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  1. So.... the new Warhammer app is out in Beta today. At first glance it looks good. I can see all armies battletomes and traits/artefacts etc.. I'm assuming this is for the purposes of Beta testing only? The list building looks good but i tried to build my list for this Friday and it wouldn't let me assign artefacts other than universal ones to my Master Moulder. And if i made my MM a general he was allowed to take the Cunning command trait and others that should be restricted to other clans. I've logged my feedback with GW but wondered if anyone else had found any "funnies" yet ?
  2. I might try this actually... with the Master Moulder able to heal D3 wounds on the pack too that would be insane. Also the wording of this ability does not exclude 2 Master Moulders healing the same unit
  3. That's the plan and if he gets bracketed i can use the Realm Command to attack at his top bracket if i have a MM within range. Undecided on whether to use the Rabid Crown to buff the un-mutated rat ogors or super buff one of the others. If i place them right, technically it can buff more than one unit right?
  4. I have a "friendly" match against Tzeentch this Friday and thinking of taking the following list. Not sure what list my frenemy is playing yet but i played a match a couple of weeks ago against someone else with a Khorne list with Archaon and my opponent was impressed by the rat ogors and suggested i play more of them (and he's a tournament player) I wish i had another hellpit but this is the entirety of my Clans Moulder forces. I have a few more giant rats, a vermintide spell and could swap out Thanquol for a Verminlord but i like Thanquol thematically. I'm concerned that i don't have enough bodies for objective holding but most Tzeentch lists online are hero heavy and with only horrors for battleline (which my rat ogors should make mincemeat of :D)
  5. Same as the Skaven warpfire throwers i would imagine. Shoot as normal and be thankful you don't have to apply any -1 modifiers to hit
  6. Might be worth considering moving your Warp Cannon through the gnawhole. Your Arch-Warlock can still buff the cannon without Teclis being able to stop you. Also, Vigordust Injector would be a good addition to give your Ratlings (or Jezzails if you want to go that route) a +1 to hit that also cannot be blocked by Teclis Edit: good luck, let us know how it goes
  7. This FAQ answer means that Spell Portals can be used for casting endless spells as well as normal spells
  8. These aren’t “deployed” as such, they are “revealed” Imagine if I had 3 units of Clanrats and only one was in my Battle Regiment with 2 WFT. If the WFT also used a slot in the battalion it would kinda defeat the object of them being hidden and would let your opponent know where they were hidden.
  9. I would say no. The description of the ability states that the unit can do this in its turn which would imply that if you haven’t had a turn yet, then it’s not active.
  10. Due to the wording of the grinder, it and the unit of Clanrats would be 2 drops (and take up 2 slots in your battle regiment) but because the railings are hidden in the Clanrats they don‘t count as a drop, or need to be in your battle regiment
  11. Hi, i've just created a score sheet (based on the one in the GHB) using M$ Publisher and ordered it from Vista Print as an A6 Notepad. Let me know if you want a copy
  12. Ok, so my first game of 3.0 vs an Orruks player who’s never played AoS at all before. So far from competitive. I ran a Warpgnaw Verminlord, Plague Monk, 20 Clanrats, 20 Stormvermins, 2 x 6 Giant Rats, 5 Gutter Runners and 2 Warpfire Throwers in a battle regiment He ran Wierdnob, 2 x Warchanter, 2 x 10 Ardboys, 3 Gore Gruntas and 10 Hobgrots?? in a command entourage We played Marking Territory, he was the attacker but I dropped first and gave him first turn. Turn 1 - he moved everything up but was out of range for shooting or charging. I stole 2 of his CP with the Warpgnaw’s Cunning command trait. In my turn I pushed my giant rat screens up and kept everything else behind. The gutter runners snook in the corner behind his pigs and threw some accurate throwing stars to take 3 wounds. Turn 2 - he won the roll off and elected to go first. He chanted some buffs onto his ardboys but only managed to charge one of them into some giant rats (my Clanrats used Redeploy) but wrapped around to tag the Verminlord. Enraged by the sneaky gutter runners his gore gruntas about faced and charged into them killing them outright. My turn and I pushed up with the Clanrats and revealed my Warpfire Throwers killing around half of each Ardboyz unit and only losing one WFT. Verminlord tagged a couple more Ardboyz and it’s looking good for me. Turn 3 - I win the roll off and let him go first knowing that I get to remove an objective. I remove the one nearest the Gore Gruntas meaning I only have to capture the one closest to my Stormvermin and Verminlord currently being guarded by 10 hobgrots. Game on!! He buffs everything he can and tries to get the Gore Gruntas back in the game. He throws everything sat the Verminlord who stands his ground and takes out 1 unit of Ardboyz and a Warchanter. The remaining WFT takes down the other Ardboyz thanks to Unleash Hell and I have a clear path to the last objective. He concedes. Takeaways - I wasn’t expecting to get off so lightly with the Gore Gruntas, but that was down to my opponents inexperience. Cunning is amazing. I was rolling a lot of 6’s but it really stunted his CP generation. And Giant Rats make a great screen. There’s a lot more to think about in 3.0 but it keeps you on your toes. No more sitting around while your opponent moves. I’m a big fan already.
  13. @Riff_Raff_Rascal@Riff_Raff_Rascal Great write up and perfect reading material for my first 3.0 game against Orruks tomorrow. Only 1k points and I'm allowing him to bring some Kruleboyz as allies but I will let you know how it goes
  14. @Paul Buckler @Acrozatarim I stand corrected 😁 Hadn’t noticed that subtlety of the vs your
  15. Sounds like you got it right. At the start of each round you get 1cp (or 2 if you go second) and at the start of your turn you get 1cp if your general is on the field. Lose all remaining cp at the end of the round, and start fresh each new round.
  16. Have you tried https://aosreminders.com/ ? As a 40 something player I find it invaluable 😁
  17. I play Thanquol quite regularly and find him very swingy. He’s taken out Treelords in a single round before, and then completely whiffed sometimes. I play him with the 4 braziers like you. Maybe switching out 2 or all of them for the fire throwers might have helped you with the 20 Phoenix guard? Just a thought 😁 But i’m with you on the rabid rat ogres. My favourite unit at the moment and somewhat underestimated by your frenemy.
  18. If you use the Warscroll Builder to build your list, when you add a battalion it allows you to select an additional enhancement. Mount trait is not one of the additions that you can add. That should answer your question.
  19. Just realised something. VerminLord Deciever is supposed to be -2 to hit when shot at. Does this still apply under 3.0? Jezzails had a similar rule for their pavise that was changed in the FAQ, but Deciever was unaltered.
  20. Looks good. You're going to have more bodies than most armies at that points range. I'm assuming the ratling will be in the unit of 40 with the grinder? The wft will make your opponent think twice about charging you. I might be inclined to drop the giant rats and upgrade the bombadier to the arch warlock. There are a couple of ways that your opponent can score points by targeting your general.
  21. When you pick the spell enhancement each wizard can choose 1 spell from the universal lore or your allegiance lore (if they have one) If you pick a core battalion that allows another enhancement you can take a second spell lore enhancement. If in doubt, check the Warscoll Builder
  22. This topic was discussed on a previous thread regarding Unleash Hell. As stated by @Paul Buckler a CA can only be used once
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