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  1. Is it known if all the warbands are human, besides the Fury things? There were a couple of models that made me do a double take because they looked like a Chaos Dwarf and Beastman at first glance, so it got me curious.
  2. Ah, much appreciated. Well I think that about answers everything. Thank you again
  3. Thank you What size units do people find best with Chainrasps? Is it a bad idea to mix Chainrasps, Skeletons, and Dire Wolves for my battleline? What do zombies need to work, support units and such? And if I'm understanding Allies correctly, I can include a Summonable unit as an ally from Nighthaunts like Dreadscythe Harridans that I couldn't normally take in Legions, but they can't be brought back by Deathly Invocation? Also thank you for the advice on which Legions to start with. I'm sure I can give them all a try easily but I'll start with those two
  4. Glory to Nagash! I own the Nighthaunt side of the starter box and found a buyer for the Stormcast stuff. It was suggested seveal times that I might enjoy playing Legions of Nagash more than pure Nighthaunt, and looking at the rules I indeed like them a great deal more. I looked up the FAQ to see what units/heroes are are available and just had a few questions before I get started with them. -I see four basic battleline options (plus some extras depending on Legion). I was just curious what the basic pros and cons are of Chainwrasps vs Skeletons vs Zombies vs Dire Wolves, and what are good sizes to run of each. Also, since zombies have no actual armor save to increase, is it correct to say they can't benefit from mystic shield at all? -If I ally a Nighthaunt wizard, do they still get access to the Nighthaunt spell lore? If they have an innate power that buffs the Nighthaunt keyword does it work on Legion Nighthaunts? I'm still digesting the ally thing. -I haven't messed with endless spells yet. Are there any in particular I should keep an eye on as a Legion player? -Is any legion easier for a new player? I was drawn to Nagash's just for the extra regeneration and potentially Grave Guard battleline, but I have no idea just yet. Thank you for any help, still super new to AOS.
  5. Thank you. I know Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt have some synergy and crossover. Are all Nighthaunt units and heroes available to the Legions of Nagash?
  6. Thank you, Overread. In my small games we didn't mess with Endless Spells but they did mention them and show me some of the models. They also said they're harder to dispel and you have to pay points for them like a unit. If someone dispels one can you summon it back without paying for it a second time? I think I understand what you mean by faction terrain. One of the players had the sea elf army and had some sort of sunken ship terrain he explained grants bonuses to the army. That's an interesting feature, as well as all this realm-specific stuff you are all talking about. I think that about does it for my newbie questions. Thanks to everyone. You've all been very helpful. I'm glad someone directed me to this forum
  7. Thank you. It was explained at the store a little strangely to me. I had better make sure to read those rules in detail before I try anything
  8. Thank you. I was planning on keeping the book and just selling the Stormcast stuff. I don't mind underselling it since it's doing me a favor, just don't want to oversell I didn't even know there was an app, thank you. I will have to take a look.
  9. Hi everyone. I haven't played any tabletop miniature games in a very long time (3rd Edition 40k.....can't remember what edition Fantasy at that time) but went looking for an unrelated gift for someone at a local comic shop and discovered they have a huge player base. Noticing my interest the owner offered to let me play some demo games, I had a good time, and here I am getting sucked back in I actually got a good number of small games in with a few different armies as the owner and other players wanted to help me find what playstyle interested me. Of course when the general backstory was explained and I proclaimed my devotion to Nagash that helped narrow things. Anyway, I really really enjoyed the ghosts more than anything else so I'm going to start with Nighthaunt. I will probably pick up that starter box with them and the Stormcast later in the week. Having said that, I wanted to fire off three quick noobie questions: 1. Beyond the starter box, do I need anything more than the Army Book and General's Handbook to expand into the larger game? 2. I vaguely heard about how allies work. I was just curious, if I take an allied battleline unit, does it actually count towards my required battleline minimum? 3. The box is $160 American. There are a lot of Stormcast players here and several expressed interest in buying that part of the box. What do you think is a fair price for it? I'm a gentleman and would like to be reasonable. Thank you I will also be getting into 40k again, as well. But first I have to figure out what army I want to play and I can't decide yet. Nighthaunt drew me in right away so I thought it was the best place to start.
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