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  1. @Gwendar hmmm..tough nut. Could always toss in a command point instead, for T1 immunity, for 1 unit atleast. Would just need to test both scenarios I guess. Maybe the bell spell.
  2. 2x6 fiends 1x bell 2x engineers 3x20 clan rats bridge sounds about right does it not? Or I could drop the bell and squeeze in more clan rats.
  3. Hahaha! I saw that list on honest wargamer, did you post it?😂 No way i'm a gazillion ratling guns!
  4. Need some rat friend help! 80% of minis is currently at my parents, which is in another city. Anyway! Have any of you tried to fit 12 stormfiends around the bridge? Can they fit? I don't have anything nearby to check, and my computer screen is broken, so I can't test in TTS haha. I have a 2 days, 5 games team tournament coming up in a couple months. And I'm going bonkers list just for the hell of it. Just to have fun, and drink those beers. So either, 12 stormfiends with bridge. Or 3 doomwheels + 9 jezzails.
  5. This is pretty much Dan's list, so should be fine I guess;p
  6. I used 1 grinder with 9 stormfiends, those loving times before the nuke of nerfdom came. I FAILED to skitterleap the engineer (with deranged inventor) ahead to where the I wanted the stormfiends to pop up..so I had to wait to the next round before doing another attempt. Nailed it the second time..but that is the risk with bringing them underground. Even with 9x fiends I noticed the dps loss with them just having the deranged buff.
  7. Made a pretty cool list. Only minus I see is the lack of clanrats. 1x doom warlock (general, deranged inventor, artefact vial of fulminator) 1x bell 1x warlock 2x20 clanrats 1x40 clanrats 9x jezzails 3x doomwheels 20x acolytes.
  8. @Skreech Verminking yeah I read your report against the OBR:) Good job! 2-3 dmg per round is utter hilarious😂
  9. GW totally screwed us, is what you're saying😂 Skaven is my number 1 army, but can't really hold the fort anymore. So started picking back up on my Dok & OBR:/ Last week I did a 40 man mortek guard blob, and was like "man this is so good and so fun". They obliterated 9 crypt horrors. Also picked up Necrons to start 40k, I like the rules for 9th edition better than the rules in AoS.
  10. Sweet looking rats man! Love this theme. Tactic tips: Ask for the opponents maximum threat range. Deploy accordingly. Ask if they got deep strike. And how far from the enemy they can deep strike. Ask if they can summon stuff. Be aware if they have units in reserve (units that are in the air, underground whatever) @Gwendar I always ask about the threat range😂😂😂
  11. Curious about the 12x fiend list. What else greatness does it include?
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