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  1. You could also make a cool statue for your terrain out of the third model.
  2. Lordippon

    Chaos balewind.

    Is there an official point cost? Or are you discussing a house rule? If the balewind should have a point cost, should the Sylvaneth Wyldwood also cost points?
  3. Well there is a very limited number of armies and 100.000's of players. So there is a good chance you will encounter a similar army at some point.
  4. Good luck with your project. I really enjoy turning old models into modern AOS armies. It's a lot of fun.
  5. Same thing with Flesh eater box, the e-mail me came about a week later.
  6. Many things are "Sold out" and later they come back. It was the same thing with the Flesh Eater boxset. I don't think stuff disappear without having been on the "Last chance to buy"
  7. Thank you all for your thoughts and responses. I fell much better equiped to rebase my Ogors now
  8. They look really good. Very good Work on the conversions. I also like that you tie them in with the fluff, it helps them move away from the old WFB. I can't wait to start painting my own Flesh Eaters. I Just have to buy that airbrush first.
  9. That document gives good estimates. But there are always things that makes you wonder. Like why are fyreslayers on 32mm and dispossed on 25mm? And why are Collegiate Arcane wizards on 25 mm when Bloodreavers are on 32mm? Both are "human" Sometimes it's hard to see the logic.
  10. It makes good sense. 40mm looks better but 50mm makes the special characters stand out.
  11. Hi, I am about to start rebasing my Ogors. I was going to use 40 mm. bases. But now with the Beastclaw Raiders released I see that the Hunter comes supplied with a 50 mm. base. Do you guys think it is because he is a character or should all Ogor models be on 50 mm. bases? I think 50 mm. looks to big but I would like to follow the official line. I know they say that the base does not matter but that might change in the future. So just to be safe.
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