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  1. Impressively Ward stacking is already gone thanks to a new FAQ today
  2. Assuming the fact the FAQ ruined ward saves I'd probably go FLoSH with Metalcruncher and Amulet of Destiny for a tanky load out and a FLoSH with Brand of Svard and Black Clatterhorn as an offensive option. If in doubt on a behemoth magnetise, it's deceptively easy to do and will give you a lot more flexibility
  3. Well multiple Metalrunchers is (understandably) gone but no duplicate traits is game wide now. We also lost Troggoth Hag as an ally as she's 405 points now.
  4. Seems like we're in agreement in everything except terminology. If I was at 1960 but wanting to squeeze in a wizard I'd consider myself starved for points 😅
  5. But 90 points doesn't buy you anything worthwhile in our battletome which is what I meant about being starved for points to use one. I'm probably just being close minded though as I only ever saw HoSH as a battalion tax in 2.0 and now they don't even have that niche.
  6. Firstly as someone who loves theory crafting I appreciate the addition of the graph to clearly show the damage numbers. I wasn't really talking about overall output though, simply the effectiveness of subbing out a FLoSH for a HoSH in the list. The base effectiveness of the Mournfang doesn't really change between the two, all you are gaining is Linebreakers at the cost of the Frostspear, +1 Wound, +1 Save, +1 Bravery (relevant due to Heroic recovery) and +1 to Wound on your Punches and Kicks. It just doesn't seem worth the downgrade unless you're really starved for points. Unless I did the maths wrong (which is always possible 😅) the attacks with the Frostspear on average equate to the same damage as a single use if Linebreakers on 4 Mournfang but obviously is much less situational. I've yet to actually get Thunderbellies on the table due to covid and have always been slightly curious about Rip and Tear; does it activate against a unit of single wound models who have lost a model or does it require an injured multi-wound model?
  7. It's probably worth keeping in mind that the HoSH is significantly less survivable than a FLoSH due to the worse save. Assuming no buffs to hit (so Mournfang are 4/3/-1) a round with the Frostspear deals equivalent average damage to the extra damage granted by Linebreakers on a unit of 4 Mournfang but doesn't require the opportunity cost of a Command Point.
  8. I was thinking of trying a similar list but splitting one of the 4s of Mournfang into two 2s with fist weapons and using a Warlord Battalion to get the 5+ Ward Amulet on the HoTT for a bit more staying power.
  9. You just cast it every turn without moving
  10. Unit champions allow the use of command points so Ironguts are self sufficient as long as you don't let your Gutlord die 😁
  11. Aren't those both Lore Spells though?
  12. It does seem a bit weird for a named character to have the same Warscroll Spell as a generic Wizard right?
  13. Aye, I agree. I'd personally only be looking at Underguts to give Leadbelchers a go filling out battleline around a block of 8 Ironguts at which point it seems worthwhile to drop a couple of cannons in to take advantage of the command ability. I just can't see investing more than 260 points in it generating the necessary returns. In terms of tribes it still feels like you'd be better off leaving that all at home and sticking with Boulderhead or Bloodgullet depending on your hero choices or Winterbite if you're scared of shooting.
  14. Tyrant with Trophy Rack is a trap until you are already full on Artillery. On average the +1 to hit buff gives less damage than just adding another Ironblaster which is cheaper and doesn't waste an artefact.
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