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  1. I just read the battalion again. Its not wholly within 12. just within 12. Thats quite a lot of distance for some things
  2. Can you take Skyborne Slayers in a stormkeep. I know technically there aint nothing stopping ya, but just wondering
  3. To add; Spears only show benefits for Mortek Guard in units of 30 or 40, since they have a 2 inch reach for 25 mm bases, so everyone of those get in combat Add to this with Petrifex elite. and you can give all those 30 or 40 spears -1 rend , which is nothing to sneeze at for 60 or 80 attacks
  4. I dont think the best use of Stormkeep Patrol is to deploy. a tar pit in their face. I think the best use is still as a "scions of the storm" but for better positioning for shooters / objectives. You can mess with where/how they deploy. You can redeploy your shooters to another board edge to maybe shoot down one flank.
  5. its wholly within 12, not 9. But yes it is wholly within, you might be looking at the GW warscroll in the box or on their website. The tome says different
  6. Liberators can barely fight in two ranks, good luck getting 30 of those to fit wholly within 9 in two ranks
  7. Oh also, how in Sigmars Name do 30 libs get into combat with anything. Are we forgetting that GW design dept. gave them all a 1 inch reach on 40mm bases?
  8. Bruh you can already put 30 libs in someones face with Skyborne Slayers, 5 inches away too and no battleshock for the battalion. Where are all these Liberator heavy lists locking people down oppressively and winning? This is some peak SCE panic over what is arguably a B tier strat at best
  9. Liberators just arent that good, theyre an annoyance. The reactions are coming from people who are totally ok with amped out books like KO, Seraphon and Tzeentch. Like Gargants will wreck 30 libs, even on a 2 or 3+ save. they have no MW defense whatsoever, no summoning really. I think its good, certainly as a defensive list and an alternate strategy to win on objectives instead of just pure "you need to kneecap your opponent with SCE or lose".
  10. They did one last year for Sacrosanct and the Vanguard Chamber before that. Stormcast havent had any major releases in 2 years, so no reason to do an SCE box
  11. Points drop wise- Retributors Protectors Decimators down 10 points Gryph Hounds (120 really????) Stardrake - 480 Fulminators Vandus - 230 Neave Blacktalon Astrei Solbright - 190 Lord Celestant on foot - 90 ALL of the SCE battalions save the vanguard ones could prolly go down 10 -20 points and be fine -------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Wise -- Clarification on the COS General with Staunch Defender Bunch of Aura length changes, like the Veritant one being 7 inches for Sanction , why not 9 or 12? idk But this wont happen till the tome Fixed: castellant
  12. I agree with everyone that Crystal Touch has been ruined, they couldve atleast kept it like they have for evocators. IF anyones interested in making them work still, i recommend taking a Shark (Allopex) from IDK with a net launcher On a hit roll of 3 and you only have to hit, not wound, the enemy unit cant pile in. Not good for monsters, but for other mass units, it might help
  13. You know what else works really well with Taularon? Judicators. Theyre battleline, and now you can take more of them if your plan is to buff up their hit profile with the LA. Judis hitting on 2s are excellent imo.
  14. The way to beat KO is gav bomb. Drop down 10 evos with Gav and evaporate them. They cant shoot whats not there
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