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  1. I hope so... Soulblight are so dope, but hard to find, for me at least.
  2. I dig the lists you chose and the advice everyone gave already. I like Blisterskin but I haven't done a ton of research into Morgaunt myself. Blood Feast is a great spell, definitely bring it. Bonestorm is underwhelming imo, I'd suggest bringing Monstrous Vigour to keep the damage up on your Terrorgheist.
  3. Heya folks. I'm a relatively new player, with the beginnings of armies in Nighthaunt, Deepkin, and Flesheater Courts. I really enjoy the game and the lore and I'm thinking about starting a 40K army once I finish everything AoS related. Looking forward to meeting people and picking up some tips on strategy and painting!
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