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  1. Hi All! First-time poster but I have been following this thread for a while - y'all provide so much insight and knowledge sharing - THANK YOU! So I have what I hope is an interesting list challenge for y'all - there is a themed event for Forbidden Power at the Warhammer Citadel Weekender, titled 'Magic without end' - the general details are below: I want to do something narratively appropriate so I'm looking at building a Sacrosanct-only list, built around Stormsire's Cursebreakers. I am thinking (rough composition only): But I have NO Idea if this will be effective, or what spells could be a good synergy. I have not played a LOT of AoS but I have been collecting for a while and this is a good tournament goal for a painted army. Any suggestions or ideas for making this list cooler is very much appreciated!
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