before everyone else. Since you're low drop you can go first, capture objective, pop his ability and the opponent is just screwed because he wouldn't be able to reach you unless he plays fast cavalry.
  5. I personally prefer wrathmongers. For price of 10 skullreapers you get 10 wrathmongers with a Skarr and that is a very strong module. Skullreapers have missed a few waves of point drops, they need their own point drop to compete.
  6. You should go for axe as the default one becaus of math reliability, but there's a catch I think. I consider DPs to be hero hunters with their ability to hit things before buffs go off and characters are usually protected from either rend or mws, but not both. So you should take sword if you have a thirster already to diversify your damage sources. As for artifact sword of judgement is the best for their hero hunting role, but I'd rather take an ethereal to protect him or the one that gives free CP ability use (I usually have Skarbrand to kill priority things).
  7. To be fair no reason except that it historically came to be so.
  8. Definitely too much drops. At the very least you should make big units out of stuff outside the battalion. Marauder horses are kinda redunant when you already have reavers to grab objectives. Unless you are doing a list centered around warriors/reavers you should pick the new slaughterhost.
  9. You get 4 fight activations in a row because picking stuff to fight happens separately after the "start of phase" fights. It's in the core book faq. However during opponent's turn you will only get 3, because opponent can say you activate double fight after DP fights.
  10. 1. Definitely. 2. Yes. Having a host is always better than not having one. Not sure how they are more vulnerable. You have a battalion, slap scales on secrator. Chaos lord has 7 wounds and 6+ negate from shrine, he won't be very easy to snipe with mws.
  11. Chaos knights of khorne, ally bloodstoker, Karkadrak, teleport. Karkadrak gives them reroll charges, stoker gives them +3 charge. After teleport they will have +4 charge with reroll, so it becomes very easy for them to get the charge. If teleport fails you still can charge very far if you play Despoilers for that 5" pre-game move. Also works well with marauders, but knights just have the best charge in the faction. I like your idea about Ruinbringer chariots a lot, there is something to work for here. You can remove screens with chariots and karkadrak double dipping into mws on charge and then smash with the big knights unit.
  12. Technically it streamlines mortal support hero choices very well. Take stoker for ultimate reroll and +hit combination or take a killy dude and still be able to buff. The +1 save bonus allows you to specialize heroes for opposing hero killing (sword of judgement for damage, thermalrider for flight or amberglaive for reach) and still get survivability. Also monster-focused armies exist, you will get a big matchup buff against them with this host. It's better than both mortal hosts from the book, those give you weak conditional rerolls and mostly useless CP abilities, but still is inferior to demon Reaper lists.
  13. So the new hosts are: Mortal one: Get +1 save for a mortal unit that kills a hero/monster in melee. CP ability: unit wholly within 12" of mortal hero that charged gets +1 to hit Trait: priests reroll 1s on prayers wholly within 8". Artifact: +2 to charge roll Demon one: Thirsters can run&charge. CP ability: thirster ignores the wound degradation for one combat phase. Trait: thirsters get +1 to charge wholly within some range. Artifact: +1 to save. Now new battalions usable in Khorne. The new demon host seems kinda weak, you can only take demons, so no bloodsecrator to buff the letters, but you get to summon a unit of 10 every turn on 3+. Mortal seems like a bit of an upgrade to goretide in terms of usable benefits for mortal units. It kinda implies you want to play crushers because it's easier to pull off charges for cavalry and chaos knights already have a hero that gives them +1 hit for CP. Trait implies priests should be tailing behind the crushers. Coupled with recent point drop GW is pushing hard those crusher kits. I think 2x9 crushers and a Demon prince to protect them from charges should be a decent start here. Demon one is a sidegrade to reapers. You do less damage, but you're faster and tougher since you can make one thirster 3+ with artefact, one 3+ with bronze flesh (Skarbrand probably) and one with ethereal for 4+ unrendable. Also ignoring degradation is a huge deal for Rage. I dunno if speed+armor is enough to improve thirster matchup against shooting, but at least GW tried. I think you go tyrants to compensate with chain activations for loss of Reapers ability, you will have higher drop count, but giving you the first turn is dangerous with how fast thirsters are here.
  14. Wow, that run&charge thirster host. The mortal host can be interesting in the context of big StD guys. We'll need to see what the artifacts and traits do and if they are even present. Some default traits are good if they are allowed.
  15. I expect a demon battalion usable in Khorne allegiance and 2 new subfactions which may or may not be good, but it's hard to be worse than Khorne mortal factions already.
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