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  1. Lovely work, big fan. But the metallic purple just doesn't work for me, but an at a loss as to what to replace it with? Only niggle with a fantastic army.
  2. Purple and yellow robes is how I am planning on doing my Grotz. Lovely job.
  3. I think that Daemonette works, the wee spots do it for me. Without those it may be too much dark
  4. Thanks. Any chance of a closer in pic of the skin? PS - just realised this is a bit of a love in - Slaanesh will approve.
  5. Thanks for that. I would be interested in seeing how it translates to a smaller Daemonette if you have any pics?
  6. I friggin love that - whats the recipes for the different colours as I need to steal *ahem* borrow them...?
  7. The thing underlying this all is the generation of intellectual property that GW can clearly call their own. AoS was, like it or not, a direct response to their losing the Chapterhouse studios court case a few years back. Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs are all too generic for them to call their own IP hence the diversification into Fyreslayers, DoK etc. I really really doubt you will ever see a generic Elf or Dwarf list ever again. This makes me sad.
  8. Anyone got the list that won the Throne Of Skulls Heat at the weekend just gone? Looking at the results list the Skaventide player tabled his opponent in each game.
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