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  1. Ah, I misread the banner on the community site. It says that the previews will be posted at 4pm not that it started at 4 /facepalm
  2. I think the preview starts in about 30 minutes or so
  3. The more I think about it them making a warband from both Hysh and Ulgu would be kinda awesome.
  4. Azyr, Aqshy, Ulgu, Shyish, and Hysh are not represented. I doubt we will get Azyr, although I would love it if they made la corrupt civilization themed warband from Azyr. I'm also inclined to think we won't be getting Hysh. This would put the remaining three bands as being from Aqshy, Ulgu, and Shyish.
  5. So far they have made a point of calling out the specific realm each has been from and talked about how that has affected their culture/flavor. I would be surprised for them to break with this on the last few chaos bands.
  6. Yeah, this weekend is the halflings. I would not be surprised to see it announced on Sunday as the next pre-order, though
  7. Feeling like we are going to see the contrast pre-order weekend either next weekend or the one after. It is looming large at the moment....
  8. The idea that WHQ could take the place of the RPG is very odd to me. The WHQ experience is pretty focused, and only on one aspect that would be covered by a full fledged RPG.
  9. Now I am imagining using this to get a max sized squig herd into a target. The only unit I don't mind having when they make a battleshock test (as long as they are next to an enemy).
  10. I was under the impression that what was said was "At least one per GA"
  11. My two biggest wants for new armies right now are either mechanical automatons or crazy magical constructs/golems/elementals. If they give me either of those I will be in for another full army.
  12. If we get a clockwork automaton army, my wallet will cry so so much.
  13. It does have some Eldar trappings to it though.
  14. Not counting the individual costs of the new hero kits there seems to be about 40 USD difference in value on the two sides (Two kits of Revanents at 37 each and a unit of hunters at 57 brings the Sylvaneth up to about 132, while the GSG are a bounderz kit at 50 and a herd kit at 45 for a grand total of 95). That's a pretty big discount assuming the price is similar to Carrion Empire.
  15. makes me glad I have held off on picking up the models I need to get my gloomspite from 1k to 2k.
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