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  1. Oh, it was definitely the look. FEC's limited model count was one issue. The spindly look of the Night Haunt was my problem there. Legion just doesn't feel cohesive. The Bonereapers fix all those things with a good number of kits that I enjoy the look of.
  2. I decided when I got into AoS that I ultimately wanted an army for each GA. This worked out well when the Squigs and then Skaven were both relaunched, but I couldn't figure out a Death army I actually wanted to play. This has all changed with the launch of the Bonereapers. They will be a fun counter point to my SCEs.
  3. Maybe, but I've gotten the impression that Psychic Awaken was further out (but then again I don't pay TOO much attention to 40k). Releasing the Battletomes first would then let them alternate between major releases for mainline AoS and 40k. (Battletomes, Awakening, Ossiarch, Sisters).
  4. "You’ll be able to order the first of the Ossiarch Bonereapers from October – Nagash waited for an aeon to unleash his creations, but you only have to wait a couple of months. Can’t wait for more goodness from the Mortal Realms? Don’t fret – before these guys arrive, both Order and Destruction aficionados will have a chance to bolster their defences with new battletomes coming in the next few weeks." This quote is interesting for those waiting for CoS and the Orruks book. Pre-order next week perhaps?
  5. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/07/a-bone-to-pickgw-homepage-post-2/ Didn't even have to wait a day. There is some sort of mounted hero on the left, and another hero who seems to be riding on another construct is lurking on the right.
  6. To transport my 2k worth of Squigs and their riders I magnetized their bases and bought a cheap diamond plate metal tool box. Haven't had a break yet, and still have room to stick a magnetized accessory case in there as well to transport my tokens and dice as well.
  7. Was not the implementation I was expecting for the new Death faction, but I am definitely one of the people who is enthusiastic about them. SO much so that I stopped at the local GW on the way home from work today to see if they had any Morghasts in stock. Sadly they did not, but I will definitely be picking these up as my Death army when they drop in October.
  8. Seeing you talk about the terrain set makes me super bummed that the cards for that won't be available independently. I already have the Sigmarite Mausoleum box, but to use them properly in Warcry I have to basically buy it agian. (Then again I could use more graveyard terrain for D&D.....)
  9. These guys are in the top three warbands I am currently looking forward to. I have to say that I am looking forward to trying out their movement shenanigans at the moment.
  10. That's pretty much what I am assuming as well, basically the Flight Rune's rules supersede the Mount Rune. The fact that it is there, though, does suggest that they do intend non flying mounted models at some point (the squig hoppers also have flight but no mount rune).
  11. Apparently not. Observe the stat card below taken from the GW store. Now if you compare it to the runes below you can see it has Fly, Leader, and Berserker Runes but no Mount runes.
  12. Honestly it and the Mount rune have not shown up yet (neither of the mounted cards we have seen have had it), so I am assuming those are in for future proofing/planned expanded rosters.
  13. Not familiar with this channel, but just found his read through of the rules leak. One thing that has stood out to me is he has some pages that aren't included in the other leak that was shared here. His leak included the pages that let you know what the actual names of the runemarks are. One of those runes is apparently for Gargantuans.
  14. Normally enjoy Ash's reviews but I feel like what he and Owen were wanting out of this game did not match up with my own personal expectations and desires. This is a going to be a third pillar game for me. It is something I can get my daughter, fiance, and non wargamer buddies to play as an on ramp. I then have AoS as my big army game. I'm still trying to decide on the type of skirmish game they seemed to be wanting, but that is really dependent on local play group.
  15. Tzeentch isn't 2.0 yet so Chaos still has two tomes to go.
  16. A little of both and a healthy dose of its own thing. You can use a limited number of models from mainline AoS, or you can use the new original chaos warbands that have been created for this game (but also have AoS rules). Wargear choices are pretty limited, with only a few models per chaos warband having any variation. Alternating model activations on a kill team size board, but with streamlined combat (basically only one roll on attack with no armor save). Abilities and initiative are tied together in a system where your roll 6 dice, and matching sets are used to power abilities while initiative is determined by number of unmatched dice left over.
  17. Why are you showing variations from Toughness 1-6? Warcry only cares if strength is less, equal, or more than tough but doesn't care for the the difference. The way your data is parsed makes it look like you factored in the difference between the stats instead.
  18. True. Problem is I am intending to give them an alternate paint scheme to my standard stormcast. I could just bring my already painted figures and hold off on painting the warcry ones until the cards are in hand I suppose.
  19. The promise of each GA getting another tome this year after Sylvaneth with AoS currently having nothing on the horizon now that said Sylvaneth tome is releasing this weekend makes it seem very likely that at least one tome will be announced/revealed at this open day. Now if you mean do we have anything that points to a specific new tome reveal, there is nothing concrete that I am aware of.
  20. Hate to double post, but I keep thinking about how I wish the point cost would leak for the non-chaos factions. I would love to have my Vanguard Warband ready to go for the day the rules drop.
  21. Interesting that the SC poster boys are expected to not be in the core, but I can dig it. I still am convinced that the Castigators easy to build with the gryph hound is likely going to be a SC warband for this season, and since those are already out it seems likely to me that if they show more than the starter for season three it will include those guys.
  22. Looking over the lists that can be made in the box and I'm having a hard to time picking between the Signifier and the Prefector. The boost to damage and strength ability from the Prefector is going to help if you are looking at a mirror match or something like Stormcast (which I am assuming is going to have high toughness), but the Signifier's defensive buff ability also looks pretty universally useful. Has anyone tried putting together a list yet? If so which one are you intending to use (since we won't have the ability to run both without a second starter for a little bit)
  23. I'd much rather have the warbands be balanced across the whole as opposed to what is in the starter box. I also expect that while we are waiting on more warbands there will be plenty of people bringing their non-chaos forces to the table. I suspect the Golem ability to boost strength is going to be something I dislike when I have my Stormcast on the board (well against my vanguards at least. The mass of goodest boys most likely won't care.)
  24. https://ageofsigmar.com/warcry/ If you click on the factions at the bottom of the page it confirms the previous model lists pretty much, however the list was by box and not by unit.
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