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  1. I dont really see any reason to have different points for different loadouts as long as a "median" point value is achieved. 200 or 220 for all dracothion guard is fair 170 or 180 for all paladins is fair. Plenty of other armies have these kinda options. For instance demigryph knights, do you want a charger unit with lances or a halberd unit that gets stuck in, both for 160. They dug the hole themselves when they started costing different loadouts differently.
  2. Theyre not even beginner friendly painting army. Yes large flat round surfaces is all good, but you need for the basics, a gold, kantor blue, some red, leadbelcher. Flesh eater courts is far easier in paints and you can just slap contrast and make it look good
  3. They could honestly condense so much stuff it isnt even funny. Like Retributors, Protectors and Decimators should just be one Warscroll - Paladins Protectors, Fulminators and Tempestors should be one warscroll - Dracothion Guard If they reeeeallly wanted to? They could put liberators and judicators into one warscroll with different weapon options, since theyre both battleline. Most of the useless battalions could be condensed to 2-3 battalions per chamber instead of having all these unnecessary mega battalions. And so on
  4. nope no soups, this isnt 40k. you can take named characters like vandus or gavriel in other stormhost lists, but their buffs only apply to Hammers unit aka themselves in such list
  5. Jeez i painted up my 15 liberators for LVO. Let me tell you its not fun painting something knowing its probably the worse battleline in the game.
  6. So ive heard this from GW people, judges at LVO, even local GW store owners. They do read that stuff. Like it has to be in volume enough though, its how they "see" what to nerf or buff. Go look at every faq, they do tell you where to post feedback or errata questions and the like, i dont remember the exact one, but ill be sending this to them tomorrow morning, ill edit this post to add the email link for them
  7. Are you sending these to the aosfaq email or whatever, this might actually catch their eye if enough of us do
  8. Yeah , the idea is to smash your opponents kneecaps asap. Its always been an SCE problem, but its become more pronounced with each new tome coming out
  9. Warp lightning vortex, the skaven f*** you spell
  10. 320. i think its either 270 or 260 for a regular slann(which isnt bad) Perfect for allying in. Im thinking about taking out the 2 incantors. Losing the auto unbind is rough, but honestly aside from maybe umbral spellportal, WLV isnt as popular and FEC is just getting hammered by everything else. Alternatively, taking out 1 incantor, azyros (since slann give you cp to use to re roll 1s) , and geminids should be enough for a Slann build
  11. I cant get over the derpy sculpts and resin range. Id have bought into this army a long time ago. Our time will come. Also as a side note, gonna go ahead and try Kroak In AnvilStrike. 4 Unbinds, 4 casts, d3 comet, might end up being good
  12. lmao no armies less elite than us are now hitting and/or wounding with better stats, more attacks and rend
  13. Rend and better hit stats but thats an SCE problem in general. An elite band of heroes should not be hitting and wounding on dice rolls of 4s for any weapon.
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