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  1. I think they are pointing out, that if you get that initial turn decision and decline to take the first turn, you can avoid the double turn for the entire game (at the cost of never getting a double turn yourself).
  2. I also think the Goblin warband predated the gloomspite release
  3. No worries, I could have written my post to be clearer if I had remembered the name/been bothered to look it up.
  4. Which is exactly what I said when I called it not season 3. They will however be compatible with the other warbands if I recall from the announcement.
  5. The bands for the not season 3 starting players set are Order (stormcast band #4) and Death (banshee band), so we can add those to the count. Also Season 2 added magic, but at least one warband had no wizard (I am actually assuming the KO will also be wizardless).
  6. The Warbands being mentioned are the ones for Underworlds not Warcry (specifically the Sylvaneth and KO ones needed to finish season 2)
  7. I am more wanting the Underworlds warbands, but I can appreciate the excitement around the Slaanesh
  8. So I am dipping my toe into Deepkin and picked up the start collecting box. Have not picked up the Battle Tome yet. Am I right in assuming I should build Thralls as a start instead of Reavers?
  9. Awesome. I don't play Death at all so I didn't know that was the FEC symbol (and I could not find anything with my limited online searches). This means we have the two post soul wars Death BTs as Warbands. This has caused me to go look at the other less obvious icons. That upper left one sure looks like the belt on the Bone Splitterz Savage Orruks Morboys leader.
  10. Knowing very little about the Death GA, I don't see a revamped Tomb Kings as being completely insane, but I do agree it is unlikely. The problem with Death lorewise for me is that they are too organized/connected. Right now Death only seems to have three battletomes, LoN, FEC, and Night Haunt. Ghostly flame skull is almost dead certain to be a ghostly army (and they are part of the new hotness). The fanged skull screams vampires which as far as I can tell is LoN only. That's two of the three Death BTs right off the bat. If the FEC is included in the fanged skull, then things are all wide open for who knows what. A small tomb king revamp/whole new army with a few key heroes as new kits combined with a reboxed skeletons box doesn't feel too outlandish.
  11. The biggest question is what is the missing symbol Warband? Right now we have three order (the questionable sigmar, the Dok, and the Idonet), three destruction (the questionable bonesplitters/ogors, Gloomspite, and a defeinite ork warband), and two Death (FEC/Soulblight and what I would assume is Nighthaunt). I've seen several discussions online that suggest the missing faction will be Death related. This would give each non chaos GA three warbands. The other question is why didn't they show the warband symbol. If I would guess it would have to be related to a "new" battletome that is yet to be announced that will recombine old minis into a new faction in a manner similar to Gloomspite.
  12. If you are talking about the Godsworn, that has been that way for a while (in the states at least)
  13. That they might. I would still expect Stormcast to be part of the warband in some fashion. They are just too much of the icons of order for AoS not to be in the rules. What I am honestly wanting to see is a mixed followers of Sigmar warband that lets you use Stormcast as an elite option, and mix in some of those Devoted of Sigmar models as additional options. (The lightning definitely makes it seem like Sigmar instead of a more generic Free Peoples.)
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