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  1. Anyone else look at the newly revealed Brutes and think they could be useful for Khorgy conversions?
  2. Cheers, thanks for the explanation mate 👍
  3. Was curious about the Gloomspite position here - I’m only new, so have only my basic impressions and what I’ve read/listened to so far to go off, but I’ve not actually seen people regard them this highly anywhere else yet. Is there a list/set of lists, or a particular playstyle maybe, that you’ve seen from them that has made you arrive at this conclusion?
  4. Interesting, this is a little different to most of the other opinions I’ve read! To what extent do we think Brood Horrors and/or Stormfiends are part of this equation?
  5. Have done some searching and would like to clarify - is it the overall consensus that pure Moulder can’t really be done competitively??
  6. That actually is relevant to me yes, still new to the game and uncovering these things. So multiple different casters can’t all cast the same spell in the same turn then, do I have that right?
  7. Another question: Do people use the replenishing of models from the Gnarlroot spell with multiple leaders to sustain a Kurnoth-heavy army? It’s obviously written to try to encourage you to use it on Tree Revs or Dryads, but we’d be getting a lot more bang for buck on the much higher cost per model Kurnoths...
  8. This is one hell of a response - thanks so much for taking the time! Shame to hear they’re not strong, and I can certainly see why based on some of those numbers and details. I freaking love the models, but yep - is what it is. As much as I want to get into this hobby with a competitive mindset and see how far I can take myself on that front, I do ultimately need to enjoy the models I’m playing, and I imagine I’ll probably end up going with something like an 80/20 rule - with most of my force being designed with competition in mind, but still with just a unit or two I have in purely for the joy of them 😁 If I do end up going Nurgle I’ll be looking back to this info mate 👍
  9. Hey beastly folk - newer player here, enquiring around to get a feel for factions and what works before diving in too hard. Curious, have people had much success with the Nurgle BoC battalion (The Pestilent Throng, I believe)? Any advice on how to best utilise and build it?
  10. Newer player here guys - it seems we don’t think much of Beasts of Nurgle? I havent seen them in lists at all so far, are they just not considered strong/competitive enough to feature?
  11. So I’m curious - of the Bloodthunder Stampede, Brass Stampede and Blood Hunt, what looks like it might be the most useful/viable battalion to build around right now would we say?
  12. Hmm ok, that’s not nearly as bad a verdict as I’d expected based on what I’ve read in here. Pretty cool to hear - cheers! I guess time will tell whether they end up looking genuinely competitive 👍
  13. Hmmm, so Bloodcrushers are just not looking that hot then, do I have that right?? Where do we stand on Mighty Skullcrushers right now? Viable?
  14. Yep ok. I’ve heard a few people say similar things too in the Rumour thread. These changes would really alter how Sylvaneth play from what I understand? Woods seem absolutely central to how we play right now, any changes to their significance would be pretty impactful (not necessarily good or bad, but different certainly). And the one-drop reliance or focus changing would change our approach a fair bit too I would think?
  15. Ok understood, that timeline is heartening then atleast 🙂 Looking forward to that! What do we lack exactly in Sylvaneth do you think? Does there appear to be a pretty sensible way to progress the army, when it comes to unit additions or general rules/tactical options?
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