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  1. Is that in addition to terrain they already have Can FEC cheese bring the charnel throne AND the engine>?
  2. Yes to the max please. Hire Requizen gw
  3. Hearthguard Berzerkers at 120 make me look at sequitors and people calling them broken like "wtf are you talking about" Sequitors and Evocators do NOT deserve an increase in pts after this 30 hearthguard BS
  4. I like this. Liberators are literally an anvil unit to break up enemy charges. I get that they dont hit well, theyre not supposed to. but man a defensive option like this would go a long way in making them good again at 90pts or so. I cant believe there isnt a shield wall battalion - 2 + liberators and a lord castellant - some defensive bonus or something. Seems like it would be a shoe in for that warrior chamber
  5. Because Stormcast has to choose. Low bodies, no mortal wound protection. You can commit to melee or shooting not both. Skaven does everything. Melee, Shooting and Magic. Their heroes are nigh unkillable mini Great unclean ones. They can bring all into one list and you will simply not be able to kill everything. FEC is basically "bring 4 terrorgheists" gristlegore smash your opponent, fight first fight twice, while summoning additional 500-600 points worth of units. Both these strategies are undercosted as hell. In order to get the FEC levels of damage turn one, we spend close to 500 points, an FEC ghoul king on terrorgheist with summoning is 400 (+160/170 free). Its not the tools, its how theyre costed. If everything in the sacrosanct chamber gets nerfed down to old chamber level, SCE will go from tier 1.5 to a sub-par factions. Same as 40k space marines. As someone who loves playing his SCE i dont want that happening.
  6. Honestly with the pure BS power creep of skaven and FEC ill be pissed if they nerf evocators with points costs. You have AGKoTG costing like 400 with 160 in summoning and Verminlord Decievers at 260 while the Celestant Prime is at 350? and Evos get bumped even more?
  7. Dont feel too bad about your loss. Games Workshop is dedicated to giving the best tools to the worst kind of play. I mean look at the undercosted monstrosity that is the Skaven and FEC, its like all they want it is turn 2 smash your opponents army with no hope of fighting back
  8. yes if you mean deal mortal wounds back on re rolls and achieving 6s
  9. i really dont want the evocators to get a points increase, theyre just fine as they are given how utterly broken and powerful everything is. Seems like everyone has MW flying about
  10. It could trouble gristlegore if you hold the ballistas and evos in the sky and drop everything. Gav and Evos take out a monster, then the ballistas take out the general. The rest will require some work
  11. That aint even the proper gav bomb and its still quite good lol But yeah the whole 20 Sequitors and 10 evocators dont work, since stormfiends and terrorgheists will dish out ****** tons of wounds Triple ballista with one gav bomb detachment however could work
  12. I invite you to take the gav bomb against a skaven or fec list. An fec list will fight first and kill more than half your evos before you do anything. A skaven list will screen with rats and mess you up with stormfiends in the counter. Gav bomb alpha strike isnt as good anymore. Thats not to say you couldnt bring a mix of gav bomb and idk ballistas
  13. whats this pile in trick? im unfamiliar with it
  14. you cant kill it in melee , have to tie it down with debuffs or shoot it. melee stormcast are no longer viable
  15. let me know how it goes, the fight first, fight twice mortal wounds on 6s is brutal.
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