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  1. Any chance the Heraldor is going to change? And as I guess not, would it be acceptable to be played as Vexillor if I put a Banner on his back?
  2. I want e-books and a list builder Now I have to buy books I don't want and pay for the list builder I don't care what else is offered with the Subscription and how good the value might be, it does not offer what I want and the list builder is more expensive than it was before For the App itself, I cannot log in within the App
  3. You don't need the subscription to see the digital rules for the book you own But need one for the army builder So for the digital rules to make sense you need the subscription The free stuff is doing the same as taking pictures of the book after you bought it and store them on a dedicated folder your phone
  4. Perfect marketing so far Give stuff away for free to build a community and people heavily invest into the game Now take away the free stuff and let people pay for it, and because they already have invested so much they will pay to keep their investment "worth it" In addition, because the community is big it will trag in more new people than the number who leave because of the changes Profit For now I am not even sure if I am going to buy the new SCE book at all
  5. Still their fault of doing it in the first place No need to make more Stormcast if they cannot handle it or try to get everything into one book It does not matter what the reason behind it is, not enough time, not enough people or a grand master plan to sell more models, but it was their decision to do it that way, and they knew that the outcome will be
  6. Not sure what to do with my collection, as I have: 2x Celestant on Dracoth 2x Lord Relictor 1x Knight Heraldor 1x 6 Prosecutor with Javelin 1x 6 Prosecutor with Hammers 2x 5 Liberator 5 dudes with Javelin/Spear and no shields (1st Edi conversion, used them Judicators) 1x 5 Protectors 1x 5 Retributors Enough models and bits to build some more units, like another 5 Javelin-Judicators, Liberators, Vindicators, Heroes or Annihilators (with Shields) For now looks like I have too much of everything for a single list but I am not in the mood to buy a new army for now
  7. it is one of the 3 games present on the website while all the others are sub categories from the last time they renewed the license, which was ~2017
  8. the license runs out by 2023 and it might be not worth acquiring a new one, specially with LotR and AoS having a similar spot of fantasy skirmish games
  9. At the moment the 3rd core game is Lord of the Rings, and this would mean TOW is replacing it yet what is really unlikely about that rumor is end of 2021 as original release date with GW needing ~3 years in advance to make new plastic models, and they won't start a core game without a plastic starter set, work on Kislev would haven started in mid/late 2018 everything else is just the "standard" that was already around last year
  10. Community related uprisings are always "strange", a company doing what they are doing but no one cares but than they do something that is not worth mentioning and earn a shitstorm as all the rage stored is unleashed For GW, they live in general from the goodwill of the community to accept and tolerate all their mistakes and paying a premium price But if GW is doing something that might be legally fine and being just a standard process, but destroys the goodwill of some parts of the community (we accept your mistakes and you let us do our fan-film/mods/3D prints), this can get ugly as there is nothing worse than people who think they are right, for the wrong reasons (there is so much you can blame GW, no need to make things up, yet feeling personally attacked and people do strange things)
  11. The current situation is not about what GW is doing now, but what GW has done in the past So people stop their projects because of what might happen based on past experience those new to GW cannot understand this, don't know how bad the situation was for the community back than (were forums deleted all posts with direct quotes from the rulebook in fear of GW shutting them down) point is GW has always been very strict but those new were not aware and thought they are happy about community content in addition, a lot of people out there like the background but not the prices and are just playing the games because they get the rules for cheap and models for less from illegal sources (and are pissed if those are taken down because GW took away "their" game as they don't feel to pay for it)
  12. but this did not change in the last 15 years, the situation now is not different to the situation when TTS made their first video except that GW offered other creators a job, yet no one received a C&D nothing changes, GW is as aggressive and restrictive regarding its IP as it was over the past 15 years
  13. one point people should not forget that in some countries (like UK) you lose the IP (or parts of it) if you are not defending it (while in the US you just need to do something with it) If GW never acts against 3D printing or fan-films, the lose the right to act against them in future even if those than break the law in this case, GW cannot copyright 40k animations without making them on their own, same way they cannot copyright models they never made, but with making them and defending their IP in those cases they make sure to have a strong position if another company ever steps in
  14. this is how Warhammer was created back than were GW was just the European distributor of D&D, they had an idea on how to make more money by selling people an army around their RPG characters and creating a hybrid wargaming/RPG system and now GW more or less dominants that niche between wargaming and full RPG with their systems, there is no real reason to try to compete with GW here yet with GW slowly removing the RPG part from their games (by removing options and customisation) someone else might start filling the gab (or already did by looking at Stargrave/Frostgrave)
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