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  1. Mark doesn't matter much as long as it's khorne/nurgle/slaanesh. I guess khorne hits a bit harder. Ensorcelled for knights. Exalted is pretty bad but you need the aura bubble to go with warriors. Should be chaos lord, but I don't see how to do that without downgrading karkadrak to mounted lord.
  2. Now that I think of it the Aqshy artifact that gives you 2 hits on 6s statistically functions as a +1 to hit. I guess I'll use it as a poor man's amber glaive.
  3. It doesn't say "unbind" so it cancels it because the auto cast part references auto passing the check. I assume they will clarify it in the faq.
  4. 2x5 knights 1x karkadrak 15x warriors 1x exalted Ravagers, summon marauders
  5. For me the biggest loss is the amber glaive on the Rage. Makes me reconsider using Rage often and not wanting to take the battalion for the artifact.
  6. I want to clarify two things: 1. Blue scribes in Tzeentch book say they can learn any spell cast near them on 4+. Will they learn and be able to cast the std lore spells from allegiance? (i.e. having an std keyword isn't needed to cast the spell if you steal it) I assume yes. 2. Kairos in Tzeentch book says he knows all spells wizards near him have on their warscrolls. Will he get lore spells that std wizards get from allegiance? I assume no.
  7. Petrifex are in a weird spot where they aren't strong enough to be tier 0 like things that were nerfed, but are strong enough to curbstomp weak lists taking enjoyment out of the game for people playing those.
  8. I think it would be better as Murderhost or Blood host. Crushers really want some help charging.
  9. The first list is just weak, you're very pillow-fisted. The second is better because of knights and karkadrak, but chaos warriors are weak scroll, the less you take them the better.
  10. Consider doing the slaughterborn battalion, you have reapers anyway. Just swap aspiring for exalted, you won't get the blob into his 10" aura anyway. I think survivability will be more important than bigger secrator bubble, warriors will never punch hard enough without rend, but they can bodyblock opponent from advancing. Instead of banner it's probably better to take gift on WoK that gives out rerolls. WoK is much easier to position.
  11. 10 mongers have way more common uses than 15 reapers or 15 warriors.
  12. Letter herald, 10 dogs and a thirster. Herald is the cheapest summon, sometimes you just need that for point cap or CP use. Dogs are cheap and good, don't forget they also unbind/dispell. Thirster is usually last ditch effort, but Rage thirster can turn the game around with some lucky rolls. Also your insurance plan in case both armies destroy each other and Khorne mortals do like to do that with plethora of "attack on death" abilities.
  13. Personally I always use a DP as the only supporting hero for knights, crushers, etc. that rely on charging. With his CP ability he makes pulling off a charge very easy.
  14. With Reapers I see a lot of people either dropping Tyrants in favor of other battalions like Blood host/Murderhost or dropping thirster count to 2 in favor of other stuff.
  15. I like the demon one more because it gets more mileage out of Fury's ability. Even though I consider that skulltake is stronger by itself than murderhost because of reavers battleline. I don't like 2 judgements when you have only 1 priest. Khorne DP is an amazing control tool against melee armies. He doesn't do much damage though, nowhere near a thirster, but it's a free damage since he goes before everyone else. Since you're low drop you can go first, capture objective, pop his ability and the opponent is just screwed because he wouldn't be able to reach you unless he plays fast cavalry.
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