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  1. No? Why would it? Warcry scenery ( at least the starter set's) is terrible for sigmar. It doesn't block los, doesn't provide cover...it's just not very good.
  2. Anything with decent range is gonna pop that big boss like a balloon. Even DoK (with Morathi) have enough sniping to put ruck out of the game with 12" wholey. That said, just enormous blocks of arrowboyz with the busted allegiance trait will still do amazing damage to anything but stormcast even without ruck.
  3. Or you could just kill him with large amounts of low quality attacks. It only takes 48 wounds to kill him on average (assuming no rend) a unit of witch aelves does 20 more damage than that without mindrazor OR full rerolls. Plus he's not going to be in a decent charge range until turn 3 without investment and the more you invest in him, the less he'll do. So you get Cogs, that's 180pts minimum extra. The you need run and charge, that locks you into specific armies and costs even more points. If he hits a chaff unit at any point he's pretty much out of the game and you don't really have enough points left after putting 700+ into Gotrek already to keep board control. If he goes up against Legions of Nagash he pretty much auto loses because any movement debuff will put him out of the game. That said, if you take him with DoK, he'll be absolutely brutal. Two units of WE, a Cauldron 2 Hag Queens a medusa and another battle line is only 1370 and is fairly difficult to deal with as is. Adding Gotrek puts it to 1890, which still leaves you room for Cogs. Edit: Bad math.
  4. Why kill him? If you ring around the rosy him with a cheap unit like dogs or Khinerai, you lock him out of the game for at least 2 turns.
  5. Most missions make later turn VPs worth more and limit your ability to jump ahead early with roughly mirrored starting objectives. On the majority of missions if you leap out on mid board or opponent deployment zone objectives too early, they can devastate your forces and out score you regardless. Star strike for example is a mission where holding the center objective for turn 5 is the same value as holding it for turn 2+ turn 3. I'm almost always down in points turn 1-turn 2 but by turn 3 I have enough board control that I can lock you out for the rest of the game.
  6. I think bravery as a whole works best as a mechanic that you have to expend resources to ignore. Losing huge chunks of your forces in with no recourse feels awful. Having it there as a boogieman you have to build your list around is just a better way to deal with it, in my opinion.
  7. I straight up used normal witch heads and just gave them the whips to differentiate them.
  8. SoS trade a slightly longer pile in for 75% of WE output. I would never run 2 units of WE anymore but I also would argue that SoS simply don't do enough damage to be worth running 60. I also personally think that the Slaughtertroupe is and has alway been wildly overrated.
  9. Belper

    Vanguard Hunters

    Vanguard hunters are terrible and have always been terrible. Liberators are better if you want cheap battleline, sequitors are better if you want good battleline, Judicators are better if you wanna shoot something. With everything in the army being able to deepstrike and how absolutely pitiful the hunters are in combat, even their unique outflank ability is near useless.
  10. That's not a prayer OR an aura. It's a buff ability that requires the hag to be within 3" at the start of the hero phase. Also, I didn't say 'buff' I said 'auras' of which there are only 2. HaggNarr and the Cauldron buff. Cauldron buff is already wholly within. Well technically 3 with +1 bravery but that doesn't count. 'Wholly within 8'? You're not trying to balance DoK, you're trying to eliminate them from the game. We can do DoK witchbrew to wholly within 8 if Heathguard Berzerkers go to 7+ ethereal saves, the Keeper of secrets go up to 1200pts and are mandatory, Skaven become immune to bravery bonuses/morale mitigation and get -2 to hit against anything that has a higher bravery than them, FEC can't use command abilities until turn 4, stormcast get -2 to hit rolls the turn any unit deepstrikes but also if no units are held in deepstrike reserve, Seraphon have to summon 2 units under their opponent's control for every unit they summon, idoneth deepkin suffer d6 mortal wounds and -1 to hit and wound whenever they're in cover or they fight before a unit they're in combat with and Sylvaneth suffer d3 mortal wounds every turn they're within 6" of a wyldwood. Not gonna lie, by the end of that I was just having fun coming up with rules changes that would totally destroy their respective army.
  11. I generally see SoS as a second block unit. After I take 30 WE then I take 30 SoS. I also don't like large units of SoS with bucklers because they're pretty pillowfisted.
  12. Europe then? NA generally doesn't do grab bag terrain.
  13. They already have 'wholly within' on their auras except for the Haggnarr CT. And if you're going to change hagnarr to 'wholly' we need the bubble up to 14" at least.
  14. Don't see why. Also, if we went to D10s you'd have to completely rework the game's stats. I'm not dealing with rolling 120 D10s every time my witch aelves attack.
  15. Updated list for GHB 2019 Morathi 480 Cauldron 330 Hag Queen 90 Hag Queen 90 30 Witches 300p 10 SoS 120 10 SoS 120 10 Blood Sisters 280 5 Heartrenders 90 Last 100pts I'm thinking any combination of 2 of Aethervoid Pendulum, Emerald Lifeswarm, or a Command Point. With the new generic CAs being amazingly useful for Morathi, I decided to keep her in the list despite her maybe not being the most efficient use of the points. Our local area doesn't really use realm of battle (because it sucks) so she's not as strong as she would be with 7 extra spells to choose from, but she's still a uniquely survivable beatstick with good magic support. The endless spells are for if I'm in a position where I either don't need mindrazor for whatever reason (playing nighthaught or extra rend/damage being overkill) or if I don't need to transform morathi turn 1. 10 Blood Sisters over more SoS/WE because their mortal wound output is valuable and they do better unbuffed than SoS and WE do and as such are solid 'lone rangers'. Only 5 heartrenders because I find that anything that can be done with 10 could probably have been done with 5. Also, I'm notorious for forgetting about them. Aethervoid Pendulum over Purple Sun because it's easier to control and I don't need help killing hordes, I need help killing 2+ saves. Emerald Lifeswarm because being able to restore even a handful of witch aelves/wound over the course of a game is pretty valuable.
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