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  1. I doubt theyre renamed hunters. Just use Hunters at that point But its a good guess, make em slightly more offensive than libs but less defensive than vindictors The options att the top could also just be all the Unconditional battleline as opposed to requiring a specific Lord
  2. so i think 130 is fine considering mortek are now 140 and LRL sentinels 140. at the least if liberators go to 3+ theyre anvils and people who want a bit more punch can buy vindictors
  3. from the Learn to Play videos GW released today. These are from Battletome Stormcast Eternals, dated July
  4. eh foot heroes for that much is fine, i wanna see what changes they make to his abilities
  5. does it, i thought unleash hell happened after a charge move was done
  6. Sequitor most expensive makes sense with re rolls Judis going to 2 shots calling it now and maybe gaining rend on crossbows
  7. Some insight into our new points and units from the Learn to Play Video @PJetski
  8. Yes but Arkhan also provides a decent bit of anti magic and gets monster actions should you need them. Dont get me wrong Katakros is great, but with Arkhan i can play a tough Petrifexx Elite Rend Heavy list and not be locked to Mortis Praetorians
  9. Vince mentioned on stream that that doesnt work anymore. Dice rolls can go below zero now in the new Core Rules. So bastiladon no longer unrendable
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