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  1. #1 They don't come back to life, can't heal a dead model. Healing wound never bring model back except when it say so. #2 The last sentence of the Realm Wanderers ability said "However, this model can never be a general."
  2. I still think there is a lot of ability that can counter it. Like pile in 6'', Howling Gale from a windmage, thing like mighty destroyer or just killing them with ranged first. Charging with chaff is not the "only" counterplay, but still a good one too.
  3. Not the "only" counterplay, you can also just charge a monster on the ranged unit and ROAR. Done bye bye archer.
  4. It's not 4+ after a 9'' charge. You roll the number of dice and each 4+ is a mortal wound. If you charge for 6'' it's average 3 mortal wound. On every charge roll, not only after you deep strike them. It's free because you don't use ressource or are limited once a battle. It's not a choice, you just do it every time you deep strike them, or charge them.
  5. Sadly it's not true. There is only 1 battleshock each turn, so you must wait for the one in your turn. Battleshock is exactly like combat phase, each player do a battleshock test and the players who have the turn do it first. Soulrender in IDK have the same issue, he can only bring back model in his battleshock phase.
  6. Belladamma and Necromancer can pass wound to wolf/zombie, that make them pretty strong vs shooting. Zombie also do a tons of mw if you are looking for that.
  7. Fyreslayers and FEC have access to always strike first ability. Big Waaagh have impact dmg and arrowboys who are pretty good lately.
  8. Riders of Ruin is not a free retreat and charge rules, it's a free flying over wall of enemy rules. With the big base it's easy to get stuck or surrounded. This rules will help with that. Exactly like a Doomwheel.
  9. RAW also clearly said endless spell model cannot be targeted by a attack. Do that means the caster can't be targeted since they are now the same model ? Use this logic. 😅 Since they are the same models you can't move the caster without the endless spell, the faq seem pretty clear to me.
  10. Yes you are mistaken. No subfaction change the pile in shenaningans. And they dont get +1 attack with the bows. They get +1 attack with missile weapons, which don't work with the bow in "melee weapons" form. It's honestly the worst subfaction bonus, since you need to survive 2 melee fight to use the +1 atk on missile weapons. They can only pile out of combat if nobody touch their base or they have charged, or they are wholly within a hero in the batallion. What the points of charging 2 units and disengage them both the same turn without attacking? It's fun theory shenanigans but in real games, they are really not that good. NOTHING stop you from just charging them and kill them. 130pts for 10 wounds is not cheap at all.
  11. Yes it need a FAQ, on every named character it tell you on their warscrolls. Not the Loreseeker. Something is wrong and need to be errata.
  12. The rulling on Thanquol is really clear. You roll x number of dice per model for x number of warpfire thrower. This FAQ is only there to confirm that you only do that ONE time. You don't roll x dice for x warpfire thrower for x number of time. Yes, some people was thinking that because you have 4 warpfire thrower you can repeat the attack 4 times, which is madness.
  13. On warhammer community ( https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/02/generals-handbook-matched-play/ )
  14. Core rules p15 ( https://ageofsigmar.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2018/06/AoS_Rules-ENG.pdf )
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