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  1. Hey everyone. I think I have settled on my list now - thanks to everyone who chimed in, much appreciated! I am now hoping I can get some advice on how to get these boyz skin to tabletop paint standard relatively fast (from a hobby perspective) as I hate grey plastic. I am currently thinking: prime/undercoat with caliban green wash with beil tan green? airbrush waagh flesh layer..? airbrush zenithal highlight with warboss green..? paint browns, stones and bones Fine detail can happen over time - that's fine but i gotta get 90 boyz done!!! Cheers in advance
  2. Yeah okay! Big project... anyone have any experience in doing this I have never magnetized models before. Yeah I have 120 bodies right now of which I can build any which way
  3. Maniaks better bang for buck? Good to know I am not limited in that sense - pretty great that the one kit can build out so many options!
  4. The newer boxes with the 20 orruks each. Yeah love the Big Stabba profile, definitely will build these into my list. Would it be worth magnetizing the hands in a set of 30 boyz rather than the super glue route?
  5. Hey all. I have been having a suss (read, lurking) through all of these posts within this thread, as well as looking through the 1d4chan thread on the Bonesplitterz and of course, trying to understand my Boyz through my battletome. I am relatively new to AoS and have been slowly collecting units to build up for my first real sized army I am hoping for some advice around a list that is fun to play with and against, I have played some small games of AoS and already love how awesome many abilities are (across all factions) as well as how thematic armies can be! I have the following units which I plan on putting together over my Easter break (later this month)! 6 x Savage Orruks boxes1 x Savage Boarboys box2 x Savage Orc Big Boss3 x Wardokk1 x Maniak Weirdknob1 x Wurrgog Prophet I know that this means I can basically do anything (although I am certainly not adverse to adding a few other units should I need them) - so I am really interested in having a discussion around some really fun play styles and thematic schemes that will make my games fun - and make me, and my opponents (who are all mates) go - "that! was such a cool turn/charge/magic off etc.." Any tips or advice around things to remember or beginner mistakes with this faction - yell out, more than willing to hear and make some notes! Thanks in advance. WAAAAAGH!
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