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  1. Hey, would you have some strong lists for doubles with unknown Ally ? Do you think an Ironclad is worth playing in this format ? Thanks !
  2. Hey, Thanks, it's more decent chance of winning semi-competitif games (not tournament level
  3. Hey, I am new to skavens and really like the Eshin clan, do you think of there is a way to play them decently in 1000 or 2000 pts ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Hey, would like to play this list, I have two questions : - is this list currently competitive ? - which units should I buy for summoning purposes ? thanks !
  5. Heu, found this list on YouTube, do you fin it competitive and if yes, is it safe to invest on it before the new GHB ? Thanks !
  6. Hey, what do you think of this list (found on YouTube) for competitive play ? Seems really cool and diverse. Thanks a lot !
  7. Do you think if it is safe with the new GHB comming to invest in a shootcast or starcast army ?
  8. Hey, what do you guys think about this list for competitive play ?
  9. Hey ! New to nighthaunts, would you have some stong lists to share for 1000 pts games ? Thanks a lot !
  10. Hey!Do you think that a full spiderfang army can be competitive for 1000 points games ? And would you have a list Idea? Thanks !
  11. Hi here is my 1000 pts list : Boulderhead - Frostlord on Stonehorn – Metalcruncher / Brand of svard - Huskard on Stonehorn – Black clatterhorn - 2*2 Mournfangs Do you think I still need to buy a great mawpot or will it be totally useless? Thanks !
  12. Hey ! Do you think possible to build a competitive list for doubles with only spiderfangs units ? Thanks !
  13. Hey, I am new in OBR do you think it is possible to build a competitive list for 2*1000 pts games with low count models (with death risers for examples) ? Thanks !
  14. Hey, Would you have some great 1000 points lists for doubles ? Thanks a lot !!
  15. Hey, what do you think of this list for doubles and meeting engagement ? Frostlord on Stonehorn 2* beastrider in Stonehorn Thanks !
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