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  1. Your re-sculpt is amazing. looking forward to seeing this progress. Are you planning on changing the troops as well or just the Big Dino’s?
  2. Love looking at your work dude. And since now your doing my favourite storm host can’t wait for the next update
  3. I think red should work. What about just keeping it a dark red?
  4. Loving the Nurgle stuff. How did you go about the Harbinger of Decay? Did you need to make a new section with green stuff to join the stinger to the body when you turned it around or did it snug up pretty well?
  5. Hey all just wanted to get some help with a couple of things as I’m getting a box of Sequitors and a box of Evocators. First how should I arm them? I’m going to be splitting the Sequitors up into two units of 5 is there much of a difference between sword or Maul? What about the Evocators? I read a mix unit is best is that true? Regarding the Hallowed Knights is everyone in agreement on here that even friendly spells need to be rolled for because of the ability Only the Faithful? If that is the way well that will suck because they are my favourite Stormhost and I will need to rethink who I’m going to go with. Who would you all choose? Side not I’m not interested in the Hammers of Sigmar way over done. Just wished GW spread out the character love to some of the other Stormhosts. Just in case anyone wanted to know what my list was going to look like. My first 1000 Pts will be Lord Arcanum on Gryph-Charger Knight Incantor 2x5 Sequitors 5 Judicators with bows 5 Evocators Thanks for any help
  6. Lol @Lightboxjust realized what I put down. Can I ask where it says who Night Haunts can take as allies? I know that you can’t take a Mortis Engine as an Allie as I read it in this months White Dwarf but where do I find the list of what they can and can’t take as allies?
  7. Hello out there. I was thinking of doing a conversation with the Coven Throne to make it look more Nighthaunt and was wanting to know what more experienced players thought. Is it to expensive for what it does? It looks like it would work out well with being able to heal 3 different units and bring back slain models. It can also let a unit re-roll hit and save rolls for its command ability and is a wizard. My thought was to place it around a couple of big group and just let it do it’s thing. What do you all think?
  8. Those are bloody awesome. Well done love the cloak on the boss man
  9. @DynamicCaloriesoutstanding job dude. Would not have gest you have only been painting for a year looking at the GUO
  10. @Geckilianthe mammoth looks awesome can’t wait to see the finished product. So do all your other stuff by the way cool concept
  11. Outstanding work I can only echo what everyone else has said before me
  12. I can't believe the skin is just shades. I need to try that out some day
  13. Wow just found your blog. Love your work man keep up the great work. Have you finished the Bloodreavers yet?
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