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  1. Question for the lore gods on the thread:) Why is there no Skaven in 40k?
  2. A third boost to verminlords!? If they do that I'm shelfing Skaven. They have already increased them TWICE, and it's not like that did us any good. Same with stormfiends, decreased the unit size from 9 to 6. If they increase them as well......i'm going OBR/DoK full time. /rant PS: I actually won a game agains orruks with 40 stormvermin😂
  3. You also just run a clanrat screen forward for a minimum of 9" inches if you a roll a 1, and pop them behind them:) My opponents always place heroes well out of jezzails range, yes gnawholes helps and sometimes renders you without a proper screen, but the warpgrinder tactics allows them to even make a easier well solid hit, with a proper screen imo:)
  4. Im curious what builds you have in mind @Skreech Verminking;p
  5. Anyone thought of running a Verminlord list in Legion of Chaos Ascendant? Sounds really cheeky. It is not pure Skaven at all, but looks interesting if you start digging into it. Verminlord and pinks, who would've thought😂 I just tossed up a fast list, but it is kind of hilarious: 1x Verminlord corruptor (Fourfold blade) 1x Verminlord Deceiver 1x Vermindlord Warpseer 1x Gaunt Summoner 1x Gaunt Summoner on disc 3x10 Daemonettes Endless spells: Pendulum. WLV. Darkfire Daemonrift. Vermintide. This is probably not optional at all. The two gaunts lets you summon 20 pinks for free. Also the undying legions battletrait: Undying Legions: At the end of each movement phase, one Chaos Ascendant Daemon Hero can summon 10 Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Plaguebearers, or Pink Horrors based on the hero's mark, wholly within 12" on 10+ roll on a 3d6, but hero takes 1MW on doubles and D3 on Triples.
  6. You had a Warpseer:/ the ultimate BS immunity tool. Should have saved the CP for the monks if you wanted to keep some around. Monks hugging a bell also helps. What I would try out tho is the bell endless spell, BS immunity for any unit within 13", not wholly, so 1 pesty rat can be within with the tip of the base, and your immune, costs 40 points.
  7. Lame. They did the bombardier:/ BUT increased the guy by 20 points😂
  8. I do not get GW...just bought a island of blood engineer + warpfire thrower on Ebay. WHY are they not making these models? The engineer looks 10 times better than the old metal engineers, same goes for the thrower, not even to mention the rat ogors..... And stopped selling the clawlord on brood horror. I'm frustrated:(
  9. Tried out some colorshift paint on the armor, turned alright imo!
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