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  1. Damn, how do we do this conversion lol
  2. I personally, am not happy with this new Kurnothi.. im a straight up aelf guy, i want to see the wanderer aelves actually revamped! If they dump them in the citis book then fine, ill love to start collecting, building and playing the army. Kurnothi seem more woodsi than aelf... #notmywoodaelves
  3. Where does ignax scale come from?
  4. Started playing warhammer for the first time last year and started with stormcast eternals. I looove elves though and the wonderers really catch my eye! I know in AOS there is literally nothing but pitched battle profiles and the azyr cards for them. Are we hoping they are apart of the free cities book? Or will they be apart of a mass aelf book? I really want to get into this army but not if we have no clue where they are going...
  5. Ordinator wont do much help with just 2 ballistas. To be gonest, imo, castigators suck. Id drop them a d put in another ballista to make the ordinator worth while. Also, maybe drop out one of the incantors to bolster up a unit of sequitors to a unit of 10, that damage output is nothing to laugh at when they are empowered. you can already use the evos to unbind so thats 4 unbinds. Unless the tournemant meta is heavy on spell casting lists then maybe keep the second one. Great list though, i love cleansing phalanx myself
  6. How come on the Azyr app it will only allow me to have a unit of 2 desolators?
  7. If he gets initiative for turn 1, just cross your fingers and pray 不 he'll hit hard and more than likely land every charge against you unless he breaks some off for objectives. Definitely pull of the lightning ability from relictor to give -1 to hit, few of their models do rend of 2 which are scary. Me personally, which will differ, id use tye prosecturos to screen and harrass with the libs protecting objectives. Lord on dracoth I'd use as a focus to his mawcrusha with castellant bubble on him only if no other units are nearby. Incantor, while my favorite becomes very situatuonal, save her auto dispell for denying hand of gork otherwise id try to damage and pick off things. Just watch out for the boar boys, they can be quite tanky
  8. Against IJ, focus the mawcrusha hardcore! After that its as simple as not letting them fully destory a unit otherwise they'll activate smashing and bashing which allows another unit of theres to attack for free.
  9. I ran HoS for my first tournament and I'd definitely agree, while hard to land the 5+, it can be a game changer especially since i run a group of 10 sequitors and it popped off on them. However i also gind that the 6+fnp pairs great with an arcanum who is close to to not only revive a fallen model and provide that 6+fnp, but i bubble the castellants ward as i azerite Halo a unit in a hero phase. Also. Running cleansing phalanx, i CA my arcanum to get enpower of automatically without being able to be dispelled. A lot at once but the overall combo looks like this : -10 block sequitors empowered (re-roll all failed hits and wounds), Azerite Halo ( 6+ save deals mw back to enemy), Castellant bubble (+1 to save, 7+ heals 1 wound) and if Arcanum is close enough, 6+fnp after wounds are distributed. then once in combat i bolster the shields to be able to re-roll all saves. Not only am i re-rolling all hits and wounds, now i get to re-roll all failed saves (saves of 1 to 3 however, re -roll activates before end for us...). So not only am i guaranteed massive damage, but also the possibility of mw on my 7+ saves, a heal on 6+ saves, and finally fnp on 6+after mw allocation. Now for models that do fall, HoS gives me a +1 bravery where i have yet to fail any checks...yet... Downside, im relying on 2 heroes next to my 1 big unit to be able to pull this off if they arent plucked off first. Also, the artifact is dull, luckily i can grab a second one with my battalion Upside, im pulling off huge wounds and possible great saves. If they fall, pray for that 5+ 不 then teleport anywhere! I usually run a group of evocators that i try to translocation with my relictor to be able to flank the same unit that 10 block is harrasing but i only do this if i know they wont get flanked back in return. Just a personal opinion, but i feel HoS can be competitive if done with the right heroes and units. The only other thing i hate about HoS besides the artifact, the full squad revive can only be done on sequitors...
  10. Oh shoot your right, id totally grab the 20 point cheaper option then! 不 but even so i can see where vexillor would be a wiser choice such as running a gav bomb list where a re-roll to those charges might be vital. so definitely to each their own!
  11. I disagree about the statement of vexillor over translocation, specifically over a Relictor. Translocation goes off on a 3+ which isn't hard to pull off where areas a Vexillor can only use his ability once per battle. Also, a relictor comes with a d3 heal which i use to stack ontop of any heals my arcanum heals. If heal isnt used then i just blast d3 mw to an openent whos getting to close to a unit or the relictor. A vexillor has his teleport once per battle (if you only need it once) then either re-roll charge or bug aoe damage. For an additional 20 points, i'll definitely take the heal with a mw hero
  12. He used it once to cast hand of dust and rolled a 5+ for it and that was all he used it for he then would activate either an ability or a spell that allowed him a small range teleport. After that he would cast his last 6 damage or debuff spell. In the case of the damage spells, he managed to roll 6's and or doubles (i do t remember which one he needs for this part) that allowd him to cast spell twice wjich was just a case of incredible rolls for himself that just managed to wipe my heroes. Running a list that i do, i tend to drop my heroes close to each other to activate key abilities on my turn on the units i need too. This i learned was the first mistake i made against him that led to my downfall... Talking with the opponent, he too said that that was a vital mistake i did, but whether he might have "overlooked" rules or not, it was still an incredible game and fun non the least
  13. Played a 3 round tournament this past Saturday. I'll first post the list I used then the opponents I faced and how I did. Storm Host: Hammers of Sigmar -General: Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger (God Forge Blade/ We will not fail/ Azerite Halo) Lord Ordinator (Hammer of Might) Lord Relictor (Translocation) Lord Castellant Battleline: 1x10 Sequitors (Cleansing Phalanx) 1x5 Sequitors (Cleansing Phalanx) 1x5 Sequitors Warmachines: x3 Ballista Other: 2x5 Evocators (Cleansing Phalanx) Battalion: Cleansing Phalanx Points: 1990/2000 This was my very first tournament and I just have to say, the community around my area is really awesome. The comradery was awesome, everyone always shared their list and how it worked, and the environment was such a great one to be apart of, not too mention the few pitchers of beer we all shared. I ended up getting 2 wins and 1 loss for this event, unfortionately I don't know what my total standing was at the end as the TO did not update the final round of BCP.... but I imagine I was around 9-12 out of 20 players as I was placed 11/12 after my second game which was a loss for me. GAME 1: This first game was a gimme. We played Total Conquest. I played against another stormcast player who was also running a cleansing phalanx list, however; he decided to run alongside his LAoGC a Celestant on Drac. He took minimum sequitor units and 2 minimum evocators while also using the 3 ballista + ordinator. The Strangest part was he ran a unit of prosecutors. He had been playing the game the same length that I have been, about 6 months, but it was clear he still needed to learn some strategy. I deepstriked my ballistas, wiped his ordinator and 2 units of evos within 2 turns while my unit of 10 sequitors destroyed his Celes on Drac within 2 turns and stole his objective, gaining me 3 objectives. With most of his units either gone or down to a couple models he called game and I took my first Tournament Victory GAME 2: This game was sooo difficult and not the first time I have played against this player. The Battle Plan was Starstrike, a very interesting battle plan I feel is made to end by the bottom of 3rd round, which it did in my case. I played against a Legion of Nagash list with Nagash, Archon, and another small wizard. he ran 2 units of wolves, a unit of grimghast reapers and some skeletons. Having played this player before, I knew he was a spell heavy army so I did my best to set up my heroes as far to the edge of my board as possible to keep out of range. He took 1st turn and...well...still managed to wipe all 4 of my heroes with spells alone.... The modifier he gets to spells is awesome and he dropped a spell mirror making his range incredible after using CP to even further the spells to reach certain heroes... With my heroes gone and no objective placed, he had moved his army almost with perfect sync, covering 9" from anywhere vital that I could drop my ballistas to sweep out of his nagash. He even moved units up enough so I was forced a total 20" away, not allowing the quad shot!! By my turn, I moved most of my units to hide on parts of the board until objectives dropped while my big block of sequitors and ballistas did work on his huge unit of grimghast. By second round and another incredible round of spells and rolling incredibly high casts, it was my turn to call it game by the bottom of the second round... This player is incredibly intelligent and a very cunning strategist while being a humble, awesome dude, the beers made up for the bruises lol. We discussed how I should try to formulate around his list and I think I might need to swap out a hero for an incantor to at least get one auto unbind and have 3 other wizards to help unbind (Don't forget, your evos can unbind until you only have 1 model). Also, It seems I should try to deepstrike my battalion with possibly a gavriel to attempt to bomb rush either archon or nagash, but again, he is incredibly cunning when moving his army around. GAME 3: Definitely my favorite game of the tournament! The Battle Plan was Total Commitment (boo) and my opponent was running Ironjaws with a boss on mawcrusha, a unit of pigs, a lot of ardboys and a couple other heroes. As with all other opponents, this player was incredibly nice in letting me know how his list ran and what I should focus on. I had also told him it was my first time (if you know what I mean) playing against orcs at all. Holy Shitake Mushrooms does that army move and crush! He took first turn and damn this game literally came down to rolls. He quickly destroyed my unit fof 10 sequitors after failing so many re-roll saves, however; I got super lucky on my 5+ roll to bring them back and with that I placed them right on top of his objective with his pigs nearby. This gave me the lead and I quickly annihilated his mawcrusher in my 1st turn with my ballistas. This matched lasted till the top of the 4th round of us just kicking each others asses and with me holding 3 objectives the majority of the game, I took home the win! His smash and bash can be brutal but his small units of ardboys cant stand up to a unit of evos. One great memory I will never forget was his 10 ardboys hitting on a unit of 5 sequitors, 3 still stood so on my turn i was able to land the translocation and flanked my evocators behind his orcs. making my charge, I decimated that unit. He also failed his last few important charges during turn 4 which meant the game for him. Overall, as my first tournament, this was an incredible experience and and amazing group of people to have met. With part of the ceiling collapsing on 1 player, the beers shared along fellow gamers (and a few jello shots), and the support everyone brought to each other in the comradery and strategy talking, my love for this game has only deepened! B tier army or not, I absolutely still love stormcast. After those games I started designing other lists based of feedback while there and I have to say, it's awesome to play an army with such versatility.
  14. Yea i can agree on the lackluster on our teleport spell. Id im corrwcr, Hand of Gork can teleport any unit that is within 24" where our teleport requires a unit wholly qithin 6"...
  15. This is just what chaos and FEC want, us to argue amongst our golden boy brethren! Sigmar would be disappointed in us....
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