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  1. while I pretty much have a dislike for everything Elven I’m pleased that they’re taking some inspiration from the classic models.
  2. I’d be fairly happy if they got rid of the fine cast Leader models. I’m quite partial to the Empire bowmen and Greatswords so I hope they stick around. I like the Freeguild guard and hand gunner models but I wouldn’t be too put out if they updated them a little.
  3. I would like it to be a fresh new direction for Death, much like Nighthaunt. The possibilities are endless and I would much prefer a new villain than a reimagining of an Old World character. What I truly want is more dynamically posed skeleton warriors, better grave guard models and maybe a nice war machine.
  4. Looks like Slaves to Darkness Battletome is pretty much confirmed for Games Day
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re using Warcry as a way to judge customer interest on different mortal Chaos looks in preparation for a Slaves of Darkness release. I reckon the most profitable warband might influence the look of the upcoming Battletomes.
  6. I’m out of the loop on this one but I remember hearing there was going to be a new Death Battletome that was seemingly confirmed by GW staff during some event. Did we ever get any additional rumors for that?
  7. I always liked the Tomb Kings and Bretonnians. Unfortunately their look just doesn’t mesh with the current fantasy flavor. They’re far too grounded in historical themes, which is why I loved WHFB, and they would just seem out of place now.
  8. It’s a toss up to Corvus Cabal and The Unmade for me with a slight edge to the Unmade. I’m not blown away by the Untamed Beasts or the Cypher Lords. Ghur is my favorite realm and I think they went the obvious route with the warband by making them somewhat generic barbarians. Having an enslaved monstrous creature would have added a little extra pizazz. But I get it and they captured the general feel. Im not into mystical magic themes or any kind of Elven aesthetic so the Splintered Fang and Cypher Lords lost me immediately. I’m still glad to see some variation in the Chaos look so I’m still glad they’re there.
  9. So far we have Chamon, Ghur, Ghyran, and Ulgu. I’m really looking forward to a Shyish warband. I really like Ghur but the models for that warband seem a little obvious and uninspired.
  10. I’ll throw in my two cents and say it’s from a Warcry warband.
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