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  1. thk i used the amulet with good result for the huskard en tt is the choice
  2. I was thinking about a 1k bcr list for a campaign that was 1 husk on tt leader vuitre everwinter master and 2 sh beastraider with vulture both What artifact would you recommend? I do not think the amulet will be useful to me, because except for 4+
  3. i planes post all artefact of all kingdom for have a real dimension of all posibilities thats we have
  4. the theme with the items is elo following when you occupy the frostlord in sh saves 3+ and if you always use the command of everwinter master you repeat the 1 to save that the frostlord saves with 1 because it repeats, wounds with 2 and saves with 3+ bone that is very difficult to make wounds that are not deadly I used it even against a man tree already won by attrition, now if you do not occupy anything that saves 3+ but 4+ is no longer recommended by who would suffer injuries with 2 and 3 in that case there are better items
  5. I had thought the same list for a campaign that we are doing here in Chile because the truth we do not have many options what if we could vary is the artifacts, because depending on who help a lot against Seraphon for example, it is good that it allows to repeat saves without rending since nothing of them has rend but they force you to save many rolls, and against armies with many saves this item that cancels the spells that target you to 5+ is not the big deal but to get some mortals off of you, you do not know What other option do you recommend?
  6. and in your goal use a lot of spells? if so you could use some item to avoid getting hit by as many mortals as that item with 5+ cancels the spell, against a lot of spell could save you from many mortals
  7. hi how you make for transport the big boys of the army?
  8. Hello good afternoon, first I want to thank the help and ask for my apology if my English is not very good but apparently they managed to understand me hahahaha being as you say I do not see much use to that training to be worth 180 pts for that I prefer the one I can move and charge the same shift and the hunter and tigers to ambush and take me sts, the following week I have a 1k pts rookie tournament and I wanted to take a huskard in SH a unit of 4 MFP and a Th beastrider to support with deadly from behind while the other 2 charge and stick together that opinana? Any suggestions?
  9. good afternoon I am Nicorko from Chile, I just started playing with BCR and I have not played before AOS or Fantasy, I chose them because I love the theme of giants beasts and elite armies and I think this is my army, I told them that I played a couple of games and I have a couple of doubts, in the formation Eurlbad all gain +1 damage? up to the mounts? Does someone use mournfang pack? any recommendation or combination of items or command features?
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