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  1. Jezzails are popular, and if you're on a budget can be made from old clanrats and Skitarii Ranger rifles (a few quid on eBay) See my previous post (page 147) for a picture of how they look Assume you're talking about the stormvermin, but yes that would take advantage of their fighting prowess
  2. Don’t underestimate the master Moulder ability to bring back the unit of 8 rat ogors on a 5+ 😁
  3. Only in a pure moulder list.... and technically 40 giant rats are the same points as 40 clanrats (which i always found a little unfair) but you can take giant rats in a unit of 10 if you're looking for a wafer thin screen
  4. I'm a big fan of rat ogors for exactly that reason. I find that rat ogors are more focused than stormfiends. They're a melee unit whereas stormfiends tend to be a mixed bag of long range / mid range / melee. A "jack of all trades, master of none" kind of unit. For 260/270 points i think 6 rat ogors (unbuffed) are putting out more damage vs 3 stormfiends (unbuffed) Add in an engineer with vigordust + MMWP / master moulder with rabid crown and yes, the stormfiend damage increases much more than the rat ogors but that's dependent on spells going off, and you're causing yourself damage in the process
  5. See my post (a while back now) where i magnetized the Warpseer / Skreech / Deciever. It's not too tricky. I never considered the Corruptor because i don't play much Pestilens, but did i overlook the Warbringer ?? Maybe it's not too late to magnetise his weapon.
  6. Yep... i bought a Warpgnaw a few weeks ago based on all the talk of Ghystrike. He'll only get used now if i ring a 12 on my bell I did enjoy painting him though... and that was 50% of why i bought him
  7. I'm still torn between Warpseer with Warpgale and Thanquol with Death Frenzy. Imagine 40 giant rats fully buffed by a Master Moulder with Rabid Crown and Death Frenzy 😍😍😍😍 EDIT: having said that... Warpseer with Skavenbrew and Master Moulder with Rapid Crown 🤩🤩🤩🤩
  8. This is my current list for Moulder. It has had absolutely no testing, in any shape or form and is just theory-crafting at this point. I hope to play this list as the first oppurtunity though. Although i may drop Thanquol for the Warpseer and another unit of Packmasters to make full use of the 2nd artefact. Although since we can't take suspicious stone anymore, it'd probably be skavenbrew
  9. I think a good combination of your ideas would be to drop the bombardier to an engineer and bring 5 Gutter Runners and a CP. Keep the bell, it's much less squishy than a Grey Seer and the battalion is way overpriced for a very situational ability.
  10. Not seen the new GHB myself, but I’ve been reading some of the leaks etc. Just read something about wards saves/ feel no pain not being able to stack anymore. Is this true? And how does this affect our Skaven? No verminous valour or suspicious stone for verminlords anymore?
  11. At 1000 points it is possible to run 2 x 3 stormfiends as battleline, but then you are restricting yourself to only using Skryre models (with the exception of one Masterclan as your general). It will be a fun army to play as Skryre tend to be the most swingy warscrolls. They’ll either do loads of damage or blow themselves to bits. 😁 You may find yourself missing those plague monks, or a hellpit etc that you can’t use without at least 40 clanrats. But as an entry to Skaven, there’s no cheaper way (cash money wise) to build a 1000 point list.
  12. I was surprised, and very happy, to see Moulder getting some love in the new GHB. Maybe this IS the year of the rat after all? I do feel that Eshin have been totally forgotten about though 😢
  13. That's pretty much my goto list right there. It's not uber-competitive, but i've won many friendly games with that list. If nothing else, it's a great starting list that you can chop and change around a few things here and there. Maybe swap out the jezzails for 2 warp cannons?
  14. But with cogs being cast in the hero phase, i guess there's no need to bring up the monks until ready? Maybe throw in a Deceiver or a Warpgnaw to get up front and assist with a re-roll charge if necessary?
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