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  1. He had flamers.... 12 of them 😭😭😭 And I completely forgot your advice @Darkhan I let my stormfiends and jezzails get too close to the front line and he pretty much burned them away. I got turn 1, managed to get off MMWP on the fiends and used the vigordust on the jezzails. Took out the exalted flamer but only got 3 of his flamers. They roasted my jezzails and he magicked my fiends with some D6 MW shenanigans. Pretty much game over at that point 😩 Very strong army but not helped by my lousy setup. Really need to watch the vid on deployment 😂
  2. Got my first match up against Tzeentch tomorrow having never played them before. I can’t decide how to play against them. My starting list is: 120 Clanrats 6 Stormfiends (can’t decide between flamers or launchers) 6 jezzails 1 engineer Then, I either add Thanquol for some magic unbinding, or bell + Abom for magic resistance ? Thoughts please 🤔
  3. @basement dweller please let us know how you get on with this army list. I too have been pondering Clan Moulder again. I’ve been thinking about starting a second army, something with fewer models, more elite. Maybe Everchosen, BeastClaw Raiders or the new Ossiarch Bonereapers but keep coming back to Moulder and wondering whether I could make a competitive army list. I have Thanquol as my leader (very thematic) and currently have 8 rat ogres and 40 giant rats, 10 Wolf Rats and a HellPit (plus master moulders and packmasters) When comparing the rat ogre stats to something like the BCR mournfang pack or the Everchosen Varanguard I just don’t see how they can compete. Point for point Moulder seem way behind I will continue to pray to the Great Horned Rat that someday GW will answer our cries
  4. @Ineffectual ClawlordI’ve done some calculations on this new warscroll and I get some different results from you. on the charge, the staffs will cause 25 dmg against a 4+ save (20 wounds with an additional 5 from the 6+ rolls) i’m not sure you’ve included the 6+ wound bonus on the staffs.
  5. Had my first taste of Plague Monks this week. I proxied in 40 clanrats in a friendly game just to see what they were like before deciding whether to buy some. I’ve avoided using them before largely because of the massive number of dice rolls/pots and not wanting to be “that guy” i was playing against night haunt, which helped somewhat since I could ignore the 6 toHit (night haunt are immune to rend) and I managed to get my unit in a tight squeeze where I couldn’t get the whole unit into combat, but I did take out a Mournghul in one round of combat (luckily I caused 2MW when he killed 8 of my monks). I used a unit of 20 clanrats as shield to take the mournghul’s charge before retreating them and charging into some chainrasps. Ultimately the chainrasps were then able to take out my monks thanks to his double turn and me having no battleshock immunity nearby. on the whole I think I was happy with their performance and can see the potential. Maybe not an auto-include for me because I like to keep my friends 😂 but one to add to the shopping list 😁
  6. If it’s a mortal wound I would go Ignax->Verminous->Shield For normal wounds, Normal save->Verminous->Shield
  7. Slightly off topic (maybe) but I’m thinking about my next tattoo and tempted to get something skaven-y. Has anyone else got the great horned rat, or similar, inked on themselves? Or anyone got any ideas for a skaven themed chest piece?
  8. I like Thanquol and generally try to field him as often as I can. I have him equipped with 4 braziers though to make him a hero killer rather than put him up against hordes. He can be hit and miss and will either do loads of damage (I once did 18 wounds) or nothing at all. His +2 cast is very helpful for something like warpgale. I usually include 6 fiends and 6 jezzails just to keep my options open.
  9. Thanks @Riff_Raff_Rascal I tend to add Thanquol to my “pure” Moulder army for a bit of spellcasting. He IS riding a giant rat ogre after all. And with a unit of stormfiends (albeit unbuffed) for extra fire-power a 3-drop army is quite doable 😉
  10. I’ve been reading the new Ogor Mawtribes book (playing a BCR player this week) and was pleased to see new rules meaning that Ogors count as 2 for objectives and behemoths count as 10. I was wondering whether such a rule would work for Moulder and actually make them plausible as a pure Moulder army. I love Moulder but their lack of numbers makes holding objectives difficult. I realise it’s not likely to happen any time soon, but I was curious what other people think.
  11. I tried this a couple of weeks ago and it works great on things like Dispossessed and Ironweld. I had a flamethrower wrapped in 40 clanrats for protection but then wondered whether that would be enough protections? Can someone shoot at my flamethrower if it’s inside a unit of 40? How does line of sight work? If they can see any part of my flamethrower can they target it? How else can we protect our flamethrowers?
  12. I’ve played a 2k Moulder Army a few times now. I have Thanqoul (fits thematically) and stormfiends in my army, and recently added some Wolf Rats. It’s not very competitive and you’ll struggle to hold objectives, even with 40 giant rats, but Rat ogres, fiends a couple of hellpit’s and boneripper make a cool looking army. 😀
  13. But as a named character he isn’t allowed to carry artefacts, right?
  14. This is great, I was literally about to post on the forum about a comparison between Monks and Stormvermin. I’m still leaning towards SV being more consistent and not reliant on a charge. After 2 rounds of combat, you’re likely to still have some SV left thanks to the 4+ save.
  15. I still have some Advanced Heroquest Skaven in my army. Welcome 👍
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