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  1. Hey guys Been a while since I posted here. I've not been playing as much recently, but regardless still really enjoy wreaking havoc with my triple thirster list. Now I love destroying everything, but I also love winning. And I don't have much objective holding power in my list atm. Which is a major problem, especially if I want to take my list to tournaments and the like. So my list is: Reapers of vengeance Tyrants of blood; skarbrand, insensate w amberglaive + fury (general w cmd trait + relic from reapers) 1070 2 slaughterpriests ( bronzed flesh + killing frenzy) 200 bloodsecrator 120 10 blood warriors 200 2x5 flesh hounds 200 5 wrathmongers 140 Axe 60 1990 My main strategy involves bunching everything up in a brick in the middle, warriors in the front and fleshies flanking these with all characters and thirsters and wrathmongers behind that screen. Then slowly advancing and moving onto middle objectives + waiting for a charge from them/ I get close enough to charge everything safely. Then popping all thirster abilities and killing everything they have. Now this works, and is fun, most of the time. But when I've got objectives in my territory, or I need to control lots at once, it breaks down. I need more objective power, and less of a focus on a brick in the centre because of the nature of how easy it is to outmaneuvre me. I've thought of a few things I could do- Dropping blood warriors + second priest for 3x5 more flesh hounds Possibly including some chaos warriors Bloodletters? Reavers? Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers.
  2. Take a look at the blood hunt battalion. Add 1 to wound rolls is only an added bonus, it gets you all your denying goodness in 1 package and thus 1 single drop. Minimum size, that's 860 points + 5 denies. (WoK, karanak, 3x5 hounds, battalion) Add on a couple slaughterpriests for more denies and access to skulls, add skulls, taking you to 1100. From there you've got quite a lot of options, there aren't really anymore things that hinder/deny magic. A bloodsecrator does however, and is never a bad choice for a khorne list- takes list to 1220. From there you could do many things. Add 6 bloodcrushers into the battalion, plug on another bloodthirster, take more flesh hounds, anything else. So the list would be: Secrator 2 priests + skulls Bloodhunt WoK Karanak 3x5 hounds Whatever else you want for 280. Personally I'd go for a bloodthirster of IR as gives more killing power and rule of cooool. Hope this helps!
  3. Played my first ever BoK game today! My list fully assembled I took to the table against the gloomspite of my GW manager. I used the list I've had in the works for months- Tyrants, skar, UF general, IR amberglaive 1060 Secrator + 2 priests + wrath axe 380 10 warriors, 2x5 dogs, wrathmongers 540 My opponent used a range of gloomspite stuff including 10 boingrots, 10 hoppers, a mangler boss, 20 herd, 40 stabbas, 20 shootas, and some other things Played take and hold from the core book as forgot the GHB. Great game, slow first few turns as we both edged forwards when it all kicked off round 3 as he got the charge on me. The IR got wrecked but skarbrand killed loads, I actually got off the combo I wanted to! He did 24 mortals to some hoppers then piled in 6" second time into the mangler which threw my opponent off and also bombed that off the board with 32 MWs. After that point it boiled down to a grab for the objectives, he used hand of gork a couple times which greatly threw me off early game and threatened me late game too. I summoned 10 dogs to guard the back objective, a choice that won me the game really as it let me hold that objective. I pushed up with everything else I had left and went to kill the stabbas on his objective. Skar killed enough to be out of 8 to pile in again 😄 however I couldn't quite get the objective and the game ended with me getting a minor victory. Skarbrand was truly awesome he did exactly what I wanted him to. The game was played pretty seriously so I'm extremely happy I bested my opponent as I had generally no idea what I was doing. Things I found tough to pull off is the line between positioning for damage to be done by the thirsters, for them and the buffing characters to be screened, and for the objectives to be held. I have a feeling I will be summoning many big units late game for objective grabbing in the future as my list is a little thin on the ground. The BWs seemed especially quite cumbersome to move and screen with but practice will hopefully make perfect. Cheers for (maybe) reading this clumsily cobbled together report by me
  4. I feel like the double bloodsecrator could find a place in quite a few lists, however I feel more as if the lists where he was not easy enough to fit in / not needed enough he is now a lot more of an attractive choice. Good, fair changes in all really.
  5. Have no gloomspite, but you guys sure got one awesome set of decreases. Nearly everything 10-40 cheaper, very nice. What lists do you think may come out of this?
  6. My list went down 80!!! Hell yeah! The unfettered got huuugely buffed. As if he wasn't already worth it😂 Skar-20 IR-10 UF-30 Secrator-20 Everything else same. Now THAT is perfect😂 Now just what to exchange/ add🤔
  7. I have got the updated erratas + designers commentary, but where are updated points?
  8. Which document are these in? Might be being a cretin but can't find them.
  9. Awesome! I'm headed down to my Warhammer store to order him right now! Excited!
  10. So how do you get them nicely hitting on 3s and not 4s? Obviously 5s is not very useful at all so an ordinator is mandatory. Drakesworn with a bow? Floaty horse thing? What is it ... Tauralon. That when it moves over things. What are the other ways? Because those options are far too expensive to be worth it really imo. I'm looking at using a 4 ballista list so cheers.
  11. Sounds like 1k, no? You're going to need to sort your list out really. The MLoK and skull cannon are not great options at all, and the asp deathbringer is also not too great. Flesh hounds are great, and if you could get karanak he's very very good for smaller games as the 5 free hounds are huge, and he is considerably killy. 10 blood warriors with bronzed flesh from a priest is a very nice brick that at 1k might be tough to cut down. Maybe some more khorgis in skullfiend tribe, a DP, possibly even a bloodthirster could give you some nice killing power. Have a think. With the tzaangors, theyre much weaker beneath 18, so if you can get them to below 18 then they lose their killing power and all their attacks (they get +1 for every 9 in the unit). This can hopefully be solved by hitting before they do and weakening them. Remember they're only 1 wound 5+ save guys. They die. They die fast. Hope this helps
  12. I reckon going even further on the skullreapers wouldn't be a bad thing. Drop a priest, the skulls+icon, and the crushers down to 6 and take a big blob of 10 reapers. These guys can then take buffs if your crushers are out of range/are tied up so charge ability redundant and can act as the main hammer of the list. This imo would be better than some wrathmongers and skullreapers as the mongers won't be providing much to the weaker slower units and the reapers already have enough attacks themselves. The icon is extra for you really, so it's a toss up between axe/skulls for what you want. Maybe skulls would help more, but the damage of the axe is tooooo tasty to pass up. However, it doesn't look an awful list and you could have plenty of casual fun with it- I just wouldn't want to take it to a tournament.
  13. I guess that a decent list with vorgorath would be the big man and then gore pilgrims. Reduced drops, battleline sorted, his support sorted too. Vorarath 1200 Pilgrims: secrator, 2 priests, 10 warriors, 2x10 reavers. 820 Then hope that something goes down in the GHB. Would be a lot of fun, I'm just doubtful it's better than tyrants. Similar idea but 3>1 imo. Although again, the dragon is the COOLEST THING EVER AHHH.
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