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  1. Damn, how do we do this conversion lol
  2. I personally, am not happy with this new Kurnothi.. im a straight up aelf guy, i want to see the wanderer aelves actually revamped! If they dump them in the citis book then fine, ill love to start collecting, building and playing the army. Kurnothi seem more woodsi than aelf... #notmywoodaelves
  3. Started playing warhammer for the first time last year and started with stormcast eternals. I looove elves though and the wonderers really catch my eye! I know in AOS there is literally nothing but pitched battle profiles and the azyr cards for them. Are we hoping they are apart of the free cities book? Or will they be apart of a mass aelf book? I really want to get into this army but not if we have no clue where they are going...
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