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  1. Awesome, sorry about that. I haven't caught up on the FAQs, the wording in the codex made me think I should run different Leaders with differently-named Summon abilities so I could use them all in one turn. The Courtiers' resurrection abllities are more clear.
  2. You can't use a Summon ability of any given name more than once per turn.
  3. I think you have the models for Blisterskin if you want to run it, and it would be good. +2" movement is good for everything, not just Flayers, and you don't have to do all Flayers for your Battleline just because you can. You could do: 1 GKoTG 1GKoZD 1 Archregent Infernal Couriers 6x Flayers 3x Flayers 40x Ghouls 10x Ghouls Just a rough list. You have some aggressive fliers that you can use the Blisterskin Command Trait on if you want, and all your stuff likes +2" move especially if you also get Cogs. Have the 40x Ghouls go murder stuff and the 10x Ghouls cap objectives. Or you could do 20 and 10 for the Ghouls, reserving the last 20 to bring in with Archregent, and cap lots of objectives while just slaying with the fliers.
  4. Well, before I knew these things, I had been debating if it was worth it to save cp by keeping my monsters near the Throne turn 1, or if it was better to just go ahead and get them into the fray. Now I don't even have to debate it, at least.
  5. Does it not say Abhorrant Ghoul King? The warscroll download from GW does (and I assume it's pretty up to date since the Charnel Throne is a new model), and so does my Battletome. I wouldn't be surprised if GW flubbed somewhere 😛
  6. The Warscroll for Charnel Throne names, in bold, both Abhorrant Archregent and Abhorrant Ghoul King as models that can summon without spending a CP. So while the ghoulies may not benefit from it while riding, they definitely should when on foot.
  7. Seriously? That sucks, I thought a GK was a GK whether he rode on something or not (makes sense to me) but I suppose it is referring to the specific warscrolls. Well, I may wait to build my Throne then since I have a huge backlog.
  8. Regarding Terrorgheist being better than Zombie Dragon, can someone break that down for me? It seems like they are very similar in combat, I prefer the ZD's shooting since it works even against high bravery, you can't cast the same spell twice in a turn (right?) so having 2 different signature spells could be handy, and having one of each let's you use both of their summon abilities the first turn. So far I am running one GK on ZD, another on TG, and an Archregent - setting them up within 1" of my Charnel throne allows me to use 3 different summoning abilities the first turn (different names) so I start off with an extra Courtier, 3 more knights, and whatever the Archregent wants to call out.
  9. Maybe play Morghaunt with 120+ Ghouls in groups of 40, using Feeding Frenzy for killing and the Morghaunt Command Ability to bring a unit of 40 back to full strength if it wasn't totally destroyed... Combine that with Stampede and Blood Feast for direct damage, using Barricade and Shackles to keep some of the Monks at bay?
  10. You should look into magnetizing your Horrors/Flayers so you can do either. Glue the chest and the legs together in one part, and the back and arms/wings together in another part, with a magnet in the abdomen. It's a little tricky, but works great when you get it worked out. With a little sawing and drilling, you can also make the head on your Terrorgheists magnetized so you can switch between it and Zombie Dragon. Vids on Youtube...
  11. Well, Horticulous Slimux was in a boxed set, so seems reasonable.
  12. Thanks! I have a lot to learn... Battletome in the mail! I can see moving the Corpsefane Gauntlet to my Haunter, I didn't realize the rule about making it a scoring unit. Regarding Zombie Dragons over Terrorgheists, I was reading on 1d4chan and it looked like the ZD version would let you summon Vharghuls and stuff and that the TG version doesn't. I will confirm when I get my BT I guess, and then consider what to do. I will probably swap out one of my monsters for more ghouls sometimes, as I acquire more models I will vary my list from time to time. I'm going to magnetize the monsters so I can take the riders off and use them on foot when desired...
  13. Yes, that's some seriously powerful luck on your opponent's part!
  14. If I were to go this route (and it is a second list I'm thinking of compared to the list I posted above), I would move up to 120 Ghouls for 3 squads of 40 and run a Morgaunt Ghoul Patrol list. I think it would be awesome especially with Cogs and Chalice.
  15. Thanks for pointing out the Command Trait limitation. Considering this, I will likely make my General have Grave Robber and the Hollowmourne artefact, with the intention of taking out enemy Heroes. I will switch Blood Feast to him so he can stay healthy, and move the Dermal Robe and Deranged Transformation to the other flier, who I may make a Terrorgheist instead of dragon zombie. I do really like Death from the Skies, but it seems like I have ample ways to get my guys up the board between Deranged Transformation and Ravenous Crusaders, so making my dudes more killy does sound like a good idea. Thanks for the tips!
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