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  1. Youre probably right i was mainly going for it if i dont find 60 points for geminids. Ive found that Incantor isnt useful outside the auto dispell so maybe switching to one spellweaver +incantor or 2 spellweavers is the right call for the auto dispell and casting geminids over and over. Out of curiosity , whats your gameplan against a plague monk spam or a 9 WLC spam?
  2. Forgot to mention. Im also bringing the celestian vortex now whenever i can . The ability to mess up opponent shooting is great
  3. It was bound to happen. Anvilstrike lists just took a couple of major tournaments recently including the team ATC one. Back to the drawing board. Its still damn strong, its just that aside from Slaanesh, Gristlegore monsters arent the meta anymore and can be beaten easily by even melee focused armies. 3 Ballistas was always semi decent. With the points increases , i can see Skaven going the 120 monks way or Skyre machinery. Ive adjusted by taking out the incantors and putting in spellweavers and a lord aquilor for more movement. Also gives us access to vanguard hunters. Im also toying with 3 hurricane raptors to take out small hordes/ weak save artiller or Order Allies like the cannon and organ gun alongwith the 80 point engineer.
  4. Wow no Morathi, thats a spicy list indeed
  5. @Chumphammer 2K? what list were ya running?
  6. That Vanguard Hunter unit seemed weird to me. Id rather have a celestian vortex or Quicksilver swords for horde clearance since most hordes you will see are Chaos now. with the exception of gitz
  7. So anyone hear the Ben Savva podcast about GHB changes?. Sisters seems to be the way to go apparently now that they cost the same. The 6'' pile in also helps us with activation wars and the sort. So is the list 30 Sisters 30 Sisters 10 We in a Slaughter Troupe Or are 30 WE blocks still worth it?
  8. Yeah bring a relictor put a lightning storm on them so their 6s dont explode into d3 hits. Evocators , ballistas and incantor for the orcs
  9. This is AT In Anvils I take 9 Longstrikes and 4 Desolators. Replace the Gryph Charger with another Incantor and put in an azyros. Edit: Replace the castellant with a heraldor in the Anvils list.
  10. So i tried some desolators in two lists. In Anvils and AT. In anvils i supported them with a gryph charger arcanum. In AT with a castellant for the warding lantern. Given the recent Gristlegore nerf and small increases to skaven, Slaanesh is the next annoying thing. Unlimited Depravity and Multiple Hero summoning with lots of movement. Dracoth cav is really really good since Slaaneshi combat profile is not that good outside of few mortal wounds and 3+ save with a Castellant can really shine. knight Incantors x2 or atleast one Incantor are a must. Slaanesh has pretty good spells to support them. surrounding them so their heroes cant summon more units within 12 inches of their hero is crucial late game. Gristlegore was good with Anvilstrike, its an absolute cakewalk now even with desolators. Skaven still gave me a bit of a hard time (****** that battletome is cheap af, like their only strength is the fact that youre facing half the battletome out on the field) , but only because of some poor positioning on my part. the WLV is much less of a threat with its shorter range since you can now unbind it , it might affect their army too and they cant always be near their gnawholes for the bonus if you position your army right. Shooty skaven is a great matchup because they cant shoot what they cant see (Scions of the storm!) . Khorne Daemons imo has gotten a lot stronger with the points decrease. We might see the return of the bloodletter and thirster bomb. Havent tested against Gitz but given their decreases they also might be really strong.
  11. Why not desolators? If the Evocator output isnt a problem,then surely 400 points for 4 desolators damn good for a 3+ save re rolling ones plus great movement and shooting.
  12. Hes bad. Not efficient for the points cost at all. Ironically the best and bravest of the stormcast is better served staying in the back creating D3 Mortal Wound bubbles. At 340 points things should be having 5+ FNP for mortal wounds like other factions - notably Skaven and FEC. Otherwise he'll just die easily.
  13. My main thought was 20 Sequitors are finally playable. Yes theyre vulnerable to charges from Gristlegore but it isnt always an auto loss and you can always screen them with liberators
  14. Yeah vortex wholly within 13 means they cant cast it out of range. Im happy
  15. NO points changes for the fyreslayers. Battlesmith cant stack but thats fine. Im happy with this kinda expected heathguard to go up the same as sequitors tho
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