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  1. i agree its good, but teleportation is a thing theyre handing out like candy right now. KO does it every turn, so does Seraphon. So in the wider context, with a larher number of bodies or damage what have you, our ability isnt really all that good. Or should i say, unique We absolutely need it with our slow movement too, KO or Seraphon dont KO and Seraphon also carry their buffs with teleportation. or for a better example Khinerai. A unit of Khinerai coming down Has Rites of War, possible Blood Shield, Possible Aura from Morathi, possible Hag Narr 5+ defense. So teleporting it in isnt an issue. But youre right, this could be fixed with warscroll adjustment
  2. Whats really interesting ( / bad) about our book is - our main allegiance ability - Scions of the storm is a complete and utter non-bo with any of the abilities in our book. Where the other factions allegiance abilities, tie in to their buffs, spells, prayers and auras. Ours doesnt. We barely have any auras other than staunch defender. Almost all our buffs (offensive or defensive) are applied in the hero phase or during the movement phase, so other than maybe re roll ones (with a CP or Azyros) , deepstriking melee units does nothing for us, except give us a blank warscroll to fight with. So if youre not using Gav sureheart, your opponent is fighting nothing more than a warscroll, without the benefits of the battletome, if something deepstrikes in front of them So our main allegiance ability is actively bad for us in the game given how its played. This is something i hope they fix
  3. Wraithbone is good but terrible coverage and too light. I much like grey seer for this reason
  4. Not sure what youre talking about. DoK had seen consistent points nerfs and remained a 55% win rate throughout. This book not only added a ton of options, it made a lot of our stuff way cheaper and gave us access to that sweet endless prayer. I dont see DoK's win rate changing really. Some of the more egregious things (like wholly within vs within for hagg nar, and auto witch brew) were always dumb and needed rebalancing
  5. Yeah we need better poses and bases like that. Liberators are astoundingly boring too
  6. That wont happen until Adepticon preview time, so late march or early April. Thats when they show off the June July previews
  7. Honestly you dont need to support Katakros. He heals himself and is on a 2+ save. Bring a soulmason to help re roll 1s on your army instead then the rest should be units.
  8. I still think Snake heavy lists are gonne be Zainthar Kai or Hagg Nar. Zainthar Kai for the attacks and extra relic to just be a really speedy list. You definitely need an ironscale to just catapult a threat in their face so others can move up relatively safe. Hagg Narr obv for the reliability of Witchbrew and defense.
  9. Yeah i kid you not a Freeguild general would be of more use to us (both damage and utility wise) if it could be the Stormcast general in an SCE army. So much for Sigmar's hand-chosen warriors
  10. And no command traits or artifact hes a named character after all
  11. Buy Gardus Steelsoul! The Lord Celestant, a literal demigod who hammers foes into submission in the name of SIgmar and brings light to the realm of Death. 4 attacks 4+ 3+ no rend 1 damage
  12. this Slaanesh depravity and Locus nerf was sponsored by Sons of Behemat. Slaanesh Keepers were a hard counter to that army. 34 x 2 Depravity for a SyllEske Host for each dead mega gargant? Yes pls. Gargants would have been DoA without this change
  13. Avatar of Khaine can improve the roll. take the iron circlet if the consistency bothers you. 3+ is plenty consistent in AoS for an uninteractable invocation
  14. Making that comparison with evocators is silly. Theres a load of buffs you put on the Blood sisters. Possible hagbrew, possible CA 2d6 run and charge, +1 attack, Bloodshield, Rites of Battle, Catechism of Murder, the 6 up fanatical faith (more in hag narr). To top it off theyre 130 pts for 5 and battleline. Evocators are 220 for 5. Not battleline, and the SCE book can do what exactly? +1 save with a castellant? Theyre not exactly survivable and are highly elite, yeah if you wanna make Blood sister 190, id agree to make the MWs immediate like evocators who basically live or die on their warscroll alone
  15. This. Charge him with Blood Sisters and a Hero or some witch elves. What does the opponent attack? the sisters that are gonna freeze him or the witch elves. Also the crystal touch can reach behind and hit a hero
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