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Posts posted by Kasper

  1. 10 hours ago, Agent of Chaos said:

    Does anyone know if Pitch Black terrain and/or the Prismatic Palisade blocks line of sight to flying units?

    Dont know the exact wording on the Pitch Black rule, but flying has zero effect on anything in regards to line of sight unless a rule specifically says so. Flying only ignores terrain when doing a move.  

    Overgrown terrain specifically mention that if either unit is a flying unit then you have line of sight. but to my knowledge this is the one of the only cases where fly ignores LOS. 

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    • Priority roll stays - It is an overall fun and great mechanic. Im of the opinion that most who hate this rule are people that deploy and max move all units across the board with little to no thought and dont look at the bigger picture of a game. Just house rule it out if your club hates this.
    • First turn isnt decided based on drops, but on a normal turn roll with whoever has the lowest amount of drops win ties. It means alpha armies cant just deploy knowing they will take first turn and armies that want to double turn you risks having to go first. Gives an overall more balanced apparoach imo. While drops is great, it seems too random who gets to have a 1 drop army, 5 drop army or 10+ drop army. There is no "choice" for many armies.
    • Fix terrain/flying. It is an obnoxious rule that fly units can land wherever they want to and sometimes it creates confusion/disagreements when units are near wonky terrain and you cant measure properly because the model simply cant fit/sit on the desired spot. This game is a game of inches at times, being able to pile in 4" due to wonky measurements can make or break a fight in certain situations. Im perfectly okay that fly units can pass across models/terrain without issue.
    • Maybe introduce a "flight mode" for flying units - Either they soar high above the battlefield and cant capture objectives/fight or they land on the ground and is treated in the same manner as normal units. Dunno, just fix the current wonky rule.
    • Points are entirely digital.
    • Look-out sir rule isnt good enough for 5 wound heroes when a lot of stuff can get down to really low to-hit numbers.
    • Summoning is OK as it is. Slaanesh 2019 was beyond broken, but summoning armies arent winning every single tournament/TTS as it is, so clearly summoning isnt as OP as some make it out to be.
    • Remove the majority of battleshock-immune mechanics. For OBR you could argue that their army begins to "crumble" when too many in a unit bites the dust.
    • Either better balancing of subfactions or give them points (which is then balanced out by reducing the points for your models so the overall army stays the same) - Batallions already cost different points and offer a wide variety of bonuses for some armies.
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  2. On 8/28/2020 at 3:26 PM, Okonomiyakimarine said:

    Maybe my read of the warscroll is too limiting, but to me it looks like there are 0 casts remaining. 

    the warscroll says: ‚A Wizard on a Balewind Vortex can attempt to cast an additional spell in each of their hero phases...‘

    ‚an additional spell‘ Alone would mean you could create an additional spell with the method you describe. But it says this happens per ‚each‘ of your hero phases. This is the limiter.  It does not say ‚per set-up bale wind vortex‘.

    I dont see how "each" is a restriction here at all. I can understand if the ability said "once per hero phase". The each part just seems to suggest it is included in the following hero phases, not just limited to the turn you casted it. Balewind is from a time when rules werent well communicated.

  3. 11 hours ago, Sonnenspeer said:

    Please help me here: in my last tournament I told my opponent that I have the Cloud of Midnight and what it can do. I also explained Forgotten Nightmare.  But that the combination of both prevented a whole shooting phase he was not aware of and so he lost the games (KO player) 

    Was this unfair? I still feel a little guilty about it. Because how could you know how it works? Only if you read the FAQ. 

    So was I "That Guy"? 

    If you explain two mechanics it is kinda up to your opponent to piece them together, especially in a tournament. If you explain that when you put model X here, you will effectively shut off all his shooting for a phase, you are starting to talk tactics and what you plan to do. I would probably do it against a less experienced guy during friendly games, but not in a tournament.

  4. Balance in what sense? That all battletomes have a 50% win ratio? I dont think this is important at all. To me it is much more important there arent armies out there that cause super polarized games. If you 100% win every other game and lose the others, you have a 50% win ratio which means your army is "balanced" according to stats but actual game experience is terrible.

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  5. The Wizard casted Balewind Vortex in turn 1. When turn 2 comes around the Wizard is now on the Balewind and is sitting at 1 cast + 1 extra from Balewind. He now decides to use his extra cast to autodispell the Balewind at the start of the hero phase as per the rules for the Balewind warscroll. With his remaining cast he recasts Balewind. 

    Here comes the question - When he casts the Balewind with his remaining cast,

    1.  Will he gain another cast, so now he's sitting on a single cast?
    2.  Will he be sitting on the Balewin with 0 casts remaining?

    Technically he already benifited from the extra cast on the Balewind in the start of the hero phase but this is a new spell/model, so Im unsure if he will be able to benefit from the extra cast yet again, or if he is now sitting at 0 casts.

    The Balewind "Arcane Invigoration" ability seems a bit vague. "A Wizard on a Balewind Vortex can attempt to cast an additional spell in each of their hero phases (including the turn in which the Summon Balewind Vortex was cast), and you can add 6" to the range of any spells that the Wizard casts."


    The intention of this move is to basically shuffle an otherwise stationary Wizard forward to gain extra range, since when you dispell you get to setup the Wizard within 1" (1" further forward) and then get to setup the Balewind within 1" of the Wizard (another 1" further forward, plus the Bale is about 4" wide, so you effectively gain an extra 6" reach).

  6. 7 hours ago, Athrawes said:

    So This weekend I got an chance to play my first game using the Lumineth Realm-Lords, against an opponent I'd never played but who I have chatted with occasionally on a local wargaming group.

    As I usually do when Setting up the game, and going through my list with opponent, I gave him a rundown of what my army does, and abilities that he should be aware of, for example, "these guys are 1- to hit if they stay base to base" or "this guy has Ethereal" "These guys can move 28" with a spell" "This lady can make your units take my battleshock tests" ect. 

    This is my normal approach as there are so many armies, I figure a refresher to help avoid gotcha moments is a good thing.  A gotcha moment is where  an opponent makes a game choice they never would have if they had been aware of a specific special rule. (For example, not being aware of tides of death, and mistakenly charging Idoneth Deepkin armies in turn 3)

    We got around to his army list, and he kinda rushes through it, I start asking what units do, or what the army special rules are (I haven't played his army before) And his response was either you'll find out in game, or you can look it up in the app. I pushed the issue and his response shocked me, he said "I'm not going to give you my strategy to win, if I do that what is the point of playing?"

    I packed up my army and went out to lunch instead of struggling through that match.

    I guess I have two questions for the community about your local metas, is walking your opponents through your rules to help avoid traps uncommon? And or, do you or opponents you regularly play against consider surprise rules/traps/gotcha moments a core part of the gaming experience. 


    Some people will try everything to win - From my experience it is typically middle of the pack players that semi rely on surprise rules to win their games. If Im not in a tournament I want to try and have as fair a game as possible. It holds no value to me if I win just because my opponent was clueless as to what my army can do. I also want the best possible practice against your army for when Im actually playing against a good player.  Giving away your strategy is completely different than telling your opponent that you have access to teleport/deepstrike abilities.

    I think your rundown of your army list is a pretty good rule of thumb of how things should be done prior to a game, unless your opponent knows your army inside out - It takes maximum 5 minutes to run through both of your lists and the most impactful subfaction abilities/alligiance traits, but it removes so many bad experiences. 

    We usually always play somewhat competitive lists and enjoy tuning our armies to an 11, but even then we still help each other out to have as fair a game as possible. It sucks winning because your opponent was clueless or did obvious major mistakes. 

  7. 1 hour ago, SolomonHelsing said:

    @Kasper For the first turn no, As one plan I have Kroak casting that, then cogs. The Starseer manipulates them to cast 2 spells, casting the quicksilver swords and his +1 save spell on a friendly unit. It's worked nicely when i've done it like that. Then i just change his spell to what's likely stellar tempest for round 2 onwards. without either range boost it's possible kroak won't be in range for it turn 1 anyways, so I went for a different approach.

    Ah I didnt realize you wanted the +1 on two spells on the Starseer. Is the only purpose for the Cogs to give him an extra spell or do you ever activate for extra mobility? 80 pts seems like a lot. Im personally a big fan of the Balewind. I guess you dont want your casters stationary in the back?

  8. 9 hours ago, Ggom said:

    Hear, hear! Conga lines are unthematic and (I think) the rules should provide guardrails that don’t encourage this as the strategic play.

    They already have done this with the introduction of “wholly within” buffs/auras/command abilities though. Whenever a new book comes out, largely all the rules are updated to a longer range by wholly within instead of just within. 

  9. 7 hours ago, Bayul said:

    - Your army can stop being legal at tournaments as soon as Forbidden Powers leaves the webstore, so you feel a constant tingly excitement thinking about it. Then it vanishes suddenly and you become one of this mysterious Legion of Grief players of yore.

    Unfortunatenly they made it illegal for matched play already. 😒 Saying if your opponent agrees or it being house ruled OK is basically the same as saying "not playable, unless allowed". 


  10. 8 hours ago, Scurvydog said:

    Yea, I might use that if the going gets really tough, most opponents would probably hate using that trick though ;)

    AoS is funny in that regard - I mean I dont enjoy Fyreslayers using "their trick" to fight twice or when Plague Monks use "their trick" to fight twice after death etc. 😅 Where do you draw the line for "what isnt fair".  

  11. On 7/23/2020 at 11:03 AM, Backbreaker said:

    Nothing in the GH2020 say they are not. :)

    I'm also working on that Da Boss Fist list, but I don't know about warchanter, I like having a second MK and one drop army...

    Da Boss Fist isnt matched play legal anymore - See the GHB20 FAQ which answers this question. Basically if it is released prior to the GHB but not in the matched play points section, you cant play it. 

  12. Honestly Age of Sigmar is a rather bad quality game and it certainly is not due to the game systems that I spend hours upon hours on this hobby. It is due to collecting figs, painting and the whole social aspect of getting together, playing games and rolling dice. Sure I like to get competitive, but there are tons of way better games with significantly better systems if all I wanted was to “compete” or “game” the systems.

    If you want me to stand and stare at my iPhone and click/swipe repeatly within an app, it completely goes against the reasons why I play. I want to be social, not interact digitally. 

    I also think it would be super difficult to have an app recognize all potential buffs a certain unit might have. How is the app gonna detect if your support hero is wholly within every model or not etc etc.

  13. I mean it hugely depends on what you want out of a battleline unit.

    10 Skinks for 60 points with a 5+ save is quite amazing for screening your army or grabbing objectives with their 8" move.

    Hearthguard Berzerkers are obviously disgusting in combat.

    Pink Horrors is a proper tarpit. They die fast and it might not look like a lot when there is only 10 Pink dudes in front of you, but those guys are effectively 50 wounds. That's rather crazy.

  14. On 7/24/2020 at 5:25 PM, Snoogens said:

    So whats the verdict? Have Seraphon really lost Sylvaneth as an ally, just like that? Seems strange.

    Yep. The GHB2020 specifically mentions that only Stormcast are viable allies for Seraphon.

  15. Not sure why the reroll 1s is specifically to melee it doesnt really make much sense to me, but overall it seems like a great change. Gives you an incentive to run something else than mass Mortek Guard.

  16. 3 minutes ago, El Syf said:

    That's all very well and good until he rocks up at an objective and wipes everything out.

    If he really was as broken as you suggest, dont you think more competitive lists would field him?

    It is exactly how you deal with Gotrek - Ignore him and focus on the other objectives. It is effectively 1500v2000 at that point.

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  17. 10 hours ago, NauticalSoup said:

    Probably manpower. 40K is the big priority right now, it probably ended up in a pipeline somewhere and nobody looked at it again until whatever more important thing they were working on was capped off.

    Are you serious? Manpower? Their company is huge - Updating the digital PDFs on their website shouldnt take days. It feels like a conscious decision not to do it but I really dont see what they gain from it.

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  18. 10 minutes ago, aktanolt said:

    Totally wrong. They are a unit with a strong output on only 3 models and some board presence ( 12 model)  Charging a flying unit of sallies made me win lots of game because noone expect it and it destroy in melee.

    Take things out of context much?

    Yes I have won games by charging with my Salamanders too, but arguing that Razordons are better (they still arent) because you will always get the charge off is just wrong.

  19. 17 hours ago, PJetski said:

    I guess if you just ignore their charge phase shooting, Rend within 6", and combat phase then Salamanders are much better.... though I'm not sure why you would do something that silly

    It's also much easier for them to hit targets behind screens with their 18" range, even if it means you lose out on Rend-1

    Because you generally dont really want your Salamanders/Razordons into melee, and typically if you have teleported the odds of it happening is also rather slim. I would prefer significantly stronger shooting so I can teleport and pick off a key unit, then maybe try to charge some weak unit afterwards. You just cant do that with Razordons.

  20. 10 minutes ago, mojojojo101 said:

    I'd like to sew some pretty hefty point increases and it definitely has nothing to do with game length it has to do with narrative dissonance.

    For me a lot of armies in the game are getting to a point where the narrative and lore doesn't match what is seen on the board. Stormcast are the most obvious example because even Liberators are supposed to be elite troops and yet they are 90 points for 5 and the only real use for them is pathetic meatshields who are only in my army because they have to be. Varanguard are another good example. Making them cheaper sure might make them playable but it kind of undermines what they are; the absolute elite of Chaos mortal forces.

    I just think we are getting close to points being a bit of a race to the bottom. I'd prefer to see GW take a more meaningful approach to balance than just constantly reducing points over and over again.

    What? If you did a flat 25% point increase to everything this wouldnt change any of your issues at all. The only thing that can fix those things are re-writing the warscrolls which would make the units worth their weight. Atm they arent re-writing the warscrolls, so the only thing they can do is drop the points to make them semi OK.

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  21. 1 hour ago, japaricio said:


    I would say that what the game needs in a long term perspective a global increase of points. We are moving towards a horde playstyle again, and above all, this is the thing that keeps aways new entrys to the game. It would be a fine movement in the competitive environment to have more point updates across the year (online always) and specific ones por subfactions, but the thing we need the most is getting back to the original idea of AoS, a game you need few models to play.


    Hard disagree here. Many of my games take maybe 2-2,5 hours which I dont find absurd considering AoS is a tabletop tactical wargame that is meant to imitate a giant battle between 2 big armies. Sure games can take much longer, but that is on the players small talking 24/7 (everything takes much longer if you cant multitask and just talk all the time) or simply not knowing their rules properly so they have to look up every little stat on every single unit. Come prepared and things are much easier and smoother.

    If you want to play with "just a few models" and have a quick game there is Warcry, Meeting Engagements or in general smaller point sized games. It is also entirely up to you not to make a horde list or play a primarily horde focused army. There are multiple armies with just a handful of models as is.

    For new players there are escalation leagues in various GW shops etc. fairly often from my experience, you can do start collector vs start collector box, play 500 pts games, meeting engagements etc. etc.

    I really dont get the need to force this down the throat of everyone wanting to play the 2.000 pts game version. I really enjoy AoS as is.

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  22. 11 hours ago, swarmofseals said:

    I finally got a chance to really tuck into the 2020 battleplans and auxiliary objectives. I really think that these sections are flying under the radar and will be absolutely massive (for tournament play especially).

    In reading through all of the battleplans I can't find a single one that I outright dislike. They all look fun, and some of the new and updated ones look especially interesting. There's plenty of differences from plan to plan, so people are really going to need to think about the battleplans when list building for tournaments.

    Auxiliary objectives are also really cool, especially over a 5 round tournament. In a single game or 3 round event they are less game changing, perhaps. But as it is in a 5 round event you will need to use almost all of the auxiliaries at some point. You'll really need to think about what auxiliaries you want to use during each battleplan and against each opponent. It's a potentially very deep additional layer of skill testing that runs across the entire event.

    Most importantly, I think that the auxiliaries will really push people to build more balanced lists. If your army struggles to complete half the auxiliary objectives then you will need to rethink it even if it's super powerful in a vacuum. Meanwhile, dividing resources between auxiliaries and normal gameplay will add another layer of skill.

    Agree that the new batteplans + changes to previous ones look really good. Im a bit annoyed that the Forcing the Hand isnt just a straight line, but instead this tetris thing that they removed from many of the other battleplans.

    The auxiliary objectives Im less interested in. They will matter in tournaments, but for "normal" play they will have almost no impact.  I cant remember the last time a game ended in a draw.

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