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  1. You don't, you moan about how overcosted in LoN he is to your opponent, then you laugh together because he's not even costed appropriately for Petrifex Elite anymore. Then back to moaning because you HAVE to have him as your general so you've got to keep him back for summoning duties. Personally I've not had too much luck with him. Occasionally the Nagatling Gun will pull out something amazing and decimate a horde of somethings and you'll remember that Grots have a bravery of 4 so yes you can actually use soul stealer for once. The best I've managed from him, is using a regular Vampire Lord to give him +1A and also using Supreme Lord of Death to get the re-roll 1s, but that's 2 command points. It was also a scenario with 1 or 2 objectives, any mission with a handful of objectives that require us to spread out...that's tough. However...I've not been using ghosties up till now. So my screens of Skeletons/Dire Wolves have been not challenging enough to fight through. I've caved and bought 30 Grimghast Reapers, which I'm hoping will turn the tide. Although I'm eyeing up Legion of Blood and basically sticking snuggles in the display cabinet until he drops a few points. Sorry probably not what you wanted to hear, perhaps someone has a more positive point of view.
  2. So, I was playing Starstrike in a tournament and as you don't know where the objectives are going to be I strung all 4 gravesite along the mid way line so I could move towards where ever the objectives arrived. I spent most of the game then berating myself for such stupid taking the risk and not giving myself a "safety" GS. Especially when I got down to 2 models left (Nagah and a Wight King), somehow I managed to 'hand of dust' through the spell portal and broke a unit's coherency, then Nagatling Gun & Shoot & Fight the far right GS clear. Survived the next turn (we're talking major Hail Mary stuff here) and summoned back 20 GraveGuard, 10 Black Knights and 5 Dire Wolves. Despite what on paper looked like a terrible use of GSs...appeared to be a stroke of genius. I wouldn't recommend it though
  3. I always start with my "safety" gravesite. It's my last line of defence in case everything has gone poo. I typically consider the objectives next. I want the opportunity to summon a unit such that it's within objective grabbing range. (Throughout the game occasionally measure distance between objective and gravesite, whilst mumbling incoherently under your breath for added effect) Once I've done that, I pretty, much end up with something similar to what Honk drew. I've been using a flying VL with various speed up buffs recently, it's quite fun when he covers half the board and summons back some DireWolves to threaten an objective. I've over played my hand though, most of my regular (which are very few atm) know my tricks and are ready for it.
  4. @Snoogens congrats on the win, thanks for reporting back. I've finally succumbed and bought 30 Grimghast Reapers, dreading putting them together but it'll be nice to play with something "competitive"
  5. Nicely put. CoS defintely gives me a glimmer of hope for LoN. I know one YouTuber (i forget who exactly) did a wish list for LoN a couple of weeks back and wished for a CoS style book that encompasses death. Ironically after saying "I don't feel the urge to try and improve my list by parting with money for more units." above, my brain. then decided to figure out a slight tweak to my list, which as luck would have only requires me to buy 1 unit. And that's how they get ya
  6. I feel very sad for LoN. Despite three amazing games at the weekend (won 2 lost 1 because I made a stupid mistake), I don't feel the urge to try and improve my list by parting with money for more units. I'm moving to Skaven, but will continue to play LoN until the skaven are painted and ready to go. Then my skeleton horde will probably sit on the shelf.
  7. Pretty much, then again I like using stuff no-one else is running. If I were starting from scratch, then I'd pick a newer, hotter BT. Typically for me I started LoN just before OBR dropped, but I decided to see it through. Loads of opponents were very worried when I used to use Nagash...they'd say things like "I thought Nagash could <insert thing here>" and I'd reply "Yeah, he can in an OBR army". Now i've stopped using Nagash and started using Prince Vhordrai the army is performing quite well, but if I face a newer BT then it can feel like a one sided fight. Were you thinking of starting LoN?
  8. @lare2 Not convinced about he balewind vortex...what's the plan there? My go to spells for Naggy are Overwhelming Dread, Fading Vigour and Amethystine Pinions. Hand of dust through the Spell Portal is amazing when it works, especially if you "pick" out a middle model from a strung out unit so they lose half their unit due to lack of coherency, however, Fading Vigour or Overwhelming Dread is far more reliable and depending on what your opponent is running can have a real significant impact, especially when the beautiful natural 10 pops up. "Yes, yes you are -2 Attacks...if you make the charge, and yes it does last until my next hero phase...sorry"
  9. I recently added a VL to my list, using his command ability on Nagash is fantastic. As long as you're okay with using realm artefacts, then taking the Aetherquartz Broach is my go to, we're a CP hungry army for sure.
  10. Interestingly I've just dropped the USP from my list in favour of upping my Grave Guard from 10 to 20. Not convinced by this move, but I want to try it for a bit.
  11. Start by adding a block of 30 Grimghast Reapers, then go from there. It's not my cup of tea, but I'm not too fussed about being considered competitive. Or switch to OBR.
  12. If you scroll back 1 page, you'll see I asked this question and the response was that you can place the models that fit and destroy the rest. From the core rules
  13. Have you seen Tony Moore's list that he used to win the Mancunian Carnage? Saddens me that i'd probably have to add Ghosties to make a competitive list. I've always liked the idea of Skeleton hordes, but I'm struggling to get any wins. My opponents tend to be quite adept at staying outside of Nagatling gun range.
  14. Hi Boneheart, Not been playing GHoN all that long myself, but FWIW... I think we're using an relatively older battletome (FEB 2018 I believe) which thanks to the most recent GHB has seen a few points increases mostly due to a fairly powerful Nagash list that was popular at tournaments. At 1000ish point games those increases are going to hurt a lot, I think you're playing AoS on hard mode, which should ease when you hit the 2000pt level and you can start using some big boys (Nagash, VLoZD, Mortarchs, etc). Couple of questions for you 1) What was your list against Ironjawz? 2) Did you remember to attempt to unbind Hand of Gork? (I got caught out by this once, thinking it was an ability not a spell) 3) Did you re-summon your GG using Endless Legions? (Opponents always weep salty tears when you re-summon a unit that they just killed) 4) What artefact are you using? (So far I've always used the Ossific diadem, again opponents tend to go red faced when you roll your death saves, then pick the fails up and roll again to make some OD saves...beautiful) 5) Sounds like you were unlucky to lose all those Grave Guard have you taken shields or the Dbl handed blades. 6) Don't worry about your losses, what's the future got in store 880 pts for Nagash? VLoZD?
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