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  1. So I am really feeling the urge to get into KO by getting the battleforce box and the half of aetherwar. Any advice for someone brand new to the faction?
  2. I wonder if Death is getting any support in that book since it is supposed to be a Death vs Chaos book, or if it is all Chaos all the time?
  3. Ah, I missed that bit. Still sticking to release in Febraury, but will revise that to include preorder being the very last weekend this month.
  4. The one Seraphon player in my local meta doesn't want a new tome because he thinks they are going to lose the warscroll battalions he enjoys (because they are hyper competitive according to him)
  5. I personally am suspecting the Hysh army, although I am unsure what exactly that is going to be. Also expect them to announce that Sisters will have their wide release in February.
  6. Was wishing for a Troggoth gloomspite (already have all the squigs I want) or a suit focused Tau box. If they don't materialize the AT knight battleforce my wallet may be safe this year from these deals (but not from more OBR stuff)
  7. Just realized that if you buy a box of leadbelchers to go with the two in this box you have enough to make two min size units. (provided they don't change the min unit size)
  8. Considering my fiance has said she wants to paint some ogors in the past, this box may be a perfect start for me.
  9. I feel like the Chaos gods and their motifs are more directly pulled from Moorcock's Eternal Champion books. (The Chaos symbol of the eight pointed star in particular is taken from his writing. )
  10. Oh, it was definitely the look. FEC's limited model count was one issue. The spindly look of the Night Haunt was my problem there. Legion just doesn't feel cohesive. The Bonereapers fix all those things with a good number of kits that I enjoy the look of.
  11. I decided when I got into AoS that I ultimately wanted an army for each GA. This worked out well when the Squigs and then Skaven were both relaunched, but I couldn't figure out a Death army I actually wanted to play. This has all changed with the launch of the Bonereapers. They will be a fun counter point to my SCEs.
  12. Maybe, but I've gotten the impression that Psychic Awaken was further out (but then again I don't pay TOO much attention to 40k). Releasing the Battletomes first would then let them alternate between major releases for mainline AoS and 40k. (Battletomes, Awakening, Ossiarch, Sisters).
  13. "You’ll be able to order the first of the Ossiarch Bonereapers from October – Nagash waited for an aeon to unleash his creations, but you only have to wait a couple of months. Can’t wait for more goodness from the Mortal Realms? Don’t fret – before these guys arrive, both Order and Destruction aficionados will have a chance to bolster their defences with new battletomes coming in the next few weeks." This quote is interesting for those waiting for CoS and the Orruks book. Pre-order next week perhaps?
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