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  1. I use this guy with a Reaper bolt thrower and 30 Archers. His +1 to wound and 2 Stand Fasts! plus the once per game Storm of Arrows ability from the archers and deal out 60 3+/3+/- and 12 3+/3+/-1 shots,rerolling everything. It's a turn 1 walloping few people see coming.
  2. This last Saturday I played a 2000 pt game against Flesh Eater Courts, using the new Scorched Earth scenario. His list was; Ghoul King on Terrorgheist 6 Flayers and a corresponding hero 6 Horrors and a corresponding hero 3 units of 10 ghouls and 1 ghoul hero Vargulf Small, compact force, one that I learned takes damage on the chin and rip almost anything apart. He was running them as Gristlegore. My list was a 2 drop, Ghavespawn using the Desolating Beastherd. Included in that was 1 Beastlord w Mutating Axe 3 Shamans, one with the Knowing Eye artifact 2 units of 30 Bestigors 10 Ungors 40 Ungor Raiders 1 Tuskgor Chariot 1 Cygor Wildfire Taurus Chronomantic Cogs Outside of the battalion was a unit of 5 Centigors for harassing/objective grabbing We deployed on the short sides of the table as per the scenario rules, and I elected to go first. I’ll spare the details, but the gist was I charged him top of turn 1 with both units of bestigors, the centigors and chariot. I cast chronomantic cogs and the wildfire taurus, which was too far to reach anything turn 1. In the shooting phase my Cygor took aim and knocked down 3 ghouls from the leading unit. My ungor raiders failed to kill a single horror with their shooting despite rerolling 1s and 2s to hit, then took cover behind the line of furry bodies surging forward. The unit of Bestigors on the right went first, splitting their attacks between the units of horrors and flayers, killing a couple each. On the counter attack the 2 big crypt units, their heroes and the vargulf killed my centigors, 20 bestigors and left the chariot at 1 wound. My bestigors on the other flank slaughtered the 10 ghouls they charged but failed to kill the ghoul hero. In the battleshock phase I realized I had left my general too far back, so despite having 3 command points the remaining bestigors fled the field, denying me from scoring the objective by them. Still, I scored my 4 objectives and the one on his left flank. On his turn the pain truly began. He brought back all of his casualties from his horror and flayer unit, screamed my poor chariot to timbers, then charged my bestigors with his terrorgheist and horrors and my now horribly exposed raiders with his flayers. Both units were wiped out due to a combo of double attacking from the flayers and massive mortal wound output from the terrorghest. Battleshock took care of the rest. I really screwed myself by not placing my heroes closer to my big expensive units like I usually do but it was a poignant reminder. He only scored his 4 objectives, putting us at 5-4. By the end of round 1 I had suffered 101 casualties, not including the sacrificial ungors. Things were looking grim but it was a friendly game, so we played on. He won the double turn and plowed forward, “nobly” devouring my Cygor, Beastlord and the shaman on an objective. My heroes devolved into shrieking chaos spawns that tied up his big units temporarily. He burned both of my lead objectives and rolled high, putting him around 11 or 12 points. ON my turn I went into damage control mode. I knew it was unlikely that I could win but still a mathematical possibility. I retreated my chaos spawn Beastlord out of combat and raced it towards his back field. My 2 shamans and ungors backed away from the ghouls. I summoned 5 centigors next to one of his leading unprotected objectives, claiming it. I ended my turn on 3 objectives, closing the gap to 7-12. I decided not to burn the objective I had just stolen this turn, hoping to seize initiative next turn and score it for 2 rounds. Alas, my opponent won initiative, but was too far forward to double back and kill my Centigors. So, he pressed forwards, his flayers screaming and killing my Shaman. That shaman also devolved into a mound gibbering flesh and I used the 6” placement rule to tie up all 3 of the units that were encroaching on the objective there, denying them the charge to my terrified ungors beyond. He slaughtered my last shaman and the chaos spawn that had appeared amidst the flayers and burned my 3rd objective, only rolling a 1 for points. He had also used his once per battle summoning ability to bring in another unit of flayers towards my back end, so he was My turn I ran my chaos spawn onto the objective I had just claimed and my centigors hoofed it to the 10 ghouls in the back field guarding one of his objectives. They made their 5” charge and cleared all the ghouls, suffering only 1 wound in return. I scored 3 objectives, burning none, and rolled for initiative for round 4… Which I won! I charged the second unit of ghouls on his other rear objective, killing 6 but losing 1 centigor, so the objective stayed under his control. I moved my chaos spawn further backs towards his rear objectives and burned the one in the center, netting 2 points for that one and 2 more for mine and his back objectives. On his turn he claimed my last home objective, wiping out my brave ungors, and raced everything he could towards my marauding centogors. His ghoul king on terroghiest landed near his central objective, crouching protectively over it. He did not burn my last objective, since I had nothing to contest it with, and we rolled for initiative for the final round. Mercifully, I won initiative, and ran my centigors to within 6” of the objective guarded by the terrogheist, grabbing it from out under his rotted nose. My last act was to burn all 3 of his objectives, rolling high and scoring 8 points, bring me to a total of 22 points. At this point it was impossible for my opponent to score higher, so with only models I had summoned onto the field remaining I had emerged victorious! It was a nail biter of a game and I made some poor tactical choices in the beginning, but once I only had a few units to work with I was much more analytical and careful with my remaining tools and it worked! My opponent was a great player and really fun to play against. We were both surprised at the tricks of each other’s armies and learned a lot. I can’t wait for a rematch! Hope you guys enjoyed reading.
  3. So it's been a while and I definitely fell off the painting train but the release of Contrast has stirred me to action once more! I called out sick yesterday and after puttering around for half the day I finally settled in and got to painting these Beastie Boyz. And once I started, I couldn't stop. Contrast paints are beautiful and fast, and I banged out a considerable amount of my back log, including some vintage models I had been looking forward to painting up for a while now. The models shown are what I pulled off in a day, although I had painted the fur on my Tuskgor "Chariot" earlier. They're a little rough and ready compared to my usual standard so I might go back and touch up a few spots. But for the amount of time I spent on them I couldn't be happier. I think I'll finally be able to get to that 2K painted army by the end of the summer! For the curious, the paints I used were Skeleton Horde, Flesh Tearer Red, Plaguebearer Flesh, Gore-Grunta Fur, Shyish Purple, Black Templar Black, Cygor Brown, Snakebite Leather, Ork Flesh, Hasphut Copper and Boltgun Metal/some P3 silver.
  4. That thing is an actual beast in combat. Any good stories from the battlefield with him yet?
  5. Has anyone found certain allied models or units that work well with BoC? I've had success with a Chaos Sorcerer Lord before. Their spell, Demonic Power, let's you reroll 1's for hits, wounds and saves. They can also just give out guaranteed reroll 1's for saves with Oracular Vision. I'm planning on bringing one with a Gavespawn army to make Besitigors pumped up with the Chaos Spawn ability hit even harder, or to let my Doombull with the Mutated Axe reroll those pesky 1's so it can deal it's potential 15 damage more easily. Are there more models from the pantheon of Chaos that are worth checking out? I've seen the Khorne Bloodbound lists with tons of Bestigors all benefiting from the Khorne hero's abilities and it was brutal to be on the reciveing end of, even if it wasn't an actual Beasts army.
  6. Hey TGA, I am a long-time collector but seldom-player of Beastmen, now known as Beasts of Chaos. Back in the Old World I rarely played since the rules never lived up to the models for me, but now that AoS is ascendant I am having a blast with my Beastmen. I am writing this blog to chronicle the progress of my horde, the Twisted Drove, and to hopefully inspire myself to paint and play more with these little monsters. There are a couple 2000 point events coming up in May that I want to have 2000+ points painted for (the list plus any potential summoned units) so I'll be posting paint jobs, army lists, battle reports and anything else that might sound like fun. For starters, here's a few pics of my furred throng and a list totaling most everything I have. Like I said, I've been collecting these guys fro a long time, so they are in varying states of being painted/assembled. It's going to be a slog getting these guys ready for the spring but war is coming and the Twisted will be prepared! I just finished assembling 3 Skyfires and 5 tuskgor chariots last night. The chariot on the left is an old orc chariot from the 6th ed itionstarter I've had since, well, 6 ed. The base is new tho. The next one is Gorthor the Beastlord's chariot, which sadly is now just another regular chariot. The center one is an old Warriors of Chaos chariot with Khornagors, and the last two are my newest additions, a pair of Rhinox-riding Bestigors. All but Gorthor's bases are new and I'm excited to try out this chariot spam the internet is crazy about. This is most of my Beasts collection, save a score more Gors. I'm thinking a green and brown color scheme for most of them, very classic "woodsy" palette. I like the concept of the Gavespawn so I've added in some conversions as well as find some older, weirder models to throw in for variety. A closer look at some of the leaders of the Drove. That's all for now, but I'll try to post every week or so with progress pics, battle reports, or tactical musings. Thanks for reading and raise those herdstones high!
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